The #holysmoke channel on Internet's Undernet servers is much like what we see here on Hol

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The #holysmoke channel on Internet's Undernet servers is much like what we see here on HolySmoke yet real time. The claims that fundies make and the arguments they use to try to defend them are exactly the same as we see here. Here we follow a "Pagan priest" calling himself "praytor" who claims there's evidence for a "global flood." Notice the "English Major-like" background claim to start off the, um, debate. I'm "Thomas" as in "doubting Thomas." Here we have evidence that ignorance of geology and "global flood" beliefs isn't entirely a Christanic superstition: -=- Thomas: My back ground is years as a geologist/Theol ogian/historian what do you want here on this channel a lesson? Thomas: exactly what more do you desire? You said you wanted proof of the global flood. I told you wher to find it. Now be a good little it and go read > pray: You claimed you had extensive geological knowledge. Prove it. Give me the name of a geological formation and its location which supports your ignorance. DO IT NOW! Thomas: never admitted nor was I asked if I was a Christian, I'm not I'm a pagan priest. I just believe in the global flood and that it did happen. [...cuts... I elected to try another port and then sneak back.] > pray: Star Goat will get you for lying to his chosen. Thomas: Oh Great and mighty know it all just what religion are you? > pray: I'm in a religion which doesn't lie about its acedemic achievements to try to lie his way out of an undefendable belief. Thomas: to embarressed to name your religion or did I guess it > pray: Didn't you LISTEN you ignorant fool?! The Restored Church of the Star Goat is the ONLY TRUE religion which originally was planetd on Earth and govomership was handed to His Chosen -- StarGoat is one of them. > pray: Well? I'm still waiting. Where's this evidence for a "global flood" you lied about? Thomas: Star Goat is another name for Satan and to worship satan one must worship christ. Nes Pa [Certainly sounds like a Christian fundy, huh?] > pray: You're truely ignorant, fool. "Satan" is a Christian god. Star Goat is the CREATOR God who made you. Your blasphemy is to try to make Him a Christian God. That's evil. > pray: WHERE DID THE WATER COME FROM YOU LIAR? Thomas: Dont really know where does the wind come from. Where does the Earth come from? Where does life come from? My what questions. > pray: Where does the wind come from?! AMAZING!!! Well, geological acedemic, DO YOU KNOW WHAT UNEVEN HEATING OF THE EARTH'S SURFACE DOES? > pray: Well? Answer up, fool! Just because YOU are ignorant of something doesn't mean everyone else had better be. We KNOW where wind comes from. We know about the formation of the Earth. We have good ideas about the formation and evolution of life. Thomas: what wrong so flusterd you dont recognize tongue in cheek answers. I alwasys give those type of answeres to children > pray: Oh, now your lies are "toung in cheek answers." Lovely. [Kind of like Michael Hardy's "just kidding" defense.] }:-} > pray: You're a liar. Name these gological formations and give their locations, liar. Thomas: The Trinity Basin, The Edwards Plateu, The Contenital Divide to mane some. Recenly in the Ozarks a sharks entire body was found in granite. > pray: Provide evidence for a global flood, fool, not evidence of plate tectonic and continental uplift! Thomas: Try drilling an oil well some time and you will learn a buch [Interesting. I wonder if Marty's a Creationist now.] Thomas: you are the dictionalries dicription of ignorance. Look here according to Roget Ignore'ance: see Thomas on #Holysmokes [Getting close... the personal attacks are starting. He's gonna pop.] > pray: You claimed there is evidence for a global flood. You presented evidence for plate tectonics and continental uplift. I'm still waiting for your evidence you claimed to have. > pray: Come on, let's go. You made the claim, you provide the evidence. Let's go. RevDave: ME try Thomas he's the one that refuses to take a walk to see the evidence of sharks teeth and fish bones in the earth that do not come from earth upheavls > pray: That's proof of plate tectonics and contimental uplift. Ever hear of those you "geologist?" > pray: Well? Ever hear of those in your geology classes? Thomas: ever walked out side and seen the bones in the earth. Oh I'm sorry your face is stuck in a puter and your afraid to go outside > pray: That's called fossilization, silly. I'm still waiting for your evidence for a "global flood."


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