By: Fredric Rice To: ANDREW CUMMINS Re: Fridric Rice - Hurtful truth ac+gt; Well, we know

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By: Fredric Rice To: ANDREW CUMMINS Re: Fridric Rice - Hurtful truth ac> Well, we know that you are a liar. New Age Creationists such as yourself experience cognative disonance as a result of constantly having to reinterpret your mythologies and what your many masters program you withy to the point of having to redefine words to make them fit your preconcieved notions. It is quite common for New Age Creationist cultists to consider the hurtful truth to be lies. What's actually undeniable is that New Age Creationists are incapable of telling the truth at worse and incapable of telling a whole truth at best. FR> This lengthy bit of deception by the New Age Creationist cult FR> known as the Institute for Creation Research was pulled off of FR> the cult's BBS. ac> The Fundamentalist position of the ICR is about ac> as far away from "New Age" as anyone can get. So-called "scientific Creationism" is a New Age religion instigated by the charasmatic cult leader Henry Morris -- a man without any credentials outside of the field of hydrolic engineering. The cult uses mythologies and magic to explain-away their dogma and beliefs. It is a New Age cult. Each cult member is required to sign an oath stating that scientific method is flawed to the point where the basis of the New Age Creationist cult derives all of its dogma from the Christian mythologies. Anyone who wishes to apply scientific method and refuses to sign the statement of dogmatic belief is refused membership of the New Age cult. The ICR was handing out Masters degrees like it was candy until the State of California education licensing board put a stop to it and checked into the accredidation claims of the ICR. The State of California found that the ICR ___lied___ about its accredication equavilence claims and found that _no_ research takes place at the cult, _no_ peer-reviewed journal publications come out of the cult, and no science takes place in the classrooms. Lastly, we see by your dejected, hurt complaint a dedication toward perpetuating the lies and half-truths of the New Age Creationist cult. The unthinking obedience of a religion assists in bringing the classification of same to the traditional use of the definition 'cult.' FR> The _lie_ at the end about how biology is a religion (and in FR> fact how "secular humanism" is a religion) was put to rest by FR> the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in November of 1995 in the FR> Californian Creationist/occultist John Peloza vs. the FR> Constitution. ac> No one has claimed that biology is a religion, you liar. New Age Creationists most certainly do. You did, in fact, when you claimed that evolution was the state's defactor religion. Your failure to recall your statements is probably indicitive of a deep-seated psychosis which allows you only to see and remember what your masters tell you to see and remember from day to day -- often when changing focus. ac> But, I assume that "November of 1995" is just ac> a mistake, not a lie from a known liar. In November of 1995, the 9'th Circuit Court of Appeals stated conclusivly that contrary to claims made by New Age Creationists, biology is not a religion. It put to rest all of the claims by New Age Creationists that evolution is a state-sponsored religion... a belief they wish to foment among fellow cult members in an attempt to make science appear just as dogmatically based upon faith as their own occultism is. You may ignore State vs. Peloza, certainly, as that is your cult masters' wish. Yet it doesn't detract from the fact of the court findings one iota. Biology doesn't address itself as a religion any more than geometry does. Only New Age Creationists seem to think that it does. ac> BTW, I didn't see any lies from the ac> ICR in your post... you lied again. Would you like to see quite a few? I know that your masters have placed religious blinders on you yet I'm sure that some light will make it through those tightly closed eyes. ac> PS: The message number of your post is 666. ac> I wander if that means anything. Only to New Age occultists. ac> Now, go get a life. Your denial of the truth is hardly conducive towards advancing your position. If you have actual commentary in an attempt to defend the New Age Creationist cult called the ICR, please do so. In the mean time, I will compile the records I have on the cult and will offer specific instances of why and how, exactly, you further perpetuate their lies and occultism. --- * Origin: Creationist: Why yes, Rome _was_ built in a day. /es


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