By: DAVID RICE To: FREDRIC RICE Re: Boom! I walked up to my cubicle here at work this morn

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By: DAVID RICE To: FREDRIC RICE Re: Boom! I walked up to my cubicle here at work this morning, and I found a group of people huddled in there, with worried, frightened faces. They were from facilities, security, and the mail room. One of them saw me comming and yelled "There he is!" and they all looked up at me pensively. I briefly considered making a run for it out the door. They were examining my alarm clock, thinking it was a bomb. It was softly, intermitintly beeping to itself, and the antenna (thirty feet of unshielded twisted pair wire) was draped across the span of two cubicles. Eric, from facilities, asked me "What -IS- this thing?" and the guys from security were eyeing me suspiciously. The beeping got louder and more insistant while I just stood there wondering how it was they have never seen an alarm clock before. Not being one to answer a direct question, I said "What do -YOU- think it is?" The guy from the mail room asked, timidly, "Uh, is it a, um, bomb?" and I laughed because I thought they were joking. I reached over to the clock to turn the alarm off, and everyone flinched. "Look!" I said, giving it a shake, "It's a clock! No one is so damn stupid they'd think this is a bomb!" One of the security people said "Then why did you leave a note?!?!?" "Note? What note?" Eric pointed to the piece of paper I had tucked under the clock. It reads "Let me be your last mistake." This is the title of a country-western song I'm writting, but they took it to mean I was planting bombs. Okay, so people =ARE= that damn stupid. ... Get your forbidden knowledge at alt.religion.scientology *


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