By: Christopher Baker To: Ray Rozowski RR+gt; Can anyone recommend any good books which de

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By: Christopher Baker To: Ray Rozowski RR> Can anyone recommend any good books which deal with the atheist RR> perspective? I thought someone had mentioned one by Madalyn O'Hair, RR> but I didn't write it down. Thanks in advance. :) here's a standard list: Subj: Suggested reading list for A_Theists _________________________________________________________________ here are some titles you may find illuminating and interesting enough to get you researching on your own. "The X-RATED Bible" by Ben Edward Akerley, American Atheist Press - Austin, Texas, 1985, ISBN: 0-910309-19-1. "Robertson: The Pulpit and the Power" by Arthur Frederick Ide, American Atheist Press, 1988, ISBN: 0-910309-46-9. "History's Greatest Liars", by Joseph McCabe, Haldeman-Julius Publications - Girard, Kansas, 1954, republished by American Atheist Press, 1985, ISBN: 0-911826-81-5. "Essays in Freethinking, Vols. 1 & 2", by Chapman Cohen, The Pioneer Press -London, 1923, republished by American Atheist Press, 1980, ISBN: 0-910309-32-9. "Unzipped: The popes bare all - A Frank Study of Sex & Corruption in the Vatican", by Arthur Frederick Ide, American Atheist Press, 1987, ISBN: 0-910309-43-4. "Essays on American Atheism, Vols. I & II", by Jon G. Murray, American Atheist Press, 1986, ISBN: 0-910309-28-0. "Ingersoll the Magnificent", by Joseph Lewis, American Atheist Press, 1983, ISBN: 0-910309-12-4. "Christianity Before Christ", by John G. Jackson, University Books - New Hyde Park, New York, 1970, republished by American Atheist Press, 1985, ISBN: 0-910309-20-5. "The Evolution of The Idea of God", by Grant Allen, Watts & Co. - London, 1931. "Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Religions", by Thomas William Doane, University Books, 1970. "A History of The Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom - Vols. 1 & 2", by Andrew Dickson White, Appleton and Co., New York, 1896. "Religion as a Bar to Progress - A Summary of Andrew Dickson White", by Charles T. Gorham, American Atheist Press, 1982, ISBN: 0-911826-55-9. "The Story of Religious Controversy", by Joseph McCabe, The Stratford Co. - Boston, Massachusetts, 1929. "The Case Against Religion: A Psychotherapist's View", by Albert Ellis Ph.D., American Atheist Press, 1985, ISBN: 0-910309-18-3. "Folklore in the Old Testament", by Sir James George Frazer, University Books, 1975. "The Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man - 2d ed.", by Albert Churchward, George Allen & Co. - London, 1913. "Why I Left the Roman Catholic Church", by Charles Davis, American Atheist Press, 1976, ISBN: 0-910309-25-6. "Our Pagan Christmas", by R. J. Condon, National Secular Society - London, 1974, reprinted American Atheist Press, 1982, ISBN: 0-910309-60-4. "Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth", by John G. Jackson, 1941, republished American Atheist Press, 1988, ISBN: 0-910309-53-1. "Selected Lectures", by Robert G. Ingersoll, Willey Book Co. - New York, 1938. "What Great Infidels Have Done to Advance Civilization", by Robert G. Ingersoll, American Atheist Press, 1982, ISBN: 0-910309-08-6. "Herbert W. Armstrong And His Worldwide Church of God: An exposure and an indictment", by John Bowden, American Atheist Press, 1982, ISBN: 0-910309-31-0. "All the Questions You Ever Wanted to Ask American Atheists - With All the Answers - Second Edition", by Jon G. Murray and Madalyn O'Hair, American Atheist Press, 1986, ISBN: 0-910309-24-8. American Atheists, Inc., established and maintain the Charles E. Stevens American Atheist Library and Archives in Austin, Texas. The library contains over 40,000 books and over 200,000 newspapers, pamphlets, and flyers from as far back as 1612. It is the largest collection of Atheist material in the Western world and is operated as a research facility under a perpetual foundation. the American Atheist Press is a natural off-shoot of this activity as it strives to reproduce and circulate Atheist writings for everyone to read and ponder over. if you would like a copy of their current catalog, write to: American Atheist Press P. O. Box 140195 Austin, TX 78714-0195. tell them you heard about them on the A_THEIST Echo in FidoNet! [grin] the Library of Congress now has an official classification for Atheism in its subject index files for the first time in history, thanks to American Atheists, Inc. your public library is required to accept atheist material by Federal court precedent. if they don't have any, find out why and see to it they include such material in future. don't let the theists have the last word in your library. several new listings look promising: The New Skepticism - Inquiry and Reliable Knowledge, Paul Kurtz, ISBN 87975-766 3; Distinguishes 3 kinds of skepticism, argues there are objective standards for judging truth claims in science and ethics. Applies 'new skepticism' to reincarnation, faith healing and religious questions. The Necessity of Atheism and Other Essays, Percy Bysshe Shelly, ISBN 0-87975-774-4; Includes title essay plus "A Logical Objection to Christianity" and "A Refutation of Deism". The Mythmaker's Magic - Behind the Illusion of Creation Science, Delos McKown, ISBN 0-87975-770-1; Collections of essays examines every facet of the creationism/ evolution controversy. Deadly Doctrine - Health, Illness, and Christain God-Talk, Wendell W. Watters M.D., ISBN 0-87975-782-5; "Caution--Christianity may be hazardous to your health!" This psychiatrist argues many aspects of Christain doctrine damage lives by encouraging dependency, self-effacement, denial, ignorance, intolerance, and alienation. Asserts the addictive power of Christian beliefs leads to anti-social behavior among other problems. Visions of Reality - What Fundamentalist Schools Teach, Albert J. Menendez, ISBN 0-87975-802-3; Shocking expose' of the curriculae of fundamentalist schools. not new but worth repeating: Church Schools and Public Money - The Politics of Parochiaid, Edd Doerr and Albert J. Menendez, ISBN 0-87975-708-6; Searing indictment of the use of federal and state tax dollars to support sectarian education. Concentrates on the last five decades where one billion dollars a year of tax-payer money goes to direct church school support despite voter's rejection of parochiaid and in spite of the U.S. Constitution. Prometheus Books, 1-800-421-0351, 24 hours; FAX: 716-691-0137; 59 John Glenn Dr, Buffalo, NY, 14228-9827. Mythology's Last Gods - Yahweh and Jesus, William R. Harwood, ISBN 0-87975-742-6; Critically analyzes every section of the Judeo-Christian bible. Harwood concludes every teaching attributed to Jesus can be traced to a pre-Christian source. Maybe Right, Maybe Wrong - A Guide for Young Thinkers, Dan Barker, ISBN 0-87975-731-0; Affirms child's ability to think without dogma, using tools for critical thought without holy words. Companion volume to Barker's "Maybe Yes, Maybe No - A Guide for Young Skeptics", ISBN 0-87975-607-1.


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