By: David Rice Re: A Robertson Wet Dream ISTANBUL, Turkey (ITN) Unidentified gunmen raided

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By: David Rice Re: A Robertson Wet Dream ISTANBUL, Turkey (ITN) * Unidentified gunmen raided four coffeehouses and a pastry shop, killing at least one person and wounding 25 others Sunday in apparent attacks against an Islamic group, Turkish television reported. The attacks occurred in the Gaziosmanpasa district, a low-income neighborhood inhabited mostly by Alawites, members of a Muslim sect that supports Turkey's secular government. Two Islamic fundamentalist terrorist groups -- the Great Eastern Islamic Raiders Front and the Turkish Revenge Brigade -- claimed responsibility in telephone calls to a local daily newspaper. Automatic weapons-fire sprayed the coffeehouses at their peak time, when patrons were watching televised soccer matches. The gunmen also killed the driver of a cab they used to escape from the scene, the television report said. Afterwards, Gaziosmanpasa residents wielding sticks and stones surrounded a police station and barred security forces from entering the neighborhood. They blamed police for not reaching Gaziosmanpasa for more than an hour after the attack. Thousands of Alawites from elsewhere in this city of 12 million headed for the neighborhood, too. Protesters clashed with police, who fired into the air to disperse the crowd. Two demonstrators and two policemen were reported injured. Alawites have been at odds with the city's mayor since a Muslim fundamentalist party won local elections last March. The mayor has attempted to close down the Alawites' mosques. Alawites are believed to comprise a third of Turkey's 60 million population. ========================================================= Sounds like a "Pat" Robertson wet dream.


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