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By: Hector Plasmic To: White Sox Re: Re: Lovecraft's still fooling teeny-boppers... CW>> Try B Dalton Bookseller in your local mall... CW>> There really is a book by that name... WS> That is the lovecraftian version of the necronomicon, and there has been WS> various versions of the necronomicon around since summarian times. The WS> egyptians, druids, celts, wiccians, wiccans, babylonians, shamans, and WS> others all had various versions of this book. WS> The lovecraftian version of this book is mostly a joke for his stories, WS> but it was based uppon information contained in real versions. The WS> paper back edition in the stores is a copy of the book that does contain WS> real magic in it here and there, but using it the way it is will bring WS> unknown results. You're both morons. There is no "Lovecraftian version of the Necronomicon" outside of the Cthulhu Mythos stories, though a few gag versions have been printed. There are books which have no connection other than the neat-sounding name (for instance, H.R. Giger published a collection of artwork under the name a few years back -- I have a copy, and understand they're rather valuable now). HPL invented the whole thing, silly boy, and "Abdul Alhazred" was a childhood name Lovecraft adopted when playing Arabian Nights games. If you would like to make these purile claims, back 'em up with some evidence. You might also ask yourself how the celts made a copy of _any_ book when they lacked a written language. Whether you're making this stuff up yourself or getting it from some other moron, you really should know better. --- Hymen * Origin: Bash a fundy for jeezus. (1:380/16)


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