By: LARRY SITES Re: Accuracy Hardy style 2nd DC+gt; That leaves you believing in nothing m

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By: LARRY SITES Re: Accuracy Hardy style 2nd DC> That leaves you believing in nothing more than second, DC> third, or even forth hand hearsay. MH> No, it leaves me with accurately transmitted copies of the originals. MH> And if you care to claim that the copies have been substantially MH> altered from the originals, I'm going to have to ask you for evidence MH> of said altering. 1 John 5:7 The biggest fucking lie in the Wholly Babble. Without it there isn't even the HINT of the trinidy being a bible based concept. It shows that even a THOUSAND years after the book was supposedly written the MAGNITUDE of deceit its religions caretakers thought they could GET AWAY WITH. This same group of caretakers LIED about the Septugant's divine translation, the resurrection of the Phonex, Simon Mangus dogfight in the sky over Rome with Peter and Paul, Roman Senate hearings confirming Jesus' resurrection, and among others, Michaels all time fav: backdating Sibyl, the pagan oracle, to predict Jesus being jacked off. Now, perhaps Michael or some other deluded fundi, can explain just exactly how the copies of their mythology produced AFTER their superstition was made into a state propaganda tool and turned over to these same LYING caretakers, are evidence that they ACCURATELY represent the originals, let alone that there EVEN WERE ANY ORIGINALS. The silence will confirm that there is ABSOLUTLY NO REASON to expect that christianities early caretakers can be trusted to accurately transmit shit when even their own early book the Didache AUTHORIZES them to MAKE THINGS UP! "Accurate transmission"? HAR, HAR, Hardy! Hardly! Larry Sites JC's Fireman: Luke 12:49 Freq FORGERY.ZIP, Falisfy Fundi father fakery ___ * WR 1.31 # 398 * God to Moses: "Take two Tablets and call me in an aeon."


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