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By: Henry Mcgrattan Re: Bibliography For Skeptics *@SUBJECT:Bibliography for Skeptics (no imagined superfriends N Scientists Confront Pseudoscience Abell, George and Barry Singer, eds., Science and the Paranormal, Scribners, 1983, P-$13.95, ISBN 0-684-17820-6. Asimov, Isaac, The Roving Mind, Prometheus Books, 1983, H-$21.95, ISBN 0-87975-201-7; P-$15.95, ISBN 0-87975-315-3. Cazeau, Charles J. and Stuart D. Scott, Jr., Exploring the Unknown: Great Mysteries Reexamined, Plenum Press, 1979, H-$18.95, ISBN 0-306-40210-6. de Camp, L. Sprague, The Fringe of the Unknown, Prometheus Books, 1983, P-$14.95, ISBN 0-87975-217-3. de Camp, L. Sprague, The Ragged Edge of Science, Owlswick Press, 1980, H-$16.00, ISBN 0-913896-06-3. Frazier, Kendrick, ed., Paranormal Borderlands of Science, Prometheus Books, 1981, P-$17.95, ISBN 0-87975-148-7. Frazier, Kendrick, ed., Science Confronts the paranormal Prometheus Books, 1985, P-$17.95, ISBN 0-87975-314-5. 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