CompuChurch (tm) Network (CCN) Membership Application General Information: The CompuChurch

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CompuChurch (tm) Network (CCN) Membership Application General Information: The CompuChurch Network is a networked association of Computer- based telecommunications systems who are approved to offer one or more of the services made available by CompuChurch (tm) International Headquarters to Universal Life Church Ministers and to prospective ULC Ministers in the network. Presently, those services include: ONLINE ORDINATION - Persons desirous of becoming legally ordained ministers, free from any church- imposed dogma, and responsible in themselves to do that which is right according to their own conscience and beliefs, may become registered as legally ordained ministers of the Universal Life Church. Over 17,000,000 persons presently hold credentials of ministry from the ULC. ONLINE REGISTRATION - Universal Life Church Ministers may register the names and mailing addresses of those new ministers they have ordained "in the field." ULC_MINISTERS Echo - A privately distributed echo originating from CompuChurch International Headquarters Universal Life Church, FidoNet 1:3800/6, for the exclusive use of ULC Ministers. FILES - as they are added, a library of files available for download to ULC Ministers to assist them in the development of their ministry and the establishment of congregations. Any or all of the services listed above may be made available to the qualified caller depending upon the needs/wishes of the participating SysOp. Costs of obtaining echo feed and transmitting ordination information are at the expense of the participating Sysop; however, efficient routing will be attempted and/or honored by Headquarters as can be made practical with growth of the network. The participating sysop is generally responsible to the network and to CompuChurch as follows: 1) Transmits ordination information directly to International Headquarters of CompuChurch in the specified format on at least a monthly basis. 2) Validates and qualifies those callers requesting access to the echos and enforces the echo rules privately with his callers in complete cooperation with the echo moderator. 3) Makes available on at least a hold-for-pickup basis, any CCN echos (as system configuration might permit) to facilitate distribution to systems within the local area. 4) Terminates any feed as directed by CompuChurch. 5) Distributes no feed without specific authorization from CompuChurch. It is the hope of CompuChurch to impose as few restrictions as possible on the participants of the network; the purposes of the network being to further the communication between ULC Ministers and to encourage the general increase in our numbers and thus effectiveness in encouraging the doctrine of "Doing That Which Is Right." More complete information on the scope and purposes of CompuChurch may be found in the publication CCTXTBK.LZH available on File Request from CompuChurch International Headquarters, 1:3800/6. NOTE: All information is needed. Neither the street address nor the Voice Phone will be contained in any PUBLIC distribution but are necessary for administration purposes. If any of this information is missing your application can not be processed. SYSOP Name: VOICE Phone(s): Street Address: City,State,ZIP: SYSTEM Name: BBS Phone: Highest Baud Rate: Accept 24hr Crash Mail (Y/N)?: FidoNet Address for Crash NetMail: Where did you first hear about CompuChurch?: Are you a ULC Minister: When were you ordained? Where will you get your feed for the CCN Echoes? I agree to the points listed above concerning my responsibilities as a SysOp in the CompuChurch Network Signature:____________________________________Date:______________ Return this COMPLETED application with signature : CompuChurch (tm) International Headquarters P.O.Box 64575 Baton Rouge, LA 70896-4575 OR transmit the Q-A part via netmail or direct connect upload, giving it your best shot at an ASCII facsimile of your signature!


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