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By: David Rice To: Rob Bamford Re: Who is The ICR #1 of LIST OF PUBLICATIONS BY ICR FACULTY AND ADVISORS ================================================ The following table lists all faculty members and technical advisors of the ICR cult who are in scientific research fields. Science education faculty are not included. Two database searches were done: 1. The University of California's MELVYL MEDLINE database covers 4,000 medical and life sciences journals indexed by the National Library of Medicine. At the time of the search, there were a total of 1,620,932 citations from January 1, 1988 to October 6, 1992. Only members listed as M.D.'s, Biology, and Biochemistry were searched with this database as it does not include journals in the other fields. 2. The Current Contents database covers 6,500 scholarly journals indexed by the Institute for Scientific Information. At the time of the search, there were a total of 2,567,123 citations from July 1, 1989 to September 9, 1992. Searches were done on ALL members with this database. It should be noted that there is a significant limitation to these searches, in addition to the fact that they only cover the last 3-1/2 to 5 years. The search software is limited to using only the last name and first and middle initials of the author. Therefore, if the scientist has a common last name, many citations will be listed that come from different scientists that have the same first initial(s) and last name. The subject matter of the papers can be used to eliminate unlikely publications of certain scientists. Also, the address of origin can be used to help confirm the scientist. This is available only with MEDLINE, not with Current Contents. I used these strategies to minimize the problem and included notes at the end to describe the strategies for individual members. CITATIONS ========= MEMBER FIELD MED CC NOTE ====== ===== === == ==== Resident Faculty ---------------- Aardsma, Gerald E. Physics - 0 Austin, Steven A. Geology - 0 Cumming, Kenneth B. Biology 0 0 Franks, Robert H. Biology 0 0 Gish, Duane T. Biochemistry 0 0 Lumsden, Richard D. Biology 0 0 Morris, Henry M. Hydrology - 0 Morris, John D. Geology - 6 Vardiman, Larry Physics - 0 Adjunct Faculty --------------- Varughese, T. V. Mathematics - 0 Visiting Faculty ---------------- DeYoung Donald B. Astrophysics - 0 Englin, Dennis L. Geophysics - 0 Fliermans, Carl B. Biology 1 6 Humphries, D. Russell Physics - 0 Meyer, John R. Biology 0 0 Osborne, Chris D. Biology 0 0 Parker, Gary E. Biology 0 0 Wise, Kurt P. Paleontology - 0 Technical Advisory Board ------------------------ Blick, Edward F. Geological Engineering - 0 Boylan, David R. Chemical Engineering - 0 Cutchins, Malcolm A. Aerospace Engineering - 0 Eckel, Robert H. Medicine 24 *0* Hamann, Donald D. Food Technology 0 5 Henry, Harold R. Civil/Mining Engineering - 0 Marshall, Gailen Medicine 0 0 Menton, David Anatomy 7 *1* NOTES: A) LUMSDEN RD. MEDLINE listed 1 citation by a parasitologist. CC listed 8 citations by a pathogenic soil fungus specialist. It is unlikely that these are from the same person, and it is improbable that any of the publications are from Richard D. Lumsden of ICR. All 9 citations are listed below in the interest of fairness. B) MORRIS HM. CC listed 18 citations. However, they were all in the electronic engineering field, presumably all by another individual with the same last name and initials. C) MORRIS JD. CC listed 15 citations. However, 9 were in the field of biology. I am relatively confident that the other 6 are by John D. Morris of ICR (listed below). D) FLIERMANS CB. MEDLINE listed 1 citation and Current Contents listed 6 citations, all in the field of geomicrobiology. I am quite confident that these can be attributed to Carl B. Fliermans as he is listed as a Microbial Ecologist on the Technical Advisory Board. All 7 citations are listed below. E) MEYER JR. MEDLINE listed 3,380 citations and Current Contents listed 55 citations. A search of the address of origin of all 3,380 MEDLINE citations revealed that none were from Baptist Bible College, Clark's Summit, Pennsylvania, John R. Meyer's location according to information in the Technical Advisory Board listing. F) PARKER GE. MEDLINE and Current Contents both listed 1 identical citation. However, the subject of the paper was nuclear medicine and it originated from the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond (see full citation below). It is unlikely that it can be attributed to Gary E. Parker, adjunct faculty member of ICR. G) ECKEL RH. MEDLINE listed 24 citations (see below). Current Contents listed 17 citations, all of which matched the MEDLINE citations. All of them covered adipose tissue and insulin effects and almost all were from the University of Colorado (Denver), the location of Robert H. Eckel according to his listing. Therefore, I'm extremely confident that all of these citations can be attributed to him. H) HAMANN DD. Current Contents listed 5 citations, all in the field of food technology. Donald D. Hamann is listed as "Professor of Food Technology" on the Technical Advisory Board, so I'm very confident that all of these citations can be attributed to him. I) MARSHALL G. MEDLINE listed 108 citations and Current Contents listed 140 citations. None of the MEDLINE citations were from his association (Allergy, Asthma, Immunology Association of Texas), nor were any of them even from Texas. There were 2 citations from and Allergy Division in Tennessee (see below). J) MENTON D. MEDLINE listed 7 citations. All of them deal with anatomy and 5 of them originated from Washington University School of Medicine, David Menton's specialty and location according to his listing on the Technical Advisory Board. Current Contents listed 6 citations. 5 of them were identical to the MEDLINE search, with 1 additional citation. Therefore, a total of 8 citations can be attributed to David Menton with high confidence. CITATIONS (the rest of this post is devoted entirely to the citations referred to above, so may not be of general interest): LUMSDEN RD ========== MEDLINE ------- Hildreth MB; Lumsden RD. Utilization and absorption of carbohydrates by the plerocercus metacestode of Otobothrium insigne (Cestoda: Trypanorhyncha). International Journal for Parasitology, 1988 Mar, 18(2):251-7. Current Contents ---------------- 1. LEWIS JA; LUMSDEN RD; MILLNER PD; KEINATH AP. SUPPRESSION OF DAMPING-OFF OF PEAS AND COTTON IN THE FIELD WITH COMPOSTED SEWAGE SLUDGE. CROP PROTECTION, 1992 JUN, V11 N3:260-266. 2. RIDOUT CJ; LUMSDEN RD; HRUSCHKA WR. IDENTIFICATION OF MYCELIAL POLYPEPTIDES ASSOCIATED WITH GLIOTOXIN-PRODUCING STRAINS OF THE BIOCONTROL FUNGUS GLIOCLADIUM-VIRENS. PHYTOPATHOLOGY, 1992 APR, V82 N4:479-484. 3. LUMSDEN RD; LOCKE JC; ADKINS ST; WALTER JF; and others. ISOLATION AND LOCALIZATION OF THE ANTIBIOTIC GLIOTOXIN PRODUCED BY GLIOCLADIUM-VIRENS FROM ALGINATE PRILL IN SOIL AND SOILLESS MEDIA. PHYTOPATHOLOGY, 1992 FEB, V82 N2:230-235. 4. LYNCH JM; LUMSDEN RD; ATKEY PT; OUSLEY MA. PROSPECTS FOR CONTROL OF PYTHIUM DAMPING-OFF OF LETTUCE WITH TRICHODERMA, GLIOCLADIUM, AND ENTEROBACTER SPP. BIOLOGY AND FERTILITY OF SOILS, 1991, V12 N2:95-99. 5. RISTAINO JB; PERRY KB; LUMSDEN RD. EFFECT OF SOLARIZATION AND GLIOCLADIUM-VIRENS ON SCLEROTIA OF SCLEROTIUM-ROLFSII, SOIL MICROBIOTA, AND THE INCIDENCE OF SOUTHERN BLIGHT OF TOMATO. PHYTOPATHOLOGY, 1991 OCT, V81 N10:1117-1124. 6. FRAVEL DR; LUMSDEN RD; ROBERTS DP. INSITU VISUALIZATION OF THE BIOCONTROL RHIZOBACTERIUM ENTEROBACTER-CLOACAE WITH BIOLUMINESCENCE. PLANT AND SOIL, 1990 JUL, V125 N2:233-238. 7. ROBERTS DP; LUMSDEN RD. EFFECT OF EXTRACELLULAR METABOLITES FROM GLIOCLADIUM-VIRENS ON GERMINATION OF SPORANGIA AND MYCELIAL GROWTH OF PYTHIUM-ULTIMUM. PHYTOPATHOLOGY, 1990 MAY, V80 N5:461-465. 8. LUMSDEN RD; CARTER JP; WHIPPS JM; LYNCH JM. COMPARISON OF BIOMASS AND VIABLE PROPAGULE MEASUREMENTS IN THE ANTAGONISM OF TRICHODERMA-HARZIANUM AGAINST PYTHIUM- ULTIMUM. SOIL BIOLOGY & BIOCHEMISTRY, 1990, V22 N2:187-194. MORRIS JD ========= Current Contents ---------------- 1. VALLIER TL; JENNER GA; FREY FA; GILL JB; and others. SUBALKALINE ANDESITE FROM VALU FA RIDGE, A BACK-ARC SPREADING CENTER IN SOUTHERN LAU BASIN - PETROGENESIS, COMPARATIVE CHEMISTRY, AND TECTONIC IMPLICATIONS. CHEMICAL GEOLOGY, 1991 SEP 5, V91 N3:227-256. 2. MORRIS JD. APPLICATIONS OF COSMOGENIC BE-10 TO PROBLEMS IN THE EARTH SCIENCES. Pub type: Review. ANNUAL REVIEW OF EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCES, 1991, V19:313-350. 3. HOCHSTAEDTER AG; GILL JB; MORRIS JD. VOLCANISM IN THE SUMISU RIFT .2. SUBDUCTION AND NON- SUBDUCTION RELATED COMPONENTS. EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS, 1990 OCT, V100 N1- 3:195-209. 4. STERN RJ; LIN PN; MORRIS JD; JACKSON MC; and others. ENRICHED BACK-ARC BASIN BASALTS FROM THE NORTHERN MARIANA TROUGH - IMPLICATIONS FOR THE MAGMATIC EVOLUTION OF BACK- ARC BASINS. EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS, 1990 OCT, V100 N1- 3:210-225. 5. SIGMARSSON O; CONDOMINES M; MORRIS JD; HARMON RS. URANIUM AND BE-10 ENRICHMENTS BY FLUIDS IN ANDEAN ARC MAGMAS. NATURE, 1990 JUL 12, V346 N6280:163-165. 6. MORRIS JD; LEEMAN WP; TERA F. THE SUBDUCTED COMPONENT IN ISLAND ARC LAVAS - CONSTRAINTS FROM BE ISOTOPES AND B-BE SYSTEMATICS. NATURE, 1990 MAR 1, V344 N6261:31-36. FLIERMANS CB ============ MEDLINE ------- Tyndall RL; Ironside KS; Metler PL; Tan EL; Hazen TC; Fliermans CB. Zoology Department, University of Tennessee, Knoxville 37796-0816. Effect of thermal additions on the density and distribution of thermophilic amoebae and pathogenic Naegleria fowleri in a newly created cooling lake. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 1989 Mar, 55(3):722-32. Current Contents ---------------- 1. HAZEN TC; JIMENEZ L; DEVICTORIA GL; FLIERMANS CB. COMPARISON OF BACTERIA FROM DEEP SUBSURFACE SEDIMENT AND ADJACENT GROUNDWATER. MICROBIAL ECOLOGY, 1991, V22 N3:293-304. 2. SARGENT KA; FLIERMANS CB. GEOLOGY AND HYDROLOGY OF THE DEEP SUBSURFACE MICROBIOLOGY SAMPLING SITES AT THE SAVANNAH RIVER PLANT, SOUTH- CAROLINA. GEOMICROBIOLOGY JOURNAL, 1989, V7 N1-2:3-13. 3. PHELPS TJ; RAIONE EG; WHITE DC; FLIERMANS CB. MICROBIAL ACTIVITIES IN DEEP SUBSURFACE ENVIRONMENTS. GEOMICROBIOLOGY JOURNAL, 1989, V7 N1-2:79-91. 4. FLIERMANS CB. MICROBIAL LIFE IN THE TERRESTRIAL SUBSURFACE OF SOUTHEASTERN COASTAL PLAIN SEDIMENTS. HAZARDOUS WASTE & HAZARDOUS MATERIALS, 1989 SPRING, V6 N2:155-171. 5. PHELPS TJ; RINGELBERG D; HEDRICK D; DAVIS J; and others. MICROBIAL BIOMASS AND ACTIVITIES ASSOCIATED WITH SUBSURFACE ENVIRONMENTS CONTAMINATED WITH CHLORINATED HYDROCARBONS. GEOMICROBIOLOGY JOURNAL, 1988, V6 N3-4:157-170. 6. PHELPS TJ; FLIERMANS CB; GARLAND TR; PFIFFNER SM; and others. METHODS FOR RECOVERY OF DEEP TERRESTRIAL SUBSURFACE SEDIMENTS FOR MICROBIOLOGICAL STUDIES. JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGICAL METHODS, 1989 JUN, V9 N4:267-279. PARKER GE ========= MEDLINE ------- 1. Parker GE Jr; Burke TS. Department of Radiology, Medical College of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond. Technetium-99m-medronate uptake in hepatic necrosis associated with Budd-Chiari syndrome. Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 1992 Jul, 33(7):1390-2. ECKEL RH ======== MEDLINE ------- 1. Eckel RH; Hanson AS; Chen AY; Berman JN; Yost TJ; Brass EP. Dietary substitution of medium-chain triglycerides improves insulin-mediated glucose metabolism in NIDDM subjects. Diabetes, 1992 May, 41(5):641-7. 2. Glaser DS; Yost TJ; Eckel RH. Preheparin lipoprotein lipolytic activities: relationship to plasma lipoproteins and postheparin lipolytic activities. Journal of Lipid Research, 1992 Feb, 33(2):209-14. 3. Regensteiner JG; Mayer EJ; Shetterly SM; Eckel RH; Haskell WL; Marshall JA; Baxter J; Hamman RF. Relationship between habitual physical activity and insulin levels among nondiabetic men and women. San Luis Valley Diabetes Study. Diabetes Care, 1991 Nov, 14(11):1066-74. 4. Yost TJ; Eckel RH. Regional similarities in the metabolic regulation of adipose tissue lipoprotein lipase. Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental, 1992 Jan, 41(1):33-6. 5. Bessesen DH; Robertson AD; Eckel RH. Weight reduction increases adipose but decreases cardiac LPL in reduced-obese Zucker rats. American Journal of Physiology, 1991 Aug, 261(2 Pt 1):E246-51. 6. Mayer EJ; Burchfiel CM; Eckel RH; Marshall JA; Haskell WL; Hamman RF. The role of insulin and body fat in associations of physical activity with lipids and lipoproteins in a biethnic population. The San Luis Valley Diabetes Study. Arteriosclerosis and Thrombosis, 1991 Jul-Aug, 11(4):973-84. 7. Barchiesi BJ; Eckel RH; Ellis PP. The cornea and disorders of lipid metabolism. Survey of Ophthalmology, 1991 Jul-Aug, 36(1):1-22. Pub type: Journal Article; Review; Review, Academic. 8. Sniderman AD; Cianflone KM; Eckel RH. Levels of acylation stimulating protein in obese women before and after moderate weight loss. International Journal of Obesity, 1991 May, 15(5):333-6. 9. Jensen DR; Bessesen DH; Etienne J; Eckel RH; Neville MC. Distribution and source of lipoprotein lipase in mouse mammary gland. Journal of Lipid Research, 1991 May, 32(5):733-42. 10. Neville MC; Waxman LJ; Jensen D; Eckel RH. Lipoprotein lipase in human milk: compartmentalization and effect of fasting, insulin, and glucose. Journal of Lipid Research, 1991 Feb, 32(2):251-7. 11. Farese RV Jr; Yost TJ; Eckel RH. Tissue-specific regulation of lipoprotein lipase activity by insulin/glucose in normal-weight humans. Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental, 1991 Feb, 40(2):214-6. 12. Brass EP; Tserng KY; Eckel RH. Urinary organic acid excretion during feeding of medium- chain or long-chain triglyceride diets in patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1990 Nov, 52(5):923- 6. Pub type: Clinical Trial; Journal Article; Randomized Controlled Trial. 13. Raynolds MV; Awald PD; Gordon DF; Gutierrez-Hartmann A; Rule DC; Wood WM; Eckel RH. Lipoprotein lipase gene expression in rat adipocytes is regulated by isoproterenol and insulin through different mechanisms. Molecular Endocrinology, 1990 Sep, 4(9):1416-22. 14. Lorentsen KJ; Hendrix CW; Collins JM; Kornhauser DM; Petty BG; Klecker RW; Flexner C; Eckel RH; Lietman PS. Dextran sulfate is poorly absorbed after oral administration. Annals of Internal Medicine, 1989 Oct 1, 111(7):561-6. 15. Knedler A; Eckel RH; Kern PA; Ham RG. Microvascular endothelial cell cultures from human omental adipose tissue [letter; comment]. In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology, 1989 Oct, 25(10):863-4. 16. Eckel RH; Yost TJ. HDL subfractions and adipose tissue metabolism in the reduced-obese state. American Journal of Physiology, 1989 Jun, 256(6 Pt 1):E740-6. 17. Kern PA; Svoboda ME; Eckel RH; Van Wyk JJ. Insulinlike growth factor action and production in adipocytes and endothelial cells from human adipose tissue. Diabetes, 1989 Jun, 38(6):710-7. 18. Eckel RH. Lipoprotein lipase. A multifunctional enzyme relevant to common metabolic diseases [published erratum appears in N Engl J Med 1990 Feb 15;322(7):477] [see comments]. New England Journal of Medicine, 1989 Apr 20, 320(16):1060-8. Pub type: Journal Article; Review; Review, Academic. 19. Yost TJ; Eckel RH. Hypocaloric feeding in obese women: metabolic effects of medium-chain triglyceride substitution. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1989 Feb, 49(2):326- 30. "The Institute for Creation Research is a private, not-for-profit corporation, chartered by the State of California for the purposes of research, writing, and education in both the standard curriculum of each scientific discipline and the Institute's supplemental framework of scientific creationism and Biblical authority in all disciplines." ADMINISTRATION ============== Officers -------- Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. President Duane T. Gish, Ph.D. Vice President Donald H. Rohrer, B.S. Chief Financial Officer John D. Morris, Ph.D. Administrative Vice President Board of Trustees ----------------- "The Institute for Creation Research is administered by a Board of Trustees which consists of at least nine elected members plus the ICR President, who serves as chairman. Members are elected (by the members of the existing Board) to serve for staggered three-year terms and are eligible for re-election to one additional term. At least three members are elected from the San Diego area to serve on an Executive Committee which meets approximately bi-monthly. The entire Board normally meets at least twice annualy...The Board establishes general policies, approves budgets, and appoints the major administrative officers. The ICR administration implements Board policies in day-to-day operations." Board members in 1990 were: Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. Chairman San Diego, CA Robert H. Franks, M.D. Vice Chairman San Diego, CA William Low Secretary El Cajon, CA Benjamin L. Aaron, M.D. Arlington, VA Bart P. Anderson, M.S. Fairfax, VA Howard Batchelor El Cajon, CA Robert R. Armstrong, M.D. La Mesa, CA Jack E. Brady, J.D. Dallas, TX John W. Eckersly, Jr., M.D. Palm City, FL Donald M. Edney, B.S. Dallas, TX R. Lee Huntington, B.S. Rancho Santa Fe, CA Daniel J. Manthei Petoskey, MI William McCandless, M.D. El Cajon, CA Earl Miller La Mesa, CA John Oller, M.D. Albuquerque, NM Richard S. Owen, M.B.A. Houston, TX Robert Popp El Cajon, CA Lowell Vandervort, M.H.A. Rancho Mirage, CA The ICR consists of five divisions: I. Division of Graduate Study and Research Kenneth B. Cumming, Ph.D., Dean II. Division of Extension Services Duane T. Gish, Ph.D., Coordinator III. Division of Curriculum Development Richard B. Bliss, Ed.D., Director IV. Division of Publications Henry M. Morris, Ph.D., Editor V. Division of Support Services Donald H. Rohrer, B.S., Business Manager An "Advisory Council" made up of all the professional-level staff members in these divisions meets about every two months to formulate recommendations to the Board of Trustees. The Division of Graduate Study and Research is described in more detail below. Technical Advisory Board ------------------------ "In addition to its regular professional staff, ICR has a Technical Advisory Board consisting of distinguished scientists in various parts of the country who serve as consultants and advisers in various phases of the ICR activities. These are as follows: Edward F. Blick, Ph.D. Professor of Petroleum and Geological Engineering University of Oklahoma David R. Boylan, Ph.D. Professor of Chemical Engineering Iowa State University Malcolm A. Cutchins, Ph.D. Professor of Aerospace Engineering Auburn University, Alabama Robert H. Eckel, M.D. Associate Professor of Medicine University of Colorado (Denver), Colorado Carl B. Fliermans, Ph.D. Microbial Ecologist DuPont Company, Augusta, Georgia Donald D. Hamann, Ph.D. Professor of Food Technology North Carolina State University Harold R. Henry, Ph.D. Chairman of Civil and Mining Engineering Department University of Alabama Joseph L. Henson, Ph.D. Chairman of Science Division Bob Jones University Gailen Marshall, M.D. Allergy, Asthma, Immunology Association of Texas Houston, TX David Menton, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Anatomy Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis John R. Meyer, Ph.D. Professor of Biology Baptist Bible College, Clark's Summit, Pennsylvania John W. Oller, Jr., Ph.D. Professor of Linguistics University of New Mexico, Albuquerque Ker C. Thomson, Ph.D. Professor of Geophysics, Head of Science Division Bryan College, Dayton, Tennessee John C. Whitcomb, Jr., Th.D. Director of Doctoral Studies Grace Theological Seminary, Winona Lake, Indiana" Regional Representatives ------------------------ Donald B. DeYoung, Ph.D. Midwest Representative Winona Lake, Indiana Lane P. Lester, Ph.D. Eastern Representative Lynchburg, Virginia ===================================================== I will post the rest in a few days, after the echo has had a chance to recover. I hope you're saving all of this!


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