By: Simon Ewins To: Marty Leipzig Re: Mating with Apes! SE+gt; I like to see some real ans

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By: Simon Ewins To: Marty Leipzig Re: Mating with Apes! SE> I like to see some real answers to the above. Try not to dance, SE> please. SE> A: What are the odds? SE> B: How are/were they calculated? ML> Hoyle and Wickramsinghe, deja vu all ovre again. I once read the transcript of Wickramasinghe's testimony at the Arkansas trial of ACT 590. Apparently the creationists actually flew Chandra Wickramasinghe to the 1982 "Balanced Treatment of Creation-Science [sic] and Evolution-Science Act" trial held in Little Rock Arkansas (as their star witness!). When cross-examined about the young earth creationist notion that the universe was 10,000 years old, his reply was "one would have to be crazy to believe that". Could any rational scientist believe that the earth's geology can be explained by a single catastrophe? "No". Could any rational scientist believe that the earth was less than one million years old? "No". Wickramasinghe's firm understanding of biology was brought forth by asking him to read a passage from _Evolution From Space_ which claimed that insects are in fact smarter than humans but are being very careful to not let on. These statements ended up completely undermining the case of the team who paid his air fare. Judge Overton expressed confusion as to why the defense recruited Wickramasinghe; he ended up assuming that it must have been because Wickramasinghe was critical of both evolution and the scientific community. I wasn't aware that this 'odds' nonsense also originated with this bozo (and Mr. Hoyle). I understand that Mr. Wickramasinghe fancies himself as a mathematician, so that might explain the basis of the delusion. Thanks for pointing it out to me.


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