Subject: I do not believe establishment story on AIDS origin Date: 27 Apr 90 10:25:09 GMT

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Path: cica!!!usc!!uunet!pdn!!winters From: (John Winters) Newsgroups: sci.skeptic Subject: I do not believe establishment story on AIDS origin Message-ID: <> Date: 27 Apr 90 10:25:09 GMT Sender: Reply-To: (John Winters) Organization: AT&T Paradyne, Largo, Florida Lines: 290 Here is why. Check the following references and it will become obvious that AIDS is a combination of two animal viruses. The next posting has more discussion. This one serves as the bibliography. The following is published with permission. Permission is granted to republish as required to educate the public and warn them. This may be verifyed at the phone numbers that follow. The following annotated bibliography was written by Dr. Robert B. Strecker. For more information, please contact: THE STRECKER GROUP 1216 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90017 (213) 977-1210, (213) 977-0901 Outside California: (800)548-3198 GENERAL Greenberg DS Whatever Happened to the War on Cancer? Discover 1986; March:47 Leibowitch, J. 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(Demonstrates the morphology of BVV as being identical to AIDS) Georgiades J A Billiau A and Vanderschueren Infection of Human Cell Cultures with Bovine Visna Virus J. Genn. Virology 38:375-381,1978. (Demonstrates the growth of BVV in human malignant tissue, and suggests that BVV may be a cause of either a malignant or slow virus disease in man) McClure H M Keeling M E Custer R P et al. Erythroleukemia in Two Infant chimps fed milk from cows Naturally Infected with the Bovine C-Type Virus Cancer Research 34:2745-2757,1974. (Demonstrates the development of AIDS in two chimps fed cow virus orally in 1974. The Chimps Died of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia. Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia had not been reported in chimpanzees up to this time) Note: See article above by Van Der Maaten and Miller on the transmission bovine leukemia virus to chimpanzees in 1976 Mulder C Human AIDS Virus Not From Monkeys Nature 333:396,1988. Penny D Origin of the AIDS virus. Nature 333:494-495,1988. 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(This paper establishes beyond any reasonable doubt the relationship between the intentional production of viruses capable of immunodepression and the "REQUEST" for the production of the AIDS virus in Bull. WHO 47:257-263,1972. See references and the Bonnard, Manders, and Campbell paper above under PRODUCTION.)


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