By: Judith Bandsma To: Jesse Jones Re: CHRISTMAS JJ Good for you! I wish all heathens woul

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By: Judith Bandsma To: Jesse Jones Re: CHRISTMAS JJ> Good for you! I wish all heathens would do the same, and leave JJ> our Holy Day alone! 'Scuse me? Seems to me that YOUR 'holy' day was co-opted at the point of a sword, the end of a rope and the top of a burning stake from pagans who weren't hurting anybody...just worshiping in their own way. And YOU KNOW THAT, Jesse. You've even agreed with it at times. So what in the hell has got your snit factor in high gear right now? When you look at don't HAVE a holy day, not a one, that hasn't been borrowed or stolen from either pagan or Jewish culture. You haven't the first idea of WHEN Jesus was supposed to have been born, only a 10 year time span in which it is most LIKELY that it happened...let alone an exact month and day. Easter is co-opted from the passover (and Friday afternoon to Sunday morning is NOT 3 days, no matter how you try to stretch it) Face it, Jesse, it was just easier to set christmas at a time when the rest of the world was celebrating anyway. The Jews with Hannukah, the pagans with Saturnalia and Yule. The christians were just feeling left out and decided to plop one of their revered days in the same time span. You're acting like a spoiled little kid who wants to wreck the game because everybody won't play by HIS rules. Get off of it. ... Its hard to be graceful getting off your high horse.


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