Here's something which just came across my desk that might be of some interest for your re

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Here's something which just came across my desk that might be of some interest for your readers of your publication. It was reprinted from a FAX in "Freedom Writer." There is a photocopy of a FAX which contains the following: THE WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON September 25, 1995 The Honorable Arlen Specter United States Senate Hart Building Room 530 Washington, DC 20515 Dear Senator Specter: The administration is quietly looking into the feasibility of enforceing Executive Order 10998 to control the stockpileing of foods by survivalists, patriots, militias and others who have anticipated the shortages we anticipate will soon develop. Due to the impact it is now having upon the present stock level of the national food supply this will involve confiscation of food supplies beyond a 30 day supply, arrest, or removal of those who are stockpileing. This action by these Christian, Mormon and other cult groups is producing substantial food shortages across the nation. Your input as a member of the Senate intelligence committee is respectfully solicited. Sincerely, [signed Bill Clinton] The text which the Institure for First Amendment Studies offered at the bottom of the reproduction is: In an apparent effort to stimulate paranoia and hatred, someone typed a bogus White House letter, forged the President's signature, and faxed it out to Christian Patriots and militias across the country. The American Patriot's Fax Network broadcast it on Saturday, October 7, two days before the deadly Amtrak derailment in Arizona. The party claiming responsibility for that crime is the heretofore unknown Sons of Gestapo. It is not known if there is any connection between the two incidents.


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