By: Fredric Rice Re: Fuck the ACLU What _is_ it with the fucking ACLU anyway?! Here we've

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By: Fredric Rice Re: Fuck the ACLU What _is_ it with the fucking ACLU anyway?! Here we've got a guy whos name is something like "Tod Jammerson" who has been convicted of 14 crimes in the past 22 years, 4 of them for violent rape, and he's schedule to be released in two days -- after serving 16 months for his last rape -- of a 15 year old girl who's vagina he licked, who's anus he violated with some unknown "foreign object," and who he repeatedly engaged in brutal cotitus with. The "three strikes you're out" law doesn't apply to this animal because his last crime was committed two years ago before it came into effect so, after two fucking lunatic psychologists pronounced this animal "cured," he gets to walk. The prison correction facility ___ADMITTED___ that the animal was not treated for any problems nor attended therapy and yet their psychologists claim he's cured. Cured yet again, that is, since he's been in and out of prison so many times. I wish someone with a strong vested interest -- the parent of one of his victims, for instance -- would "re-educate" this guy the day he gets out. I surely wouldn't shed a tear for the fucking ACLU lawyers who kick and scream about how this animal has rights if some of them got "corrected" by society. Someone with a strong vested interest in keeping the animal locked up would doubtless never get a jury to convict him or her for taking out the garbage and protecting the citizens -- something every damn judge wants to do but is hamstrung by faulty laws and the ACL fucking U which abuses them. I've never met a judge or police officer who wanted to let animals back out on the street and I can just imagine how the judges who put this animal away must feel to learn he's getting out yet again. I SAY HE HAS THE IMMEDIATE RIGHT TO BE SLIT FROM CROTCH TO CHIN! And the fucking lawyers who think they're doing society a favor by getting these animals released to rape again certainly would benefit from a round through the head to help clear their thinking. That's it. That's the final straw. I'm through sending my donations to the ACLU to fight the Radical Religious Reich. My disposable cash is going to the NOW or to a Los Angeles rape center. I'll take my chances with the Marion Robertsons fascist agenda against a ___CRIMINAL___ organization like the ACLU.


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