REAL HACKERS VANDALIZE WEB SITE By Yardena Arar Daily News Staff Writer [Photo of altered

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REAL HACKERS VANDALIZE WEB SITE By Yardena Arar Daily News Staff Writer [Photo of altered WWW picture with caption: "A World Wide Web site for the movie 'Hackers' was not viewed kindly by some real-life hackers who defaced the promotion."] ....[repeat stuff and glorification of those with bucks invested generally deleted for brevity according to intense editorial biases -mdm em] UA parent Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer learned of the cyberspace vandalism when a reporter called to inquire about some strange graphics and startling text on the month-old page teasing the film, due for release Sept. 15. A picture of the film's co-stars had been defaced with computer crayon scribbles. Much of the copy had been changed. For example, the line "This is going to be an entertaining, fun promotional site for a movie" was replaced by "This is going to be a lame, cheesy promotional site for a movie." "Click here for a video preview of 'Hackers'" had been replaced by "Click here for a Big Waste of Bandwidth." And next to the credit "Created by Digital Planet," was the claim "Hacked by ILF" -- followed by "Go see 'The Net' instead of this dog." Also included were links to web sites for Defcon, the recently concluded hacker convention in Las Vegas, and other hacker hangouts... The "Hackers" page is located at - - - o o o 000 o o o - - - Hah. You fools installed Gatekeeper, thinking it would protect you from the more evil denizens of cyberspace. But no. We, The Praetorians, have been forced to prove our worth to the lesser mortals at MGM/UA. FidoNews 12-33 Page: 8 14 Aug 1995 They ignored our screenplay for the movie 'Praetorians', choosing instead to call it 'Hackers' and base it upon some adolescent compulsive masturbators who hold not one-tenth of our supreme skills in their puny hands. Regrettably I was forced to fake my death at the hands of Sandra Bullock, but now I have wreaked revenge upon those who doubted my technique (which, incidentally, is very good) as an independant contractor for the Internet Liberation Front (ILF). While they offer no medical or dental insurance schemes, they supply me with the neccessary ub3rt00lz to bust root on your puny boxes. GreatCircle, I urinate upon your firewall. Sidewinder, I defecate in your general direction. Oh, to the point. To prove to the movie-going chimps that my technique is supremely advanced, I have taken cybercontrol of MGM/UA's so called 'home-page' for the 'movie' (and I use the term loosely) HACKERS, a cinematic abortion riding the wave of cyberriffic techno-thriller uber-gen-x flicks. Point your puny webtools in this direction for confirmation of my k-rad ubertechnique(tm). Beware, this is only the beginning... Jack Devlin, ex-Praetorian, current ILF contractor. ---End of transmission---


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