By: LARRY SITES Re: ICR censorship The ICR now has their own pulpit for preaching to the c

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By: LARRY SITES Re: ICR censorship The ICR now has their own pulpit for preaching to the choir. They are apparently afraid of the truth and will not allow any non believers to question them in front of the gullible. Following is the description of their new conference. It is available at the ICR bbs, 619-448-9082. You can logon and read their mutual back patting without disclosing your nonbelief by entering "new" for name and then selecting guest. Anyway, here's the scoop from those that demand freedom of religion while suppresing freedom of truth.: ECHO:CREATION ORIGINATION: GenNet\FamilyNet DESCRIPTION: Public Forum on Creation and Philosophy. ACCESS: Christians and theistic evolutionists. RESTRICTION: No Atheists or non-Christian postings. FORMAT: The primary objective of this conference is to expose the philosophical dangers of Darwinism on society and how it effects ethics and Christianity. Discussions may include debates on the atheistic mechanisms of Darwinism and sci- ence in general. The format will be structured and moni- tored by GenNet (The Creationist's Network) and all con- tributors will submit to these bylaws, which are: 1) MUST HAVE A CHRISTIAN BASED PHILOSOPHY. The conversations will be on a theistic platform and all arguments will be expanded upon using these considerations. All users can read the discussions, but contributions in dialogue MUST be presented by those with a faith in the God of Genesis. If a non-Christian user wishes to present a comment or question to the conference, they may leave their posting(s) with the sysop of that bbs, who can then review and forward the message for discussion and debate. Or, they may send their posting directly to the moderator of this echo. SYSOP NOTE: A information screen, prior to entering this conference, would be helpful to inform users of these con- siderations in order to minimize or correct a violation. 2) NO ADHOMINEMS. Be respectful to all contributions being made. If one feels they cannot present a position without being ridiculed, they will not post and the conference will be seriously weakened. NOTE: Please notify your sysop if this violation exists or call the moderator, Jim Johnston at 407-582-1880, evenings or weekends. Fidonet address is 1:3609/11 or 8:3111/1. My bbs is 407-582-1972 and you may enter in as a "guest" and post your comments or questions upon logoff. 3) KEEP ALL POSTINGS BRIEF. No one has time to read an enclyclopedia. If you see a posting that requires addressing an unreasonable number of points and explanations for each point are required, break it apart. Short and sweet! 4) No profanity. This is a G-rated conference. Please notify your sysop or moderator at once if this or any violations persist. ADDITIONAL SERVICES GenNet will be using this echo to make announcements for creation articles that expose the scientific inadequacies of Darwinism. Articles can also be submitted for review by uploading to these GenNet bulletin boards and their sysops. If you have any questions please contact: Origins Talk RBBS GENESIS NETWORK BBS Sysop - Walt Stumper Sysop - Jim Johnston Fidonet: 1:100/435 Fidonet: 1:3609/11 FamilyNet: 8:3006/28 FamilyNet: 8:3111/1 BBS 1-314-821-1078 BBS 1-407-582-1972 --- GEcho 1.10+ ! Origin: THE GENESIS NETWORK BBS (8:3111/1) Larry Sites JC's Fireman: Luke 12:49


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