(234) Tue 20 Feb 96 10:38 By: Shelby Sherman To: Kenneth Mcabee Re: Hello! St: @EID:87fc 2

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(234) Tue 20 Feb 96 10:38 By: Shelby Sherman To: Kenneth Mcabee Re: Hello! St: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @EID:87fc 205454c0 @MSGID: 1:123/67 3129a6e7 @REPLY: 1:271/460 3128d063 @PID: GED3 2.5.b6 124LM3 19 Feb 96 14:20, quoting Kenneth Mcabee to Elliott Finesse: KM> That's one of the points I've been trying to make. I might not be KM> able to prove to you that God exist (because you don't except the KM> Bible as evidence) Why should he? Real evidence points to a conclusion, regardless of the attitudes or beliefs of those viewing the evidence. The bible is merely a written work that includes the history and the history of the religion of some primitive animal herders in the middle east. Do you consider Bullfinch's Mythology to be evidence of the existence of Zeus? KM> but it cannot be proven to me that he does not KM> exist. If it cannot be proven to me that he does not exist, [Egad, not this again] KM> I have no KM> reason to stop believing in him, You have no reason to stop believing in the Easter Bunny either, do you? KM> and yes, I understand that you, KM> without evidence, have no reason to start believing in him. I also KM> believe that unless you believe the Bible, that you cannot believe at KM> all, because belief in God starts with the scriptures. This is circular reasoning. Why don't you believe in The Cosmic Star Goat? The Cosmic Star Goat (The one and only True God) sent his son, Billy, to die on the Wholly B-B-Q Pit for our sins. If you do not BELIEVE in Billy, you will be eaten on Judgment Day by The Cosmic Star Goat, to stew in the Wholly Bile for all of eternity. You can avoid this eternity of punishment by being bathed in the Wholly Piss of The Cosmic Star Goat and having all of your SINS washed away. This Cosmic TRUTH is based on faith which is my EVIDENCE of the existence of the Cosmic Star Goat and his son, Billy. This FAITH is EVIDENCE for me but not for you, since you must first BELIEVE in The Cosmic Star Goat for the EVIDENCE to be revealed to you. Since you cannot PROVE that The Cosmic Star Goat does not exist, you must consider the possibility that she does exist, and therefore The Cosmic Star Goat does exist for all who will BELIEVE in hir. BELIEF does impact EXISTENCE and all you have to do is to BELIEVE in The Cosmic Star Goat and she will exist. Does this sound familar? KM> Once you start KM> believing the scriptures, then you might find other evidence as well, The defense rests. --- GodEdit 0.00 * Origin: Sheets Inc. ~Washed...starched...folded~ (1:123/67) SEEN-BY: 13/13 102/735 890 103/2 104/821 105/103 330 107/411 941 123/1 SEEN-BY: 123/43 67 305 434 129/11 133/707 138/146 147/76 150/1 153/800 SEEN-BY: 153/920 157/586 167/92 1103 200/204 202/1207 203/15 206/2711 SEEN-BY: 218/801 809 907 234/100 300 235/203 245/6910 251/12 260/10 801 SEEN-BY: 261/1137 270/101 102 103 104 272/82 280/1 282/1 283/121 292/876 SEEN-BY: 311/111 320/119 340/20 345/12 348/105 355/2 362/37 369/110 372/200 SEEN-BY: 379/10 380/25 387/31 396/1 406/100 600/253 760/600 2002/2002 SEEN-BY: 2240/125 2430/1423 2433/225 2490/3001 2605/606 2613/5 2622/0 SEEN-BY: 2624/306 2806/1 3401/308 3412/1114 3550/500 3611/18 3612/240 SEEN-BY: 3615/7 3619/25 3637/1 3653/777 3805/3 7107/9 @PATH: 123/67 1 270/101 218/801


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