By: Shelby Sherman Re: In the Name of God?? Here's a great question for you. Why does God

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By: Shelby Sherman Re: In the Name of God?? Here's a great question for you. Why does God permit people who are obviously unrepentant sinners to assume authority in his church(es)? Some examples: Art Phillips, 43, of Arizona, was arrested in March and arraigned in April for fondling a 15-year-old girl and "solicitation to commit commercial sexual exploitation of a minor" (read: he wanted to take nude photos of her). Phillips is a Mormon sunday school teacher. Rev. Carey Mavor, an Arizona Methodist, pleaded guilty to 1 count of continuous sexual abuse and 2 counts of lewd acts with a child under 14. Rev. Wilputte Alanson Sherwood admitted recently to having sex with 1,800 males since 1984, at least 22 of whom were under 18. He also kept records and videotapes of the sexual encounters. He was sentenced July 29 by Superior Court and was on PAID LEAVE until then. Also from Arizona. In California, Rev. Richard Allen Henry, 47, was sentenced to 8 years in state prison for having sex with 4 boys, all brothers, over a 6 year period. The Los Angeles archdiocese -- get this -- told the court not to imprison a "broken man" and unsuccessfully, praise Dobbs, offered to pay for treatment if probation was granted. Rev. Maurice McInerney, of St. Peter Catholic Church in Colorado, was charged with sexually abusing an incest survivor who had trusted him to counsel her. McInerney has been relieved of his duties but IS STILL RECEIVING HIS SALARY. This one is great. Rev. Mike Williams, 47, also of Colorado, was charged with SPANKING a man during a counseling session. He was acquitted of similar charges last year. In Illinois, Rev. David Stalzer was REINSTATED to his parish despite a civil lawsuit accusing him of sexual misconduct with a minor. FIVE priests from Belleville, Illinois were removed from the ministry (exception, not the rule) due to allegations, investigations etc. of sexual misconduct. Rev. Kevin Sullivan, of Decatur, Illinois, is being sued. Why? Because he impregnated Susan Hertel and then encouraged her to have an abortion. In Indiana, Rev. Raymond Weber is being sued. He allegedly used LSD and alcohol to seduce a teenage boy. Also in Indiana, home of great moral leader Dan Quayle (sorry, couldn't resist), deacon A.V. Ballenger was convicted of fondling a 7-year-old girl in Sunday school class and sentenced to 8 years in prison. Naturally, his congregation expressed shocked disbelief, and probably (I say this without any evidence whatsoever) assumed that the girl was influenced by Satan to Deceive as Jezebels are Destined to Do unto Men of God. It goes on and on. See next message for more!!!! -+- + Origin: We are here to disrupt your life (1:123/30) ============================================================================= --- GoldED 2.41 * Origin: The Swamp, Home of the Pride of Fidonet (1:123/67) SEEN-BY: 101/1 102/2 138 752 835 850 851 890 891 943 1006 1302 103/100 SEEN-BY: 105/30 134/1 147/7 170/400 202/1 209/208 209 710 720 218/101 SEEN-BY: 219/302 232/16 273/10 290/627 309/2 396/1 640/75 @PATH: 123/67 44 301 19 396/1 209/209 102/2 851 890 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (141) Tue 21 Sep 93 7:03 By: Shelby Sherman To: All Re: More Sex in God's Name St: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @EID:3c0f 1b353860 @MSGID: 1:123/67 2c9edf7b ============================================================================= * Forwarded by Shelby Sherman (1:123/67) * Area : ECHOMAIL028 (THUMP IT) * From : Jamie Miller, 1:123/30 (21 Sep 93 01:10) * To : All Y'all * Subj : More Sex in God's Name ============================================================================= The question: Why does God permit his messengers on Earth to commit such unspeakable crimes? The answer: Take it, Shelby! In Iowa, the pastor of the Wesleyan Church is accused of placing an ad under the name "Diamond Dreams" and agreeing to sex for $150 with an undercover officer while DRESSED IN DRAG. Rev. Jennfrey Dean McKelvey quit his job after his arrest. In Kentucky, Rev. Earl Bierman attempted to seduce two boys by telling them all about other parishioners' confessions of sexual aberrations (according to Catholic doctrine, this is one of the worst things a priest can do). He pleaded guilty to sexual abuse of 6 boys and was sentenced to 20 years. Rev. Ronald D. Provost of Barre, Massachusetts was convicted for taking over 100 nude photos of boys. Naturally, he refused to apologize to the victims' families, and the mother of one boy said that the diocese has "expressed no concern at all." C. Eric Lincoln, a Methodist minister, is charged with assault, attempted rape and battery of a woman at Duke University, where Lincoln is a professor emeritus. Donald J. Heydens, a priest in Grand Rapids, Michigan, admitted to molesting 5 girls. The girls claimed that Heydens submitted them to repeated assaults over a period of one year. Rev. Wilson Smart molested or had sexual contact with 31 boys since 1950. His Helena, Montana diocese has encouraged parishoners not to sue but instead accept church counseling (which is probably where they were abused in the first place). A priest, 2 Millville, NJ men and the father of a female victim have filed a suit against 2 priests. The priests are accused of operating a sex ring of children. Several dioceses and Catholic organizations are accused of a massive coverup of the abuse. This is not proven, but I personally find it highly likely. In lovely New Mexico, Rev. David Holley gets up to 275 years in prison for molesting 8 boys. A third priest, Rev. Edward Pipala, was removed from a Hudson Valley, NY pastorate for accusations of sex abuse. He has ADMITTED to turning the parish boys' club into a sex club he called "The Hole," at which he provided beer to 30-50 minors and engaged in anal and o˙ral sex and masturbation, all under an oath of secrecy (and threat of excommunication, I'll bet). Martin Louis, a priest of the Cleveland, Ohio diocese, was sentenced to 25 years in prison. A woman testified that he molested her when she was 10 following her first communion. He repeatedly raped her, threatening her with hell and telling her that this was what all priests do (Possibly, but not probably). ˙ Had enough yet? These individual examples are selected from a list of over 100 cases of "black collar crimes." I will be happy to mail a copy of this list to anyone who is interested. All cases are referenced to the newspapers in which they first appeared. --- -+- + Origin: Pummill's Pit... Have YOU Dropped In Lately ?? (1:123/30) =============================================================================


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