By: Rebecca Long To: Larry Johnson Re: Ear Candling I tried some of them out. The ones I b

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By: Rebecca Long To: Larry Johnson Re: Ear Candling I tried some of them out. The ones I bought at the health foods store are different than the ones I saw at the discovery expo, but are supposed to be "authentic". The brochure describes them as an "ancient art", so perhaps ear candling is shown in some heiroglyphic somewhere. The candles are supposed to create a draft to draw impurities out of the ear, but I found that it actually worked like a nozzle and pumped smoke at high velocities out of the end that goes into the ear. I did not find it possible to position the candle to prevent this, so my ear ended up getting hot and uncomfortable. The brochure says that the user will hear a crackling sound, and I did. Most of it indistinguishable from the sound effects obtained by holding a drinking staw in the ear. There few a few sounds like exploding sparks, which were disconcerting! The candles seem to be made by dipping linen in wax and wrapping it around a hollow form. The directions say that of the remaining residue, the dark material is from the candle burning and the white material is the "impurities". I burned four or five candles to get a good sized sample of the residue, which was visually indistinguishable from ash with specks of unburned white candle wax (NOT ear "wax"). The text of the ear candle brochure follows (verbatim) for your amusement: SUGGESTIONS FOR USING EAR CANDLES Ear candles are to aid in cleaning of an ear of excess wax and white flaky fungus. It has been reported to improve hearing. MATERIALS NEEDED: Two linen ear candles, (one for each ear, if desired), paper plate, sharp flat scissors, matches, a small bowl containing a little water. Pillow and a person to assist. PROCEDURES: Take a enough to put an ear candle in it snugly. The small end is to be on the bottom side of the plate sticking through far enough to enter the beginning of ear canal. CAUTION: Do not initiate any change in lifestyle, diet, or medical treatment without first consulting your physician and/or counselor. The person being candled will lie on their side with a pillow under their neck. The person assisting will set at the back, with a bowl of water close to the head or neck area. The pillow should be the correct size depending on the person to hold the head, neck, and back all in a straight line. Don't tip the head up or down. The candles have one end that ispointed, this is the end that you insert into the ear opening. Do it gently so that you do not hurt or bend the candle [sic]. It just needs to fill the space, or opening. If it doesn't, smoke will go into the ear, and it will not draw properly. The person being candled should hear crackling sounds at all times while being candled. If the sound stops, it may be that the candle is temporarily clogged or bent. Wiggle the candle a little or turn it until the sound returns. If there is not an easy place to light it, clip the indentation at the large end of the ear candle then light it with a match. The second person is to supervise the burning of the ear candle. If it starts to tip in any direction, straighten it by moving the paper plate. As the candle burns the wax and cloth, it will curl inward and must be cut off to keep the candle end open. Cut off the burnt material halfway between the flame and the burnt end. Be careful to put the burnt end into the water. The flame may seem to burn higher at times. This can be due to the burning of material being drawn from the ear. When it burns down to within about 1 1/2 inches of the plate, the second person should take the plate and candle from the ear and put out the fire by dipping the end of the candle into the bowl. Pull the candle out of the plate and unwrap the candle and see the ear wax you have. It is generally the darker liquid that actually comes from the ear. The other wax is from the burning of the candle. It is not suggested that a person use more than 1 candle per ear per week, or as directed by your physician or counselor. It may take several candles (over a period of several weeks) to get the desired results. THIS IS A HOME REMEDY: You have to use your own judgement as to what feels normal and how often to use them. It takes approximately 20 minutes per ear. These candles are not intended to be sold or used as a cure of any disease or ailment. Users must assume full responsibility and not hold the manufacturers or sellers liable for any claims, obligations, expense or damage arising from use of this product. ___ X SLMR 2.1a X "Not all scientists are stupid." - Joanne B.


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