By: David Rice Re: More on Ark Hoaxes, 1 of 2 This is some info re the Noah's Ark TV progr

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By: David Rice Re: More on Ark Hoaxes, 1 of 2 ---------------------------------------------------------------- From: (Mark A. McConaughy) This is some info re the Noah's Ark TV program that was trying to pass itself off as scientific proof of its existence. It was a load of rubbish. Fernand Navarra and son claimed to recover pieces of the Ark on a trip to Ararat in the 1950's. They say experts dated the wood to 5000 years ago. What they didn't tell you was that the "scientists" who "dated" the wood to 5000 years ago were from the Institute for Creation Science. They used NO scientific method to "date" the wood, but based its age on what the wood SHOULD date to if it was from Noah's Ark. Highly circular reasoning!!! In actuality, samples of the wood Navarra collected were submited for radiocarbon dating. These dates are listed below. Additionally, there is a question as to the origin of Navarra's wood samples. He claims they are from Ararat. However, there is testimony that he was seen searching shops in Turkey looking for old pieces of wood. Most consider him and his evidence a complete fraud. The following are some radiocarbon dates run on wood specimens recovered at over 4,200 m elevation on Mount Ararat, alledgedly from the ark. [A wooden Buddhist monastary was located here in 600-800 BCE.] The first item listed is the radiocarbon lab number followed by the assayed date in years before present (calculated from 1950 baseline), the uncorrected date in BCE/CE, and a MASCA (to take into account variations in atmospheric 14C) corrected date. There are others, but I haven't been able to find my other list of dates. All postdate CE 1, though -- somewhat late to have been from the presumed ark! NPL-61 1190 +/- 90 years CE 760 CE 770-790. UCR-553 1210 +/- 90 years CE 740 CE 730-760 UCLA-1607 1230 +/- 60 years CE 720 CE 730 P-1620 1320 +/- 50 years CE 630 CE 640 GX-1667 1350 +/- 95 years CE 600 CE 620-640 GX-1668 1690 +/- 120 years CE 260 CE 270 The story about the Russian photographs of the Ark also is a joke. They state someone talked to Anastasia, the last surviving member of Tsar Nicholas' family. She told them she has seen photos of the Ark taken by the Russian aviator. Unfortunately, the body of Anastasia was recently identified in Russia. She died when her father died. Whoever they talked to after WWI wasn't Anastasia. I'm running out of space. So I will close by saying that all those fuzzy photos and pixels of the Ark, certainly showed shadows. I saw no ark except for the wonderfully superimposed drawings made on the photos. Their interpretation is highly imaginative! Here is some information on an expedition led by Marvin Steffins of International Expeditions in 1984 to find Noah's Ark. As Steffins was leaving Turkey at the end of the expedition, he was stopped by Turkish customs. The customs officials took from Steffins what he claimed was wood from the Ark. These samples were in eight bags weighing 8.6 pounds. Steffins claimed the samples came from the site of a boat-shaped formation at the 5200 foot level of Mount Ararat. Turkish officials stopped him because it is illegal to take archaeological specimens from Turkey without permission. The Turkish officials then sent the samples to some scientists in Turkey for analysis. The conclusion was that the samples were not wood. Turkish officials stated: "The samples are only rocks and soil, not wood. And it is understood that they don't need any protection, because they are not ancient pieces [of wood]." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mark A. McConaughy Section of Archaeology The State Museum of Pennsylvania m.mcconaughy on GEnie Box 1026 mmcconaugh on NVN Harrisburg, PA 17109 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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