By: David Rice To: Rob Bamford Re: ICR Credentials #1 of 2 RB+gt; David Rice expressed the

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By: David Rice To: Rob Bamford Re: ICR Credentials #1 of 2 RB> David Rice expressed the following opinions not too long ago in RB> this Forum and failed to present any way to verify the validity RB> of the claims: Nonsense. Do you have a telephone? Call the ICR cult and =ASK.= Voice: (619) 448-0900, (800) 7-GENESIS Fax: (619) 448-3469 The ICR cult's address: I.C.R. P.O. Box 2667 El Cajon, California 92021 >DR> Richard Bliss --. >DR> Harold Slusher | I asserted there is evidence >DR> Kelly Seagraves |---- they bought degrees or lied >DR> Clifford Burdick | about having them. >DR> Carl Baugh --' RB> Now, some of this information as claimed has been looked into RB> by someone that I passed the information to, and AS STATED, RB> some of it may be correct if the claims are valid. So, we RB> request that you produce verifiable documentation to the given RB> charges, e.g.: "Charges?" Just try finding some of the schools and universities I named--- you won't be able to. Then ask the ones you DO find if they teach what these Creationists claim to have degrees in: many do not. Then ask if the school or university is accredited to grant degrees: many are not, nor do they. RB> - Where does which ICR staffer claim what degree from RB> which institution? - Names, Dates, Places, Documents, Page RB> Numbers, etc. "ICR 1990-91 GRADUATE SCHOOL General Catalog." 45-page. Lists not only the degrees claimed, but the curricula. CALL them and ask for a copy. They will be more than happy to send stuff to you if you tell them you wish to join their cult. When you get the catalog, attempt to find some the schools and universities listed---- don't hold your breath. RB> Anybody can say that somebody else claimed something, now RB> produce the proof. I, as a fundamentalist Christian, DO want RB> to know the truth of this organization, so any information WILL RB> be researched and verified one way or the other. Thanks for RB> your input regarding The Institute for Creation Research. I do not believe for an instant that a Fundamentalist has the slightest interest in truth. See the next message. References that members of the ICR cult, both faculty and assorted fring members, either bought their degrees or claim to have degrees they do not. Also included are references that many of the schools and universities the claimed degrees come from do not now, nor have they ever, existed. "Evidence for Scientific Creationism," _Science_, May 17, 1985, Vol. 228, page 837. _Repealing_the_Enlightenment,_ about_the_1982_Arkansas_"equal- time"_trial," Harpers, April 1982, pp. 38-78. "Creationism in Schools. The Decision in McLean verses the Arkansas Board of Education." _Science_, February 19, 1982, volume 215, pp. 934-943. "Reviews of Thirty-One Creationist Books," National Center for Science Education, 1984. "Evolutionists Confront Creationists. Proceedings of the 63rd Annual Meeting of the Pacific Division," American Association for the Advancement of Science, April, 1984, volume 1, part 3. "Science as a Way of Knowing - Evolutionary Biology," _American_ Zoologist_, volume 24, number 2, 1984. "Crusade of the Credulous," California Academy of Sciences Press, 1986. "On Creationism," Free Inquiry, Spring 1982, volume 2, number 2, page 4. "Creationist Pseudoscience," the Skeptical Inquirer, Fall 1983, volume VIII, number 1, page 32.


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