By: Arthur Fischer Re: The Old Testament revisited (READ for your own good) As I can tell

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By: Arthur Fischer Re: The Old Testament revisited (READ for your own good) As I can tell from the massive arguements over Noah's Ark, etc, etc, it seems as though I may have typed this out many times. Instead, I'll say this, and hopefully my point will get across to many, not a few. The first 11 Chapters of the Book of Revelation are refered to as PRE-HISTORY. That is, probably not true, but used as an explaination for something (myths would actually be a good word). The first story, the Creation, is heavily influenced by the Enuma Elish in Babylonian mythology. Here is a quick list: (day) Genesis Enuma Elish (before) The earth is desolute with Primeval chaos; war of gods darkness over the deep. against Tiamat, the sea. 1) Light is created. Light emenates from the gods. 2) The sky dome created. Creation of firmament. 3) Creation of dry land. Creation of dry land. 4) Creation of heavenly lights. Creation of heavenly lights. 5) Creation of animals. Creation of animals. 6) Creation of man. Creation of man. 7) God rests and sanctifies The gods rest and celebrate the Sabbath. with a banquet. Quite a similarity. This is because, as races fought each other, they believed that their gods also fought each other. If one race won, it was because his god did. When the Babylonians conquered Israel, they created stories about the strength of their gods, and what is more great than creating the world? The Jews would not have their God be seen as second best, and while the god of the Marduk created the world with the help of a dragon, YHWH created the world himself. This was all part of the wars back then. Second, you must notice the extraodinary ages of the first peoples. Live over 900 years was possible back then, it seems. All this was done for was to decrease the number of names that would go into this. The 8000 or so years extended from Adam to Noah would fit around 107 names today, assuming the average was 75 years. To people who had limited supplies, it would be stupid to place all these names, along with sons and daughters and wives, and etc. Third, everybodies favorite: NOAH'S ARK. Quite frankly, this probably never happened. It was agian the sign of God's strength of man and the world in orderto keep others "in line". The Gilgamesh epic in the Enuma Elish was an almost identicle story in it. Here is a comparison: GENESIS 6-9 - Yahweh plans to destroy humanity because they are wicked. - Yahweh warns Noah to build an ark and cover it with a pitch. - Every species of animal is to be brought on the ark and its immediate family. - The flood comes and destroys all life on earth. - The waters subside gradually and Noah sends out ravens and a dove. - The arks to rest ontop of a mountain in the Ararat range. - Noah builds an altar and sacrifices to Yahweh. - Yahweh smells the sweet odor. - Yahweh removes the curse from the earth and promises bounty and no more floods. - Yahweh blesses Noah and his sons to repopulate the earth. Gilgamesh Epic - The gods plan to destroy hamans because they have gone astray. - The god Ea warns Utnapishtim to build a boat and use pitch. - Every species of animal and skilled craftsmen are to be saved, as well as his family. - The flood comes and destroys all life from the earth. - The waters subside slowly, and Utnapishtim sends out a dove, swallow, and a raven. - The boat comes to rest on top of Mt. Nisir. - Utnapishtim builds an altar and sacrifices to the gods. - The gods smell the sweet odor. - Enlil is reconciled with Utnapishtim and repents his rash decision to destroy the earth. - Enlil blesses Utnapishtim and his wife with immortality on the far western isles. As you can see, it is quite pointless to be arguing over most stories in the Old Testament, because they can be dis-proved by a teenage Catholic just finishing grade 10 (15 years old). Arthur ... "The devil can cite Scripture for his own purpose." (Merchant I,III) --- TLX v3.40 --- Blue Wave/Max v2.12 [NR] * Origin: The Cosmic Keyboard [Calgary, AB 403-246-6943 HST/DS] (1:134/67) SEEN-BY: 102/2 138 752 835 850 851 890 910 943 1302 112/1 147/7 170/400 SEEN-BY: 206/1701 209/207 209 710 720 770 270/101 290/627 309/2 345/31 396/1 SEEN-BY: 640/75 3615/50 @PATH: 134/67 1 10 3615/50 396/1 209/209 102/2 851


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