Original From: Stewart Harris Original To: NIGEL KAY Subject: Belief To: Fredric Rice Datu

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Original From: Stewart Harris Original To: NIGEL KAY Subject: Belief From: Sheppard Gordon To: Fredric Rice Datum: 01-05-94 23:13 Area: FIDO_UFO In 1975 I have a dream. There is a drawing. I wake up at 3:00 a.m., make the drawing on paper, wake my wife. That morning I buy some materials and in 15 minutes a build the device in the drawing. It is a device to overcome gravity using no energy. Some years later I move to Houston. When I get there, the person I go to work for tells me they knew I was coming. How, I ask. Oh, Sylvia told us. She is a "reader." Never been to one. You should go. Okay, I did. She floors me by telling me things no has ever been told about, about a brother that died, my father, my grandfather, my mother. She is a spitting image of my mother, but with a heavy English accent. She tells me that there is something I know, about something that goes up and down. Then she says, "I have a man in a white gown next to me, a professor. No, you're not going to believe this, he is from outer space. He is giving you information." She predicts my near death on an operating table, which occurs some four months later. I heard some doctor on TV once, a guy named Mack. He said that abductees always have brown, mole-like marks on them. I got one all of a sudden right after I was hurt in the Army. Still have it. Never hurts but peels time and time again. On my left leg, just above my knee. Sort of concave. Also, in the past ten years I have been "cured" of a couple of medical proglems without explanation. An abdominal aortic aneurysm shrunk at a time when I was in line for surgery. It shrinking probably save my life. I have Coronary Artery Disease. From an angiogram, I had three blocked arteries, two 50% and one a little larger. One year later, no blockages at all, just when they were going to try to do a triple AAA repair and a triple bypass at the same time. Never into UFOs, never mentioned this before, am disabled and sick and probably dying. Just wondering if this device -- done overnight -- could have come from a supernatural force. I have always thought it came from God. Still do. But curious as I read on here. Pat Parinello, who had been reading about my device on science and sci&tech told me to lurk and check it out. Do you have a category for me?


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