By: David Dahl Re: Steve Winter on the Net Hello! I was browsing some newsgroups when I ra

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By: David Dahl Re: Steve Winter on the Net Hello! I was browsing some newsgroups when I ran across a message from Steve Winter. And to think I thought only FidoNet and Prime were blessed by His holy presence. Anyhow, here's his message for your amusement, enjoy: --------------------------------[ CUT HERE ]-------------------------------- From: (Steve Winter) Newsgroups:,,alt.hacker,alt.hackers.malicious, alt.hackintosh Followup-To: alt.christnet Subject: Re: Steve Winter's Home Page Date: Sun, 07 Jan 1996 22:16:08 GMT Organization: Netcom Message-ID: <4d2883$> mbasset@pcnet.con (Mark W. Bassett) spake thusly and wrote: >Winter is an example of a person who professes a doctrine which is >true, but through his words it is evident that the power of the gospel >has not taken hold of his life. This is a danger which everyone ought >to be personally careful of. Scum. You are a dirt whore hypocrite!! You are a stench and an embarrassment to your organization. You are a filthy liar sinking deeper and deeper into the delusions of your own mind. Your ramblings bring reproach upon the truth. You are a reprobate whore. God doesn't need whores and infidels or double married preachers. Are you still just angry because I told on you regarding our discussions when you talked about considering murdering your first wife? You are a fruitcake, Bassett. You know how to manipulate and play games, but your folly won't last. Rev. Steve Winter -- _____________________________________________________________________ |The information authored by me should be considered on the basis of| |its factual content rather than initial impression. For additional| |-={ PreRapture BBS 919-286-2100 33600bps / Telnet to PRIME.ORG }=-| | Home of the PRIME Christian Network | | Alternate: telnet to or | |___________________________________________________________________|


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