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By: Randy Edwards Re: Fight Scientologist Censorship NOTE: This message was originally in conference "Alternative News -Fido" and was copied here by Robin Murray-o'hair. by Tony Sidaway The Church of Scientology is taking illegal steps to hound its critics, and threatening the internet by its use of forged cancels of USENET posts which it alleges contain violations of its copyright. In recent months, posts detailing serious abuses by Scientologists have been posted to alt.religion.scientology, a newsgroup set up for that purpose. Some posts have been delivered to the net, purporting to describe ludicrous "courses" which the cult is using to gull the susceptible. ************************************************************************* One such course describes a tyrant named Xenu who, 70 million years ago, it is claimed, kidnapped people in spacecraft resembling mid-20th century DC-8 airliners, dropped them in volcanoes and nuked them. An average Scientologist could pay many thousands of dollars, and be subject to months or even years of softening his critical faculties, to prepare him to hear this crap. ************************************************************************* The Scientologists have been issuing illegal forged cancels from netcom accounts. As usual, netcom is doing very little about it. This is stopping some vital information getting through, but some is still making it. Now the Scientologists have obtained warrants and mounted a fishing expedition on one person, and seem set to do the same to at least two more. The information they get from these raids allows them to threaten and silence critics of the cult's many abuses. The scientologists excel in "Dead Agent" tactics--using lies and distortions of the truth to invalidate someone's arguments. In another development, the Scientologists have breached the integrity of the server, making the administrator hand over records identifying one of the posters. It is imperative that more people spread the news about this case, and spread the bad news about the cult's evil activities. The freedom of all people is threatened by these abuses. ********************************************************************** Subscribe to alt.religion.scientology. Find out what is happening. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Get active. ********************************************************************** *** Netcom users: ask your sys admin why they are not stopping the illegal cancels being issued by the Church of Scientology's tame poodles. *** Day of Protest on March 13th, L Ron Hubbard's Birthday. *** World Wide Web Site *** Book on the founder of Scientology, L Ron Hubbard. AUTHOR: Miller, Russell. TITLE: Bare-faced messiah : the true story of L. Ron Hubbard / EDITION: 1st American ed. PLACE: New York : PUBLISHER: H. Holt, YEAR: 1988 PUB TYPE: Book FORMAT: x, 390 p., [8] p. of plates : ill. ; 24 cm. NOTES: Includes index. Bibliography: p. [382]-383. ISBN: 0805006540 SUBJECT: Hubbard, L. Ron -- (La Fayette Ron), -- 1911- Scientologists -- Biography. -- Tony Sidaway "The most horrible thing they have done is to put out hundreds of messages all over the net that say "free phone sex", with the scientologists' toll-free phone number on it: 1-800-367-8788" "Poor little clams - snap! snap! snap!" --SubGenius Pope Charles of Houston


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