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By: Coridon Henshaw Re: PIGS PROVIDE ANTI-ABORTS WITH INFO * Forwarded by Coridon Henshaw (1:250/820) * Area : ANEWS (News of the US and World) * From : Randy Edwards, 1:325/805 (Monday January 23 1995 21:57) * Subj : [1 of 3] PIGS PROVIDE ANTI-ABORTS WITH INFO ============================================================================= Reply-To: Tom Burghardt Subject: POLICE PROVIDE ANTI-ABORTS WITH INFO *** ANTI-ABORTION COP USES POLICE COMPUTER TO TRACK CLINIC WORKERS *** ** Reliance on the State Is No Substitute for Clinic Defense ** By Tom Burghardt Bay Area Coalition for Our Reproductive Rights (BACORR) * * * * * (San Francisco) January 16 -- A British Columbia police officer is under investigation for using the Canadian Police Information Computer (CPIC) to track clinic workers and patients at Vancouver women's clinics, according to a report published in the VANCOUVER SUN. Constable Steve Parker, a former treasurer of Campaign Life B.C., made a number of unauthorized requests over a two year period. When asked to comment Parker said, "I am not denying anything as far as that goes...if you've got that information, go ahead and publish it." According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police which runs the CPIC national police computer system, Parker obtained private information on three workers at Everywoman's Health Centre in Vancouver. An earlier report in the VANCOUVER SUN, stated that sensitive information on eight clinic workers had been obtained. There was no immediate explanation for the discrepancy. Clinic workers using freedom of information requests, learned that their home addresses and numbers, were obtained by Constable Parker from insurance records stored in the police computer system. Despite the fact that these requests were filed in November, according to published reports the clinic workers only learned ten days ago that sensitive personal information had been passed to anti-abortion operatives. Gordon Watson, an anti-abortion extremist, testified in court last September that he routinely gathered license plate numbers at Vancouver clinics. Information obtained by Watson and other anti-abortion cadres have routinely been used for "No Place to Hide" harassment campaigns against clinic workers, patients and abortion providers. In Vancouver, physicians have been the routine target of pickets organized by Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) activists. Last September, workers at Everywoman's Health Centre complained to police that anti-abortion operatives were taking license plate numbers at the clinic. Clinic staff, patients and their families have been contacted by anti-abortion activists and picketing campaigns have been organized at the homes of abortion providers. Such activities are particularly unnerving to clinic workers. On November 8, 1994, Dr. Garson Romalis, a Vancouver gynecologist and abortion provider was shot and seriously wounded in his home as he sat eating breakfast. Dr. Romalis required more than eight hours of surgery to save his life after his femur and femoral artery were shattered by an assassin's bullet. The gunman is still at large. While "mainstream" abortion opponents such as Ted Gerk of B.C. Pro-Life and John Hof of Campaign Life Coalition, quickly issued press statements that sought to distance their respective organizations from the attack, other voices in the "pro-life" community offered a different perspective. Gordon Watson and Christine Hendrix, regular picketers and harassers of women and abortion providers, dissented from the damage control mission of "mainstream" organizations such as CLC. "That bullet brought the message home to Dr. Romalis more than anything else would have," Watson said. Watson's remarks were printed in the January 1995 issue of the anti-abortion journal, LIFE ADVOCATE. Mr. Hof would be well-advised to consider statements reported by the VANCOUVER SUN in the October 7, 1991 edition of the paper. Hof stated publicly that if the Provincial government funded free-standing abortion clinics "There's going to be blood in the streets." While there is no evidence linking Mr. Hof's CLC to the attempted assassination of Dr. Romalis, a similar rhetoric linking abortion to "murder" seeks to demonize opponents. Like many "rescue" groups in the United States, the CLC is armed with a far-right political agenda that extends far beyond the issue of abortion. According to a report published by Everywoman's Health Centre in Vancouver, the Canadian Life Coalition: Opposes "the human pesticide," RU-486 and has organized a boycott of Hoechst, its manufacturer; opposes funding for Planned Parenthood; condom distribution in schools; any form of contraception; abortion under all circumstances -- "and there are no exceptions: not rape, not incest, not physical handicaps, not even the life of the mother." The CLC is opposed to daycare and government funding for public health nurses. Their position on queer rights is equally instructive: "to have become a homosexual is to have acquired a moral disorder. To indulge in homosexual activity is to pervert human sexuality." They are opposed to euthanasia under all circumstances and support censorship in the arts. Similar to many other Christian Right extremist groups, the CLC blames violence against women on the "feminist movement." They have publicly stated that "we CAN and should impose our views in a pluralistic society." To achieve their broad political goals CLC calls for confrontation: "let us confront the abortionists everywhere; let us have MORE militancy, not less..." Campaign Life Coalition was the main organizational framework for Operation Rescue in Canada during 1988 and 1989, organizing OR clinic blockades from their Toronto office. In the early 1980's the CLC "sent out a confidential circular to its members on how to steal lists of operating room slates from hospitals to prove they were doing abortions." The group's journal, THE INTERIM, has boasted of their infiltration of pro-choice groups and outlined a strategy of residential picketing and a broad harassment campaign similar to those organized in the United States against abortion providers. (Source: Everywoman's Health Centre, 1994, Vancouver, British Columbia) When the CLC's far-right politics are given covert and overt support by police officers such as Constable Steve Parker, a former Treasurer of the organization, clinic workers, clinic defenders and health care providers have good reason to be extremely alarmed by evidence of such collaboration. A similar breech of police security was uncovered in California in 1992. A former Anaheim police employee, Lisa Lorraine Villarreal, admitted she had used police computers in order to pass information on doctors, clinic workers and patient escorts to members of Operation Rescue of California in Tustin. Villarreal admitted taking information on four people from state driving records stored in the Anaheim PD's computer. Operation Rescue cadres subsequently picketed a number of homes with the information supplied by Villarreal. While "mainstream" feminist organizations such as the National Organization for Women (NOW), the Fund for a Feminist Majority (FFM), and others urge clinic defenders and activists to rely on Janet Reno and the Justice Department, the track record of federal investigatory agencies such as the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) is anything but comforting. [Text deleted for space] The Heritage Front and other neo-Nazi organizations consider a women's right to control her body to be a component of an "international Jewish plot" aimed at "white genocide." In May 1992, Canadian abortion rights pioneer, Dr. Henry Morgentaler's clinic was destroyed by a powerful bomb. No suspect was ever apprehended. Both Dr. Morgentaler and Dr. Romalis are prominent leaders of Canada's Jewish community. Bristow had been involved in sneaking Tom Metzger, organizer of the violent White Aryan Resistance (WAR) gang illegally across the border into Canada. Metzger has spoken at Heritage Front rallies on many occasions, even though he banned from entering Canada. Metzger boasted that Bristow "had passed him enough money to make the Canadian taxpayers angry" and that the CSIS/Heritage Front leader "gave him a list of prominent Jews." [More delitia] BACORR will continue to urge clinic defense activists, partisans of women's liberation, trade unionists, leftists, health care providers and clinic workers to rely only on the power of independent mass mobilization and direct action to keep our clinics open. While we agree that health care providers, clinic workers and patients have a right to practice medicine or obtain reproductive health care without the threat of being assaulted, gunned-down or blown up, we disagree fundamentally with those who argue that the State has any interest whatsoever in defending women's rights. After 6 murders, 15 people wounded, hundreds of assaults, close to 150 clinic bombings, more than 600 incidents of clinic vandalism, death threats, concerted campaigns of harassment and psychological terror, are we to seriously believe that the State has suddenly undergone a dramatic sea-change and now takes the far-rights' on-going campaign of violence seriously? Has our movement sunk so low that we are now urged to believe that those who incinerated 86 human beings in Waco, Texas in 1993 are our "protectors"? Hardly. In light of the murderous strategy pursued by the anti- abortion movement, we strongly insist that it is a fundamental right of those under attack to defend themselves by ALL appropriate means available. Those who argue otherwise are crafting a suicidal political strategy; one which has more than a small hint of "Weimar" about it. [Delita] ***************************************************************** BACORR: DEFENDING CLINICS, EXPOSING TERRORISM -- BECAUSE NO ONE'S GONNA DO IT FOR US! ***************************************************************** -+- MPost/2 v1.1 + Origin: Socialism OnLine! * Home of ANEWS * Venceremos! * (1:325/805) =============================================================================


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