By: David Rice To: John Gerhart Re: wisdom On 01-10-95 John Gerhart wrote to All. JG+gt; I

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By: David Rice To: John Gerhart Re: wisdom On 01-10-95 John Gerhart wrote to All... JG> Inside me is this persistent longing to reach out to JG> Someone[sic]; this desire to know if God[sic] has JG> anything to do with me, this need to know if the JG> Bible has any power to offer me. Neutoric needs can be addressed and dealt with. The question is, are you willing to? JG> Now lets keep the comment to an intelligent level, no JG> calling people names and realizing that you(people who are JG> not Christian) are my strength, you make me appreicate my JG> faith. Peace in God[sic] Your need to reach out to a god is well-understood. It is simple primate behavior. Just as the alpha male baboon deals with the threats to the clan, and punishes deviant social behavior within the clan, so, too, the god you created. Your need for this human alpha male you call god is the same neurotic need many humans have: the desire to give up their responsibilities and have some other person (i.e. baboon, to extend the analogy) take care of your worries for you. Also, your need for a god probably stems from your ignorance of how the universe operates, which of course generates fear. Fear of the unknown, of what tomorrow will bring, and what death is like. . . these reasons and a great many more fears are why you made a god and feel the need to reach out to it. If you wish to explore some of these, please ask me to address some specifics. ___ * OFFLINE 1.58 * "Arguing with fundies is like playing bridge with monkeys. They think they've won if the eat the cards." -- Bob Pease --- Maximus/2 2.02 * Origin: Socialism OnLine! * Poverty skyrocketing? Tax the rich! (1:325/805) SEEN-BY: 10/1650 13/13 54/54 102/2 138 435 524 752 835 850 851 890 943 115/2 SEEN-BY: 150/1 153/920 170/400 206/2708 209/720 770 270/101 102 103 213 SEEN-BY: 280/1 282/1 283/657 309/2 345/31 355/2 396/1 640/75 730/2 2605/606 SEEN-BY: 2613/5 3615/50 3619/25 @PATH: 325/805 3615/50 396/1 270/101 209/720 102/2 851


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