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By: Fredric Rice To: Rebecca Boughton Re: ICR censorship LS> The ICR now has their own pulpit for preaching to the rb> Mr. Sites, I was quite interested in the post, rb> however, I have one question. Who or what is an ICR? Greetings, Rebecca. I will state for the record that the following is my opinion and does not constitute an attempt at news reporting nor do I stipulate that my facts are at all correct. Additionally, the opinions stated hereafter are solely the opinions of Fredric Rice and do not constitute the opinions by members of The Skeptic Tank nor the educational facilities Fredric Rice is associated with. Details on the ICR which support my opinions may be downloaded from The Skeptic Tank if further information is required. (818) 335-9601, 24 hours. Fredric Rice will also make available references to books which describe the opinions expressed hereafter upon request. 0-= Larry will doubtless offer details yet I will jump in here with a quick overview. The Institute for Creation Research was started by a hydrolic engineer named Henry Morris. He quickly became a charasmatic cult leader of the Christian brand of religion and attracted a great many technitions and engineers who would support his religious beliefs. Morris opened-up a school which only accepts Creationists as both students and teachers. New Age Creationist beliefs were the only requirement for teaching at the facility and to make sure that the charasmatic cult group _only_ had New Age Creationists in it, Morris demands that an oath to allegience to his religious beliefs be signed else employment is not allowed. The group was handing out Masters degrees like they were candy to students who need only produce a certrain amount of cash and show up for school a set number of hours. They claimed as accredidation a course equal to many of the non-religious institutions around California and sited as their basis for accredidation an equality of course in geology, astronomy, paleontology, biology, and several other ologies. The State of California licensing board recieved many complaints about the courses actually being taught. Students were taught that the Earth was only some 6,000 years old and their geology course reflected that religious belief held by Morris. Since astronomy is based upon the observance of objects which are greatly distant -- further than 6,000 light years away -- their astronomy reflect the religious beliefs of Morris. Obviously their paleontology education was equal in superstition. Students were required to believe in the New Age Creationist belief of a 'world wide global flood' -- another Morris religious belief. The utter lack of evidence for their beliefs and the undeniable fact of the fossil record in support of evolution was cast-aside as an artifact of the Christian 'Satan' god's contrivance. The State of California pulled their accredidation after sending a small group of investigators to the ICR cult. The equipment was virtually non-existant. The courses touted as scientific were in actual fact religion. The materials offered were nothing like what the cult claimed were equal to the schools they used for their accredidation. Students were questioned about what they intended to do after they graduated and one student replied, "with this degree?! Who would take me?!" The ICR's charasmatic leader then launched a campaign to make students and teachers believe that the State was trying to shut down the school -- because the State was working for the Christian 'Satan' god. In actual fact the State pulled the accredidation and the right to hand out Masters degrees. Morris made some unknown amount of money to 'fight' the 'closeure' of his school yet, since the school wasn't being closed down, I can only surmise where the money went. The ICR staff published no research papers in peer reviewed journals. The staff held no discernable credentials within the fields they expounded. Reguardless of this lack of education, Morris and his followers continue to pontificate wildly upon matters of biology, evolution, grology, and paleontology in a vain and rather silly attempt to dictate that the laws of physics are somehow invalid. Toward the ends of getting the New Age cult's beliefs entrenched in American society, the ICR publishes religious materials under the guise of science and has attempted (and succeeded for short periods of time) to getting their New Age Creationist religious snuck into public schools. Voter apathy at Vista, California, allowed Morris followers to win a majority of seats on the school board whereafter the New Age Creationist beliefs were touted as science and demands were made that the myths be taught as such along with evolution. After voters realized that they could remain apathetic no longer, the recalled the Morris Creationists and installed rational board members. Debates have taken place between New Age Creationists and scientists and, when science has its say, it has always won. Where Creationists win their debates are in their churches or in public discussion arenas which are filled with Creationist believers. No Creationist has ever won a debate when faced with a moderator and rules of decorum and conduct. As an example, a Creationist was debating a scientist on public broadcasting and one of the rules dictates by the moderator was that the occult and supernatural couldn't be brought into the discussion -- it was to remain scientific entirely. The Creationist was trapped into exposing his belief in the so-called 'Noah's Ark' myth whereafter the scientist asked a series of questions about the myth (which is THE central aspect of New Age Creationism) which were undefendable. The Creationist spouted deities and the scientist won. 0-= The ICR is but one of the many groups which crop-up in an unhealthy society in direct response to the resentment of percieved wrongs and the powers of the ruleing class. What I find most enjoyable of the New Age Creationist movement is that the students which come out of cult houses like the ICR will not compete in the market place for jobs against my sons. What I find most disgusting is that the students coming out of these cults will have no discernable abilities for making a standard of living greater than that of providing services for their intellectual betters.


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