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By: David Bloomberg Re: Bernardin Reconciliation (File: BRNDAPOL.ZIP) From: George Hero To: WITCHHUNT AP 5 Jan 95 6:35 EST V0637 Copyright 1995. The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. CHICAGO (AP) -- Cardinal Joseph Bernardin gave his forgiveness, along with a Bible and a promise of prayer, to the man who once accused him of molestation. Bernardin and Steven Cook met for two hours last week at a seminary in Philadelphia, where Cook now lives. The cardinal said Cook apologized during the visit. "This has been one of the most memorable experiences I've ever had," Bernardin said Wednesday. "It was a wonderful moment of reconciliation between Steven, myself and the church." Cook accused Bernardin and another priest of sexually molesting him in the 1970s in Cincinnati while Cook was in a program for high school students considering the priesthood and Bernardin was archbishop in Cincinnati. Cook later recanted his accusations against Bernardin and the case against the cardinal was dropped. The Cincinnati archdiocese reached an out-of-court settlement with Cook over his allegations involving the other priest. Cook said Wednesday that he and Bernardin had made peace with each other during the Dec. 30 meeting, which was arranged by Cook's mother. "We talked, looked deep into each others' eyes," Cook told WLS-TV of Chicago. "There was holding, hugging, touching. A deep understanding of each others' pain." Bernardin said that although he would not wish the experience on others, he became a more compassionate person because of it. "I felt that I was in the presence of God (at this meeting)," he said. "I could feel God's grace working through him." Bernardin would not disclose whether Cook, 35, gave a reason for his accusations. But he said Cook, who has said he has AIDS, was disenchanted both with God and the Catholic Church at the time. ===== If he gave a reason? The papers were FULL of the reasons -- Cook admitted that he could not tell if his memories were real or not, and later became convinced that they were not! --- msgedsq 2.0.5 * Origin: The Temples of Syrinx! (1:2430/2112) SEEN-BY: 102/890 124/9005 139/840 203/444 261/1201 268/102 280/101 374/14 SEEN-BY: 2430/1 1701 2112 @PATH: 2430/1 102/890


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