By: David Rice To: Bringfried Lilke Re: Hells' Bells! +gt;BH+gt; Not believing is the grea

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By: David Rice To: Bringfried Lilke Re: Hells' Bells! >BH> Not believing is the greatest sin of all. Billy Graham said >BH> this week in one of his daily newspaper columns that God can >BH> forgive everything, except refusing to accept his forgiveness. >BH> It's rather nice of Billy to tell his god what he will and >BH> will not do, don't you think? BL> Brian, has it ever occured to you that may be Billy Graham knows BL> his God better than you know yours [sic]? Don't tell me you have BL> no God. I won't belive you! You believe all sorts of silly, impossible, and wrong things; why can't you believe the simple FACT that Brian has no gods and does not wish to? Billy Graham's gods are very well known. His chief got is Money. Look at home much time he devotes and prays to It. Another of his chief gods is Gluttony. Every year he gets more obsese, and every year he collects yet another chin. There are, according to the World Health Organization in 1989, 6000 children who die from very preventable causes such as disease and starvation; these deaths can be prevented with an average of 0.50 cents a day per child. Yet lardbutt Billy spends tens of millions of dollars on buildings to preach at his ignorant followers. One of his most reveared gods is Hate. He sells a video tape on the "homosexual agenda," at $35.00 a pop, which does not outline this mythical agenda, but outlines HIS AGENDA against homosexuals. Yet another one of his gods is Ignorance. He spends a lot of his time telling people what to believe, and what he tells them is not only WRONG, but often abundantly obviously so. The age of Earth is a good example. Another one of his gods is Paranoia. In his special _My_Bitter_Cup_ he compares himself to Jesus, and said that there is a conspiracy, led by Satan, of scientists to discredit and destroy his ministry "in the name of evolution." The list of his gods goes on and on. They are not worth the effort to worship, but it sure makes a lot of money for him!


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