Today in Los Altos, California, a public school held a vote on whether to ignore the ignor

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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Today in Los Altos, California, a public school held a vote on whether to ignore the ignorance, superstition, hatred, and fear of the Nazi Religious Reich, and to continue with their Holloween tradition. It seems that every year at this time the utterly ignorant try to force their occultism upon their intellectual betters around the country. In a two-minute cover by KTLA, Los Angeles, Channel 5, at 20:20 this evening, students ranging from ages 7 to 11 stepped up to the microphone and offered 10 second explanations on why the holiday should be continued. "This is a time when families can get together, go out, and have fun," a young girl dressed as a fairy or something said. "You guys got to have trick-or-treat when you were kids and it's not right that you want to stop us from having our turn," another young girl dressed like a princess or something said. }:-} "You shouldn't be teaching our children to fear [having honest fun - paraphrase from faulty memory] and teaching them that their immortal souls are in danger" said one well-dressed parent. KTLA commentator stated that after so many family and students so overwhelmingly denounced the Religious Reich's attempt to turn the festive holiday into superstitious fear, the Religious Reich had "guts" to step up to the microphone. KTLA showed one bitter and angry fundi spitting on the microphone ranting about Holloween being a "religious holiday" or some such stupidity. If that were true, one wonders whether the cultist would produce an equal amount of spit denouncing Christmass and Easter activities in the public schools. Sadly KTLA didn't give numbers. It looked like there were about 300 students with their families (the room was packed, standing room was even taken up) but only two or three fundies trying to push their religious agenda upon the rest of the community seemed present... and Orange County is the fundy capital of the United States. These nuts appeared to have attacked the school without the sanction or conspiracy of the rest of fundydom otherwise I would expect to have seen a larger number of fundies trying to defend their fascism. Thank Einstein that logic, sanity, rationality, and education still win out in the United States. All it takes is a focused defense against these Nazis and the good guys and gals seem to win every time. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: 2.6.2 iQCVAwUBMISlCYUvVWO7Oab9AQFoQAQA1bqq4ODFdRaDuulftDuNEZxnl5SWjdUI O1sFG25nDuP2a08Zq6kbjYPvibEmUD9cdQoXtNVay8L1JmZ9JZcYzupG0VhzJPhh Bscv2v/SBb/dD42HqJHds+jEFyvF2Ee3K+rqVgJwvsEUtFvJBkUlV9cX1l5QTYXD KOt+xRjB0yg= =e7mc -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----


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