FSC-0081.ZIP A type-3 packet proposal, Mikael Staldal FSC-0080.ZIP Describing FidoNet with

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FSC-0081.ZIP A type-3 packet proposal, Mikael Staldal FSC-0080.ZIP Describing FidoNet with a layered model, Mikael Staldal ELFAQ512.ZIP Elist Frequently Asked Questions (01 Dec 95) ELMOD512.ZIP Elist Users Guide (01 Dec 95) ELRUL512.ZIP Elist Echo Rules (01 Dec 95) ANETLIST.Z56 AlterNet nodelist - 22-Dec-95 BACKBONE.NA List of active echos, FidoNet Zone One Backbone BACKBONE.NO List of temporary echos, FidoNet Zone One Backbone BACKSTAT.NA Change Status, FidoNet Zone One Backbone FIDONET.NA List of active echos, FidoNet Zone One Backbone FIDONET.NO List of temporary echos, FidoNet Zone One Backbone FILEBONE.NO List of FDNs not on the Filebone FILEBONE.NA List of FDNs on the Filebone Z1-LIST.Z63 Zone 1 ONLY FidoNet Nodelist for 28 Dec 95 [Julian 363]. ANETLIST.Z63 AlterNet nodelist - 29-Dec-95 FSC-0079.Z02 RTF Mail: message formatting in Type-2 message packet - update. FSC-0079.Z02 RTF Mail: message formatting in Type-2 message packet - update .002. FSC-0082.Z01 Proposed new packet type, S Slabihoud FSC-0083.Z01 Proposed standard for message IDS on FTN systems, J de Boyne FSC-0084.Z01 EDX1: Electronic Data Exchange standard level 1, D Bider FSC-0085.Z01 Proposal for "NOZIP" and "ERX" nodelist flags, D Bider FSC-0086.Z01 SRIF: Description of new Standard Requestion Information File, M Mucko FSC-0087.Z01 File forwarding in FidoNet technology networks, R Williamson FSC-0088.Z01 Compatibility & Link Qualifier Extensions for EMSI sessions, R Williamson FSC-0089.Z01 The INTL: netmail addressing control line, R Williamson FSC-0090.Z01 FTSC Product Codes and Application Form, D Nugent FTSCLIST.Z90 Directory of all FTSC files FTSCPROD.Z90 FTSC Product Codes (see also FSC-0090) FIDONET.NA List of active echos, FidoNet Zone One Backbone BACKBONE.NO List of temporary echos, FidoNet Zone One Backbone FIDONET.NO List of temporary echos, FidoNet Zone One Backbone FIDOSTAT.NA Change Status, FidoNet Zone One Backbone ELFAQ601.ZIP Elist Frequently Asked Questions (01 Dec 95) ELMOD601.ZIP Elist Users Guide (01 Dec 95) Z1-LIST.Z05 Zone 1 ONLY FidoNet Nodelist for 5 Jan 96 [Julian 005]. BACKBONE.NA List of active echos, FidoNet Zone One Backbone BACKBONE.NO List of temporary echos, FidoNet Zone One Backbone BACKSTAT.NA Change Status, FidoNet Zone One Backbone ELRUL601.ZIP ELFAQ601.ZIP ELMOD601.ZIP ELIST601.ZIP FILEBONE.NO List of FDNs not on the Filebone FILEBONE.NA List of FDNs on the Filebone Z1-LIST.Z12 Zone 1 ONLY FidoNet Nodelist for 12 Jan 96 [Julian 012]. These are files received via the FidoNet Software Distribution System [SDS] They are continually updated and automatically placed in this File Area for your perusal and download. This list contains those files sent under the heading of SDSOPUS which includes all new Opus releases and utilities. Latest Incoming SDS Files TOP10_04.ZIP Top 10 Files DL Lister (v0.04) for OPUS 1.7x. FLU100.ZIP File List Updater for Opus 1.7x NICE!. KLST012.ZIP FileList & NewsList maker for Opus 1.7x. OPLKIT13.ZIP Opus Language Kit Usl-Asccii conversion for all Opus systems. E2A102.ZIP Creates Areas.Bbs from SysMsg.Dat and something for ME2 too! OCHAT170.ZIP The Ultimate Opus 1.7+ Chatter. OEXE173.ZIP Latest OPUS CBCS release. OMAKE173.ZIP Latest OPUS CBCS builder. BIRTHDAY.ZIP Send birthday wishes to users for Opus 1.7x. SFA.ZIP Sets the Privilege of Files for a given Area in FILESBBS.DAT. SETUSER.ZIP Sets the User NetMail Accounts by priv to Opus User (USER.DAT). OPUS17GE.ZIP German language files for Opus 1.7+. TATLTALE.ZIP Log commentator for Opus. TDCL_150.ZIP Today's Callers v1.50 (TimeZone bug fixed). ORTUU110.ZIP OPUS Real Time User Updater v1.10 for OPUS 1.7x ONLY. OPUSTP30.ZIP Opus CBCS 1.1x + Top Users Bulletin Generator. TSYSOP.ZIP TPOINT V1.06 point system -- Sysop files (Opus/Max). OFREE11.ZIP Opus Online Diskspace Monitor. OPDSZ20B.ZIP Opus 1.7x DSZ/GSZ Interface (v2.0b). OHSLK20B.ZIP Opus 1.7x HSLink Interface (v2.0b). OBANK200.ZIP Time banking utility for Opus 1.7+ from Zone 3. PHON3032.ZIP Latest multiline chat BETA for use with Opus 1.7+. WINK_101.ZIP QWK as a Wink - QWK door for Opus. Bug fixes. OUFP109.ZIP Latest Opus User File Purger fixes space problem. DRMO-140.ZIP Latest Pioneer CD-ROM interface for Opus 1.7+ from S. Africa. OFFF17D.ZIP Wide beta release of opus fast file finder. WHOS101.ZIP Latest Who's On? for multiline Opus 1.7+ operations. OFU104.ZIP Opus Filename Updater v1.04 for Opus v1.7+ (includes OS/2 version) OCDFAM1.ZIP Opus CDROM File Area Manager for Opus 1.7+ direct from author. OWALNUT.ZIP Revised 2OPUS.EXE creates pathed FILES.BBS for WalnutCreek CDROM in Opus 1.7+. UNCONX74.ZIP Opus Files Database UNCONverter makes old-style FILES.BBS for Opus 1.73a. O_QWK11.ZIP QWK mail door for use with Opus 1.7+ from Portugal. Many upgrades. FEATURES.180 Projected feature list for next generation of Opus software. SFUED115.ZIP StormFront User Editor for Opus 1.7+. MSG200.ZIP Message base structure files for utility writers for Opus 2.00. SDSOPUS.001 SDS - SDSOPUS Information File #001. SFUED116.ZIP StormFront User Editor for Opus 1.7+ now multitasker friendly. FLU130.ZIP File List Updater for Opus 1.7+ from Zone 2 w/new features. FLU140.ZIP File List Updater for Opus 1.73+ bug fix from Zone 2. ZFAXOPU1.ZIP Run ZFAX & Opus 1.73 w/Zyxel modem on one line [package of programs]. OFU105.ZIP Opus Filename Updater for Opus 1.7+ direct from author. SFUED117.ZIP StormFront User Editor for Opus 1.7+ direct from author. SDSOPUS.TST SDSOPUS area SDS File Distribution test send. Advise in MEADOW of receipt. O_QWK17.ZIP QWK door for use with Opus 1.7+ direct from Portugal! FLU150.ZIP File List Updater for Opus 1.7+ from Zone 2. MSG200.ZIP New .MSG and other structure source/info for Opus 2.0 [in beta test]. These are files received via the FidoNet Software Distribution System [SDS] They are continually updated and automatically placed in this File Area for your perusal and download. This list contains those files sent under the heading of SOFTDIST which includes all general programs and files not in other catagories. *=*=*=* ACOMMENT.ZIP Add ZIP comments automatically. AMGRFIX2.ZIP Fix for Tosscan's AreaMgr Bug. AUSER210.ZIP AutoUSER v2.10 RA/QBBS USER.BBS Auto-Update Utility. AUTOMAIL.ZIP AUTOmail v1.0, Holds mail till enough to call out. AUTOSN30.ZIP Uncompresses and shells to virus scan v 3.0. CHARSET3.ZIP a CharSet Utility (SourceCode) [see fsc-0054]. DLCFV312.ZIP Track and analyze Downloads. DLCV500.ZIP Download counter for OPUS/MAX style logs. Supports update after each user. DOM100.ZIP Creates an errorlevel equal to day of month. FDND110.ZIP FDND NodeDiff processor v1.10 - major update. FLDIR100.ZIP File Directory - Useful input for other Prgms. FREEDISK.ZIP Sets errorlevel if diskspace becomes low. FRIDAY20.ZIP Update FILES.BBS with Node* and weekly news files. IM2RA_25.ZIP Imail 2 RA/FroDo/QBBS/AreasBBS conv. IMAIL110.EXE Echo/Netmail processor (RA/QBBS style). LK_100.ZIP PointOp/Sysop logfile Watch Util. NETINFO.ZIP Net Sysop List compiler utility by GK Pace. Allows remote collection of Sysop info for creating a master list for Sysop use within a Net or Region. MEXP110.ZIP Export messages to file/prn using configurable criteria. MOB-TRIM.ZIP Log Fat triming utility, will trim multiple logs in one pass. MRLINK.ZIP QBBS-style ReplyLinker (uses ^aMSGID / ^aREPLY). MTS_V705.ZIP Make Them yourSelf- All archiver repacker. OMEGA1-1.ZIP OmegaBBS version 1.01 Part I of III. OMEGA1-2.ZIP OmegaBBS version 1.01 Part II of III. OMEGA1-3.ZIP OmegaBBS version 1.01 Part III of III. PXVIEW-E.ZIP Display PARADOX .db files in BBS environment. QMLOG100.ZIP Reports QM log file stats to file/msg. RACPD200.ZIP RACPD Calls/day & Msgs/day graph maker + more. RAQU_420.ZIP RA/QBBS/SBBS Ratio,Qbrm,Raise,Upcalls, QBBSstat,MAXI in one. RENAMARC.ZIP Make back-up files w/unique .ext. REQUIEM.ZIP Delete files by date - Update FILES.BBS. RFW_V110.ZIP QBBS/RA/SBBS Windowed filelist - major update. SEND_100.ZIP Send Netmail to host of Recipients (w/source). SWIFT025.ZIP "SwiftBBS for points" messaging system. SWITCH21.ZIP Switch ANSI/BBS screens around. SYSINFO.ZIP Shows contents of SYSINFO.BBS (QBBS/RA/SBBS). TANG100.ZIP Update FILES.BBS with descriptions. TIRES300.ZIP On-line database for RBBS/FIDO/OPUS/QBBS/RA. TOWN10.ZIP Announcement Door for RA/X/Q/S/RBBS systems. UMAIL005.ZIP Unpacks Echomail - supports ZIP, ARC, ZOO, PAK, ARJ and LZH. WALL16.ZIP Grafitti Door for RA/Q/S/X/RBBS Systems. XLIST213.ZIP The all avail CoSysop and filelist generator. For Opus/Max/QBBS/RA. X_NEW101.ZIP Show new files online from x_list filelist. For Opus/max. =*=*=* End Alphabetized Update *=*=*= Latest Incoming SDS Files ABOOT200.ZIP AutoBoot 2.00. Now DESQview aware!! ARCHI.ZIP For archiving echomail msg in a human-readable file. ATYPE_11.ZIP View ASC/ANS/ANS MUSIC/AVATAR files from DOS. DIRC090.ZIP Checks compressed files on compression technique. GRATUPD.ZIP Updated GoldRAT menus for GoldED 2.31p. LC_160.ZIP Shows today's callers to RA/FD/D'Bridge. SPLITPKT.ZIP Splits large mail packets into smaller sizes. USERFRMT.ZIP Name & City/State Formatter for OmegaBBS V.Good! VGAC0212.ZIP Utility to replace the font on your VGA card. VIRUSSIG.Z16 Virus datafile for TBSCAN(X) and HTSCAN. TMEXE.ZIP TrackM 4.12 EXE-only *PLEASE* replace 4.1? XFD_V202.ZIP FileDoor v.2.02: bug fixes & new options FFIX121.ZIP Smart filerobot w/Areafix Interface PXDOS21A.ZIP POLYARC, Un-compress everything v2.1A PXSRC21A.ZIP POLYARC, Un-compress everything v2.1A, src DOORS13.ZIP Door Utility for Bbs's DIR2FILE.ZIP Create FILES.BBS from directory including .GIF information. DIRED102.ZIP SLBBS Directory editor, edit long and short descriptions. OFFHOOK.ZIP DV/FOSSIL aware timed offhook utility. UDS200.ZIP User description system version 2.00 for Fido. TICKDUPE.ZIP TICK UTL: Updates StopDup files to match dir contents. ALST_170.ZIP AvaiList 1.70; Master/New file list generator. FUSL_140.ZIP FD/Binkley freq tool (freq from filelists). QUTIL100.ZIP RA/QBBS Area list utility (FC). SBBSL100.ZIP SBBSLIST Nodelist browsing. OTOS.ZIP Convert Opus 1.1x user database to Simplex BBS 1.0x format. MEXP120.ZIP Export msgs to file/prn using configurable criteria. FEMALE15.ZIP FrontDoor/Binkley log entry generator. GHOST236.ZIP New Ghostwriter fixes Swap Bug. SENT112C.ZIP SENTINEL Msg Area Freshness Tester (Maint. Release). MPI100.ZIP DOS filter to identify mail packets, w/TP5.0 src. TIA114.ZIP Fix archive datestamps based on contents, now w/AUTO-PROCESSING! APPATH11.ZIP Append dirs to DOS path, even beyond 128 chars! APLK_112.ZIP Multiple DIFF/LIST file appliquer with automatic uncompress. DELAY.ZIP Delays n secs, or till a certain time. MODEM25.ZIP New MODEM ver 2.5 new features for FAST machines. WINBB.ZIP WINBBS List accepting listings for new list. TBE_001.ZIP The-Box Edit v1.00, ShareWare editor for .MSG/RA/RBBS frmts. NLAN-100.ZIP NodeList ANalyzer. RFA200.ZIP Command Interpreter Via Netmail S2A-V101.ZIP Send-To-All User Bulletin Maker for DORINFO syst. MXML_161.ZIP MaxMail 1.61, QWK/Text Mail Door Update. MXMS_161.ZIP C source for MaxMail v1.61. MTA100.ZIP MsgTrack Log Analyzer v1.00 Summary Stats. GGEN210.ZIP Makes GOODBYE.ASC/ANS BBS lists (QBBS/RA/SBBS). MT320.ZIP MsgTrack 3.20; The complete NetMail manager. SMAST300.ZIP Full featured allfiles lister and bulletin maker. ZCFG120.ZIP ZmailCFG v1.20, updated for new release ZmailH. NEWSC130.ZIP Mail Mover to use with FD/DB and/or RA/QBBS. PKTZ-012.ZIP General .PKT generation utility. B2DAY321.ZIP BBS2Day v3.21: definable system-usage-graph for BBS & Mailer. FDVIEW10.ZIP FileDoor logfile-stat/download online fileviewer. ARCH-LOG.ZIP TimeStamp and archive all log-files in ARJ/ZIP/LHA-format. VGAPAL10.ZIP VGA Palette Utility. AUTOHTC.ZIP Automatic Hatch of Files (needs TICK!) NODIFY.ZIP Send messages & report on nodelist segments. SLOG.ZIP Stores file(s) as date, your choice of archiver. MOVEIT14.ZIP File Area Mgr, can use remotely. HDKIT102.ZIP HuDoorKit 1.02 - THE QuickBASIC door programmer's library! PROFILE2.ZIP RA Professional File System - Major Update! - Release 2. PKMAS302.ZIP Multi-Archive Packer/Unpacker for Zmail/ConfMail - Bug Fixed. LSTCRC14.ZIP Compare CRCs of areanames in AREAS.BBS. v1.4 now supports FIDONET.NA. MLOC176.ZIP Maximus/RA fast file locator replacement. DIRC100.ZIP DIRC ver1.00, Checks compression on .exe or .com files. EXITEDIT.ZIP Small exitinfo.bbs editor for RA/QBBS/SBBS. MTA_VE55.ZIP Make Them Anything, All-format archive conversion. MTAUVE56.ZIP Make Them Anything bug fix (update only). VMGR112.ZIP A vote manager for Fidonet systems. TRKMT424.ZIP TrackM 4.24 (tiny) network aware. FRI_201.ZIP Update FILES.BBS with Node* and weekly news files. SYSL_20.ZIP Master file list creater FILES.BBS or TBBS. VP_409E.ZIP VPurge modified ConfMail 4.09e for DOS. QMSWAT04.ZIP The S.W.A.T. for Qmail, kills passthru areas based on inactivity. VP2_409E.SIP VPurge modified ConfMail 4.09e complete source. LSTFMT22.ZIP LSTFMT - Format a nodelist into human readable form. ROBOT410.ZIP Robot v4.10 Robot Mailer System - PKT Format. BOP-DATE.ZIP BOP date validate outgoing *.MSG messages. WELCOME.ZIP Intelligent Multiple BBS wellcome screen util. TICPOS13.ZIP Post Net/EchoMail for TIC files & reset file date. TURBOBLA.ZIP Turbo BBS Lister in ANSI. List files like BBS, FASTER. BOXB314.ZIP Log Analyzer for FD/TS/Imail/Qbbs. MSGQ160E.ZIP Msged/Q-QuickBBS (Hudson type) Message Editor v1.60. MSGQ160S.ZIP Msged/Q-QuickBBS (Hudson type) Msg Editor-Source Files. CPML-120.ZIP Copymail v1.20 - mail pkt management utility. TWAY-131.ZIP ThruWay - Universal echomail passthru area mgr. GMD_310.ZIP Grunged Message Detector, version 3.10, DOS & OS/2. IDOOR101.ZIP Info-door v1.01 BBS Top Ten Graph Utility. NPARS100.ZIP NodePars 1.00, Little nodelist statistics compiler thing. BTD_301.ZIP BBS Telephone doorway - Non mailer BBS Front end. FEBBS191.ZIP File area mgr for Quick/RA/Opus/SuperBBS - revised. SPNT_120.ZIP Major update. Scan/Toss for points w/HUDSON msgbases. KILL-OFF.ZIP Removes Inactive Passthrus From ConfM/QM/Hudson/Squish Systems. LOGDATE.ZIP Rename Any Log to User-Specified Date Format. BID14.ZIP BBS Info Door v1.4 New User Help. SHOWANSI.ZIP On-line ANSI Picture Viewer. IDOOR105.ZIP Info-door v1.05 BBS Top Ten Graph Utility. PKT_SZ11.ZIP Packet Size, limits size of packets to toss, ver 1.1. OMKRD201.ZIP New OMK Reader with QWK. WEDIT200.ZIP Fido/Quickbbs/RemoteAccess windowed message editor. WNODE21.ZIP 4D nodelist compiler with TP unit. ACC_0110.ZIP A new version of the User/Point manager with many features. A_TYPE12.ZIP Show asc/ans/ansi music/avatar 0+ files from DOS. VIRSH11E.ZIP ViruShell 1.10/English - The Ultimate Shell for McAfee. DOORSKL3.ZIP Door Writing Kit w/SRC for "C" Programmers. ENET_201.ZIP Extract Selected Nodelist Segments (v2.01). PVERT.ZIP PD Pkt <--> QWK Translator w/ C Source. MSG_45.ZIP Message reader/editor now supports Squish. DOMFX105.ZIP DomainFix v1.5 for Binkley/Squish or FD. LOCNL112.ZIP Extracts a single net from the full nodelist. - Bug fix. ACF540R0.ZIP ACFiles-File System for QBBS/RA/SBBS w/CD-ROM, Etc. Spt. XLIST214.ZIP The All file maintenance program for BBS's. XL-214-1.ZIP Patch for XLIST214.ZIP for Maximus and other BBS's. NEATNIK2.ZIP Checks FILES.BBS for lines too long (Max/Opus). YEARDAY.ZIP Converts filenames to julian date/day. ARCMAIL3.ZIP Replacement for ARCMAIL 2.07. MAILC120.ZIP MailCall-notify & txt->msg for Squish and/or *.msg. S2A150.ZIP Flexible Bulletin Maker-ANS/ASC,auto-maint,multi-door. ENCRYPT.ZIP File encrypter w/user key-use w/NetInfo or as stand-alone. LU_100.ZIP Truncate growing log files automatically. ZCOPY101.ZIP Share aware copying utility by Peter Stewart. BOPDAT05.ZIP Bop-Date v0.05-Corrects Fido .MSG Header/Date Problems. NETINF21.ZIP Create/maintain Sysop information list remotely via Netmail. ENCRY32.ZIP Encrypt/decrypt any file w/user controlled code-key. STQUOTES.ZIP StarTrek Quotes for TQOTD. T_QUOTES.ZIP Random quotes for TQOTD. LEAP.ZIP Kludge Fix for Feb 29 bug in MSQ204. EZPNT_22.ZIP Bemis's EZPoint version 2.2 FROT200.ZIP File ROTate, any file, randomly. SQREP103.ZIP Update to SqReport, Squish log analyzer/reporter. ECHOTRIM.ZIP Removes duplicate area entries from ECHOTOSS.LOG. SCAIL202.ZIP Scans Squish and .MSG bases for personal mail. BNSZ_030.ZIP Bundle Size - Moves bndls to processing area xxx bytes per copy PEEK_221.ZIP Peeker Archive Viewing Door w/ C Source. RNQWK101.ZIP Automatically assigns unique names to .QWK packets. TNCDR104.ZIP Packet Radio door for your BBS. WPAD101.ZIP WizPad v1.01 BBS Note Pad. VFAM116.ZIP VersaFAM file area mgr v1.16, supports CD-ROM, much more! FLX114.ZIP FILEX file area update utility, now supports CD-ROM. HLIST110.ZIP File List Compiler for files.bbs systems. RESET.ZIP Cold start your IBM & Compatible (works on all machines). FUPDAT11.ZIP Add new files and delete nonexistent files from FILES.BBS FLPV102B.ZIP Fantasy Land Player Editor v1.02b - Update. N-DOOR23.ZIP Node Door v2.3 Nodelist Search Door. BBS_TIME.ZIP Various time utilities for BBS' (timechek, etc). LASTNL2.ZIP LastNL 2.0 - Keep latest nodelist. REAL QUICK! FLPRO441.ZIP Professional FILES.BBS Manager v4.41. AUTHORS.ZIP Toll free BBS for Door & Util Authors. MSGM301.ZIP MsgMstr v3.01 Windows 3.1 Message Reader. KILL2.ZIP File Maintenance Utility (Kill by age etc.)OS/2+DOS. PKTHDR2.ZIP DOS-OS/2 Direct Packet Viewer. FFAL100.ZIP Read FILES.BBS, remove entries where file is missing. NODESTAT.ZIP NodeStat - Generate Nodelist Statistics. P&C126CV.ZIP Point Integrator for Bink 2.5x/Squish/GoldED 2.40. AXE10.ZIP Delete entire subdirectory structures, including non-empty. RELOCK20.ZIP Lock HST/mailer/X00 at fast BPS & RELOCK slower for BBS. PACKP210.ZIP FTS0001/00039 packet disassembler. ARCD096B.ZIP ArcDoctor - uploaded archive processor for BBS & other use. ADSFXFIX.ZIP SFX support files for use with ArcDoctor 0.96. BBSLIST1.ZIP Maintains BBS Listing & Auto-Distributes Updates. RINGCHK1.ZIP Avoids Collisions by Checking for RING in Batch Files. ARCLOGS.ZIP Store logs in master archive, generic. LOGCHK10.ZIP Scans Logs for String/Returns Errorlevels for Batch Files. TQOTD465.ZIP Quote Gen for all BBS Types-Ansi/Ascii/Avatar+0. KILLRQ31.ZIP Automated message censorship for QuickBBS/RA/SBBS. FAP100.ZIP File Announcer for Points v1.00 SQ or .MSG. NDT_101.ZIP NoDupeTags - Delete Duplicate Echotoss Entries. TBSCAN42.ZIP TBscan version 4.2 virusscanner. FAN_120.ZIP File Announcement Util, TIC/FILES.BBS/DOS/OS2. GUS_160.ZIP Unpack any archive. FFAL110.ZIP Fixes FILES.BBS listings (removes old listings). FESUB100.ZIP Searches for empty subdirectories. RAD213.ZIP RAD Plus, dBASE online database system. MT330.ZIP MsgTrack 3.30 - The complete NetMail manager. MEZZ308A.ZIP Metro-Mezzanine Type III V3.08a BBS carousel. MEZZ104A.ZIP Metro-Mezzanine Type I V1.04a BBS carousel. PVTHR305.ZIP Private Hours v3.05 for RA 1.1x and FD 2.xx systems. ZONE.ZIP Breaks Nodelist down into Zone files. HBBS20.ZIP Holiday countdown reminder & display program. HCAT20.ZIP Holiday countdown reminder - Wildcat! version. C-B402.ZIP CallBack v4.02 RA/SBBS/QBBS Callback Verifier. UCDMGR.ZIP CD-ROM management program. ENVTIME.ZIP Set DOS environment variables based on system clock. SLEEP_40.ZIP Sleep for/till a time/file/ask/scheduled events-DV/OS2/Windows aware. SBRAIN.ZIP Online Credit Card Order Door-Works with TelePC-Great! CKDSK100.EXE Check for/Reattach [network] drive with ErrorLevel. HYDRAKIT.ZIP The HYDRA Bi-Directional transfer protocol w/ driver. VIRX26D.ZIP Replaces virx26.. detects 5 new viruses. T2A20.ZIP Convert text file to ANSI, AVATAR, & ASCII. PCBVIEW1.ZIP PCBoard @code screen file viewer. DAYBK0_2.ZIP DayBreak day numbering util more features than DayNBR from Zone 3. LAND106.ZIP Allows landscape printing for ASCII docs on HP jet printers-fm Portugal. XNET100.ZIP Extract nets/regions/zones from raw nodelist (with CRC). CKOT20.ZIP ChecKOut-checks archives with SCAN on Fido/Opus/PCBoard BBSes. EP_101.ZIP EchoPost v1.01 Text to PKT Conversion Util-'y. VFD050A.ZIP Virtual FOSSIL Driver 0.50 (public) under OS/2. COMPX311.ZIP Compress almost ANY log format by # of days - for OS2. FB-V210.ZIP Fidobill v2.10 - Echomail Cost Sharing Program. EDOR311A.ZIP Bug Fix-FTSC compatible Echo/Netmail door/local reader. XNET101.ZIP Extract nets/regions/zones fm raw nodelist(with CRC)-bug fix. HCOM_103.ZIP Update to HydraCom 1.00, no documentation. NODELOOK.ZIP Version 7 nodelist browser. TPLZH025.ZIP (IBM) Huffman Compression Engine v0.25. PPLZH25G.ZIP (ATARI ST/TT) Huffman Compression Engine v0.25g. ACZAR100.ZIP The Ultimate archive shell origin: 1:381/99. STOBBS15.ZIP Shuttle to BBS v1.5, User selects which BBS software. TIMB8.ZIP timEd - *.MSG and Squish Message Editor (wb). CRR0150A.ZIP CP/M offline reader for XRS and QWK mail doors. IMLFA10.ZIP Log file analyzer for the InterMail Email package. IMLFAINF.ZIP Doc file and sample reports from IMLFA10. ESC158.ZIP Point/Node Setup, Shell & utilities. DM_V104.ZIP Deletes 'missing' files.bbs entries,and sorts files.bbs as well. SHIFTEM.ZIP Moves mail attaches to the top of HLO files. NINF403.ZIP NetInfo-automagically compile Sysop info lists via Netmail-update. SHIFT103.ZIP Moves mail archives to the top of ?LO file attaches. REC_200.ZIP Remote Echo Control, revamped security/support. TD-280.ZIP Door to interface Colorado Jumbo drives to BBS user. CEN100.ZIP Census v1.00 Message Base Stats (SQ/Msg/Hudson). AFR100.ZIP AreaFixeR v1.00 Updates files after AreaFix (any config). VFX004WB.ZIP VoteFix - Elections by Net/EchoMail (SQ/Msg/Hudson/EZYC). SUB100.ZIP SubMover - Move Messages based on To/From/Subj (SQ/Msg/Hudson). FAP200.ZIP File Announce Program v2.00. ARCML312.ZIP More new features added to ARCMAIL 2.07! INSP110D.ZIP InspectA (DOS) File/Archive/Packet mgr. JAM222G1.ZIP James 'The File & Message Manager' New Features. NTMGR94.ZIP NetMgr: Move/copy/del/bounce/change mail (Sq/*.MSG), DOS. NLU_111.ZIP Nodelist Update Util Adds Lists & DIFFS to your FILES.BBS. SML_100B.ZIP Creates small nodelists from large lists for net/region. MEZZ444A.ZIP Metro-Mezzanine Type IV 4.44 fix for MEZZ444.ZIP. DCTL11.ZIP Dameon Central-WIN Prog to Flag File, Launch Task if Found. JAMAPI.ZIP The new JAM MESSAGE BASE developer's tools. TT_101.ZIP TicTrak - Tick File Dist Traffic Volume Stats. EZVER10.ZIP Callback verifier with reward for callback. QOTD702.ZIP Picks a random quote from over 2400 quotes. ESC170.ZIP Setup/Shell/Util for Node/Point. Uses Binkley/Squish. PKTSCAN.ZIP Scan mail packets to determine if they contain echomail. DCTL102.ZIP Dameon Central-f/Windows-Watches Flag File-Launches Task if Found. QNODE202.ZIP Latest QNODE nodelist processor. Can use EMS if you have it. QNODX202.ZIP DPMI version of QNode. QNOS2202.ZIP OS/2 version of QNode. Full 32-bit version. MSGFAX15.ZIP Send BBS messages as FAXES. All *.MSG systems. ROBOT600.ZIP Harvey's Robot Mailer System *.pkt format. RAD215.ZIP RAD Plus - dBASE compatible database online system. DBQ101.ZIP dBASE III Message Query System. All *.MSG systems. CDMX2117.ZIP CDROM Door for a BBS, uses DOOR.SYS, 34 CDs at once! COMPR313.ZIP Compress v3.13 - Compress almost any BBS/Mailer log by # of days. FIXPKT5A.ZIP Bad Packet/Bad Bundle fixer. RUNCOUNT.ZIP Count and exit with errorlevel batch utility. PRUNET20.ZIP Prune 3 nets/region/zone nodes from nodelist. Freeware. EDCON210.ZIP EDCON PRO Edit/View autoexec.bat & config.sys same screen. ADLG11.ZIP Adds entries to Bink/Max style logs from Dos or BAT. ORIGX22.ZIP MSG and Squish origin line extractor & reporter. GIFSP10.ZIP GIFspec-Creates output lists of GIFs & their dimensions. SLEEP_43.ZIP Event scheduler, DV/OS2/WIndows aware. DN12.ZIP DupeName - deletes duplicate filename entries in FILES.BBS. OMENU452.ZIP oMENU DISK MENU system. Mouse, Passwords, etc. BNP_V762.ZIP BinkleyTerm/Portal Netmail Bundler/Packer. OFFLI158.ZIP OFFLINE the QWK offline reader. FTST103.ZIP FileTest Utility, For PaceSoft, SDN, CDN issued files. FTST-OS2.ZIP FileTest Utility, OS2 executable version. (vers:1.03). EZQUOTE3.ZIP v3.0 Text editor for OLRs/Points, with WonderWrap. SDIFF32I.ZIP Senddiff V0.32i now with TICK support. DIFF257.ZIP XLAXDIFF 2.57 fixes Nodelist size problem. Direct from author. SOFTDIST.001 SDS - SOFTDIST Information File #001 RANDO102.ZIP FUN! RANDOm Origin files, now does Squish! TICIN108.ZIP TIC attach File Mover (simple tic receive only). DB312.ZIP Generic .DBF Database Mgr / Contact Mgr & PIM. EZQUOTE4.ZIP v4.0 Text editor for OLRs/Points, with WonderWrap. TFIX111.ZIP Add DESC.SDI to files you recieve through .TIC nets. DD405.ZIP The Best Replacement for Dos's "DIR" Command! COMPR320.ZIP Compress v3.20 for many BBS & mailer logs. UUROUT10.ZIP UUCP Mail Router-Fixes problems w/rmail lines in bundles. MT333.ZIP MsgTrack 3.33; The complete netmail manager -- Emergency bug fix! POINT188.ZIP PPoint - Professional Point System. PPQWK120.ZIP PP-QWK QWK Module for PPoint - Professional Point System. PPLAN107.ZIP PP-LAN LAN Module for operating PPoint on a local area network. PGPLD1-2.ZIP PGPLoad - allows PGP use from inside BlueWave reader, v1.2. BGFAX136.ZIP BGFAX 1.36 [25-Sep-94] - A non-TSR S/R fax. BGFXFD10.ZIP BGFAX2FD will make FrontDoor cover pages from faxes received. TICKV150.ZIP TickView-View your incoming .TIC files before tossing[Shareware]. SRCH404.ZIP Text file search, save and statistics utility. WASUP102.ZIP What's Up(DOS)-Realtime Status Display for Bink/Max/User-Defined. JFRQ101P.ZIP JFReq(OS/2)-External file requestor for FrontDoor/MainDoor. JFRQ101.ZIP JFReq(DOS)-External file requestor for FrontDoor/MainDoor. EXTNP100.ZIP EXTRNETP-32bit OS/2 program reads input nodelist & extracts info. BGF2MD10.ZIP BGF2MD for (32 bit) OS/2 - BGFAX logging For Maindoor. MAX2MD12.ZIP MAX2MD for (32 bit) OS/2 - Maximus LASTUSER For Maindoor. TRANX0D.ZIP CMOS clock set from mailer log (bink/fd/box). IFITS00.ZIP Set errorlevel by time/date/day/month/wkday/year/etc. MDTOOLKT.ZIP The Maindoor Developers Toolkit for v1.00. NU_V220.ZIP Nodelist Updater-multifunctional Nodelist manager. CHANGE42.ZIP Change strings in any file to any other string. ET100.ZIP Execution Timer - tracks running times of any program. SD-500.EXE StupenDOS - Claims to be Best DOS Shell in the world - update. YAT110.ZIP YaTic v1.10. A 5D TIC processor for DOS and OS/2. MSQ305.ZIP MsgEd 3.05 for .MSG/Squish w/many features direct from Zone 3 author. PKLTE150.EXE PKLite .EXE, .COM, .SYS file compressor util direct from PKWare BBS. SNOOP342.ZIP Snooper - Serious System Information utility for MSDOS-tells all! FSIT30.ZIP FSIT v3.0 Shareware Mail Conference Request Door. LIST91M.EXE BEST file browser/manipulator direct from author. PKZF15.EXE PKFIND and PKZOOM file locators/manipulator for ZIPs direct from PKWare. VIEW99.ZIP File convertor for MANY W/P formats and printers. PGPW122A.ZIP PGPWave-BEST PGP/offline reader interface/shell direct from author. TRAF115.ZIP TRAFFIC - Universal msgbase traffic reporting util direct from author. VDE18D.ZIP VDE - Powerful ShareWare text editor by Eric Meyers direct from author. SHEZ109.ZIP Latest SHEll for Zip-BEST archive shell ever direct from author. VDEMC18.ZIP VDE Macro Compiler for use with VDEditor 1.8+ direct from author. NLSTA135.ZIP NodeList STAtistics - reports on the FidoNet Nodelist; direct from author. VDE18E.ZIP VDE Powerful ShareWare text editor does almost anything! * SDS Incoming File List * for D'Bridge programs *=*=*=*=* DBE_135.ZIP D'Bridge Log Entry Utility v1.35. DBPSC100.ZIP Cleaning utility to use with MBUtilities and a Hudson message base(QBBS/RA). DBTRM100.ZIP Trim your D'Bridge log by a number of days. DB_A11.ZIP Areas.bbs file generator for DB 1.30 and more. DB_MUSIC.ZIP Richard Bash's collection of tunes for D'Bridge. ELINK221.ZIP Links Hudson style messages as they arrive based on message subject. GOLD230.EXE GoldED v2.30 Executables and Full Documentation. GOLD231U.ZIP GoldED v2.31 Update files (GOLED230 req'd) and Bug fixes/additions! GOLDRAT.ZIP TSR mouse controller for GoldEd. PMSDB100.ZIP Personal mail scanner for DB 1.30. BGED0804.ZIP 08/04 Beta Release of GoldED - Registered users only! DBPOINT3.ZIP Point Operation CookBook via DBLINK - ver. 3.0. FILEAT12.ZIP Add Inbound and Forward Bit in Netmail for Pt to Pt. STARCONV.ZIP Convert DB to RA messagebase v.2.0. STAROUTE.ZIP Allows xfer of ALL mail at NOT presented EMSI. KEY_LOCK.ZIP Password lock the keyboard-password may be changed! DBQ_112.ZIP D'Bridge OutBound Queue Detailer, v.1.12. FE-DB114.ZIP Convert FastEcho Mail to DB QUEUE Mail. EKORPT25.ZIP D'Bridge Traffic Reporter. DBLOG420.ZIP DB Log Maintaince Utility. LOCKOUT.ZIP LOCKOUT Unwanted File Requesters. DBAG_120.ZIP D'Bridge.ADF File to Quick Style Areas.BBS - update. FAMR110.ZIP File Attach Message Robot! MXTRA005.ZIP OutPut selected information/msgs from DB MSG HEADER. DB152LNK.ZIP ShareWare version of latest DBLINK. MAGIC.ZIP Files/Instructions for DOS doors from OS/2 sessions. STHATCH.Z00 DB Hatching Utility. STARTRAK.Z07 DB NetMail Utility /Archiver v.7.0. HOLDMAIL.ZIP DB Help File to Hold Mail. AF-INFO.ZIP DB Help File for AreaFix as HUB &/or end node! DBRPT100.ZIP A log Analizer for D'Bridge Who,Cost,What,When.. DB154DOC.ZIP D'Bridge 1.54 General Release Documentation. DB154ENV.ZIP D'Bridge 1.54 General Release Environment Settings. UTRM14.ZIP Definitive Log Trimmer be Jason Lingohr DBLS201D.ZIP DB Log scanner - new UpGrade ! INSTRUCT.ZIP Instructions for Setting Up D'Bridge! DBQ_200.ZIP DB Outbound queue detailer -v2.00 FREEware. T2DBQ121.ZIP Place Tic/Attach in DB Queue - UpDate & BugFix! DB-RENUM.ZIP Renumber DB *.msg base - UpDated for D'Bridge 1.54. STARRE4F.ZIP Newest Release of Star Reporter Version 4.0 11-22-1993Do Not Use Archive Name : STARRE40.ZIP Get This One!Adds features to D'Bridges Areafix. STARBO21.ZIP Newest release of Starbot Version 2.1 11-19-1993Replaces DBUTIL, Sorts ADF! INTERNET.ZIP Instructions for sending INTERNET mail to Fido. DBAG_127.ZIP (DB)ridge (A)reas.bbs (G)enerator - UpDate! MODEMRUN.ZIP Instructions for Modem Problem Solving. DB-WC.ZIP Aid in installing DB & Wildcat [v2] by M Belcke. DB-WILD.ZIP Installing DB & Wildcat [v1&2] by M. Belcke/R Bash. BGFAX108.ZIP Best Shareware FAX Program out. DBLS202.ZIP DB LogScan 2.02 Multi-Node DB-PCB15.ZIP Instructions and examples of DB/PC Board setup! STARGA58.ZIP STARGATE - DB specific gating utility. MCF33094.ZIP Latest Set of .MCF files for D'Bridge Rel.4/01/94. DB-158.ZIP D'Bridge Official General Release v1.58. DBSURVEY.ZIP D'BRIDGE Survey for Chris Irwin & Development. DBWCBAT.ZIP Batch files for D'Bridge/WildCat/WildMail fm 3:774/650. DBMCF-28.ZIP MCF Files for 22,000/28,000 Modems! These are files received via the FidoNet Software Distribution System [SDS] They are continually updated and automatically placed in this File Area for your perusal and download. This list contains those files sent under the headings of SDSBINK and SDS-BBS which includes all new BinkleyTerm releases and utilities as well as programs related to multiple-type BBS operations. BS110.ZIP BiSearch v1.10, The BiModem Interface for SLBBS 1.77. LISTEM20.ZIP Listem v2.0, Create a Files Listing for SLBBS 2.15. LISTEM15.ZIP Listem v.15, Create a Files Listing for SLBBS 1.77. SKIPBULL.ZIP Login Door to Skip Bulletins for SLBBS 1.77. SL2SCOOP.ZIP Scoop Off-Line Mail Door & Reader for SLBBS 2.15. TLML41A.ZIP TeleMail v4.1, the Mass Mail Door for SLBBS 2.15. TLML41B.ZIP Telemail v4.1b, The Mass Mail Utility for SLBBS 1.77. TRBBS.ZIP TRBBS v2.0, Run Dorinfox.def Doors on Searchlight. QBOP_10.ZIP Edit Binkley config, outbound, and event files. OTOS104.ZIP Opus to Simplex conversion utility v1.04. BTEVT10.ZIP Automates the creation of BINKLEY.EVT file. PLZ22.ZIP Please Version 2.20 Some fixes. Q2COA10.ZIP QBBS/RBBS/SBBS/RA to Catacombs of ASCII. DG10.ZIP Door usage graph for any BBS system. SCRLFQOT.ZIP Alternate multiline quote generator for Simplex BBS. SFTOS100.ZIP Convert Spitfire user file to Simplex 1.03. MT_100.ZIP MilqueToast 1.00 (A Bink-Like Mailer looks like Windows). GMD_301.ZIP Grunged Message Detector, version 3.01. LASTC_11.ZIP Get LastCaller information via BINKLEY.SCD v2.50 file. PB_116.ZIP ProBoard v1.16 BBS - RA/QBBS compatible & more! FAKETO4D.ZIP Move *.?LO files for YOUR points into a .PNT so they can login w/4D addr. FS201.ZIP Master Files List Search Door v2.01. M10500D.ZIP Simplex BBS v1.05 - DOS EXEs only. S10500S.ZIP Simplex BBS v1.05 - Swapping EXE version. S10500D.ZIP Simplex BBS v1.05 - Mailer/packer utilities. S105DOC.ZIP Simplex BBS v1.05 - Docs. FIX120.ZIP Bug Fix for ProBoard v1.20. (PbUtil fixed). TDOOR19.ZIP Transfer Door v1.90 for RA/QBBS/SBBS. TDPLUS19.ZIP Transfer Door Plus v1.90 for RA/QBBS/SBBS. V6TRUNC.ZIP Truncate v6 idx, dat to < 16k for Bink, etc. DELBSY.ZIP Delete orphaned .BSY files (incl pascal source). ILQ20.ZIP ANSI QUOTES generator! 401 quotes from ST:TOS included. LOGS102.ZIP LogSave, v 1.02. Log file archive util. OS2 & DOS. BKLA200.ZIP Binkley Log Analyzer 2.00. NOB_100.ZIP NoOldBsy v1.00 Monitor/Delete Stray Bink .BSY flags. MAXFILES.ZIP Use Maxfiles.idx scanning w/o Max-for files.bbs systems. U-ORIG.ZIP Allows Users to enter taglines when used with RA. RE15.ZIP Remote Editorial v.1.5, News.A?? Creator/Editor. XFERDR72.ZIP QBBS/RA BiModem/DSZ File Transfer Door. YABOM110.ZIP YaBom [Yet another Binkley outbound manager]-bugs fixed. QRBULL30.ZIP Menu Driven Bulletin Door for QBBS/RA/SBBS. GIMMEPT3.ZIP A complete point with automatic install procedure. MAXFILE2.ZIP Maxfiles now has Opus Sysfile.dat Support!. LSCAN103.ZIP Logscanner 1.03 (bugfix & update). EZY102U.ZIP Exycom 1.02 bug fix (.exe's only). VID110.ZIP Online Virus Information Door for most BBS's. RP_260.ZIP RegPROv2.6 Online BBS Entry Form/Questionaire System. EZY102-1.ZIP Ezycom 1.02 Exe Files. EZY102-2.ZIP Ezycom 1.02 Util Files. EZY102-3.ZIP Ezycom 1.02 Doc Files. EZY102-4.ZIP Ezycom 1.02 Conversion Files. EZYED102.ZIP EzyEdit Full Screen Editor for Ezycom. EZYSB102.ZIP Sound Blaster Module for Ezycom. EGAMBLE.ZIP File Point Gambling Door. AVERAGE.ZIP Create ANS/ASC File With .AVG Stats. BDAY102.ZIP Send Birthday Message to Ezycom Users. EBANR102.ZIP Create Banner Header for File Areas on Ezycom. ECALL102.ZIP List Ezycom Callers From DOS. GFLAG102.ZIP Global Flag Changer Ezycom. UPGRD102.ZIP Upgrade Ezycom Users According to Stats. INTER102.ZIP Auto File Hatching Util for EZYCom. EIMP102.ZIP .MSG Netmail Message Importer for EZYCom. GFIX1022.ZIP Use GEdit on Ezycom. CPROT102.ZIP CD-ROM Protocol Engine for Ezycom. EWAIT100.ZIP Wait XX Minutes Idle for EZYCom. BEST102.ZIP Best Stat Door for EZYCom? EOLS102P.ZIP Ezycom Obscene Language Scanner. EEXIT102.ZIP Ezycom 1.02 to RemoteAccess 1.11 EXITINFO.BBS Creator. FSDUMP.ZIP Make DESCRIPT.ION from Ezycom File Base. EZNEWS20.ZIP Bulletin Maker for Ezycom. FLIST100.ZIP Ezycom Fidonet Echo Tag Adder. EZYHMB.ZIP Hudson Message Base Converter for Ezycom (bug fix). QRFM41.ZIP BBS File Manager for QBBS/RA & Others. PROFLEX1.ZIP RA like networkable BBS package (pt 1 of 3). PROFLEX2.ZIP RA like networkable BBS package (pt 2 of 3). PROFLEX3.ZIP RA like networkable BBS package (pt 3 of 3). HM11A.ZIP Harmony BBS v1.1 - Squish compatable. WMAIL230.ZIP Fido/Quick Mail processor for Frodo/BT use. MAXFILE3.ZIP Maxfiles 3,now has update features. WNODE230.ZIP Nodelist compiler for Wmail & Wedit. OCS_101.ZIP Binkley Outbound Call Status - DOS & OS/2. DM_100.ZIP DelMail - Deletes Old/Undelivered Mail - DOS & OS/2. MSGOBJ10.ZIP Docs & API for Pip message base (MessageObject). BLDLST11.ZIP Builds an userlist from a Pip message Area. PIP201.ZIP Editor & Mail processor for the PIP message base. LORA232E.ZIP LoraBBS - The complete BBS system. English version. UFDC10.ZIP Download Counter for PCBoard. ECHO090B.ZIP EEcho Sends text to the FOSSIL under DOS or VDM. VID220.ZIP VID - The Virus Information Door - V2.20. VP0893.ZIP VID - Enhancement Module - Aug 93 Edition. FLST115.ZIP Fastlist 1.15 - Nodelist Compiler, OS/2 version. FLSTD115.ZIP Fastlist 1.15 - Nodelist compiler, DOS version. ADJUST07.ZIP Proboard automatic Time adjuster. 2DPNT170.ZIP 4D *.MSG netmail packer. X00153A.ZIP Ray Gwinn's X00 IBM FOSSIL Beta Supports Extended Baud Rates. BDOS259B.ZIP BinkleyTerm 2.59a Wide Beta (DOS). BOS2259B.ZIP BinkleyTerm 2.59a Wide Beta (OS/2). BWNT259B.ZIP BinkleyTerm 2.59a Wide Alpha (Win NT). MAXDLLS.ZIP MAXCOMM.DLL - Supports up to 115.2kbps. AVIEW65B.ZIP AviewCom 6.5b Online Archive Viewing door. IPOST100.ZIP The Internet Mail Post Door for most BBS types. PCFAUDT2.ZIP Planet Connect File Chk/Move Utility. UWPC100U.ZIP Universal Wars BBS game door for MSDOS from Portugal. PCFAUDT5.ZIP Planet Connect recieved files auditor. BFE4002R.ZIP Telecommunications Front End for DOS BBS Sites. GEMC_100.ZIP GEcho message counter-reports how many msgs imported. PCFAUDT4.ZIP Planet Connect received files auditor. NEWSPIK2.ZIP Usenet .BAG file processor. DDL100.ZIP Domain DataLink v1.00 - DOOM & More on your BBS! S-NWS410.ZIP SuperNews - the BEST news maker for your BBS. CALLER21.ZIP Tracks callers from TAG! logfiles. TFP100.ZIP TAG File Processor makes files lists and top 5 dnlds. TRANS111.ZIP TranStat for TAG BBSs tracks GSZ transfer stats. EWARV20.ZIP Evangelist Wars v2.0 - Multinode Version3 Door for BBSes. DOWNSTAT.ZIP DownLoad Stats For PCBoard v15.2+. DRMSTA10.ZIP DreamSTACK is the ULTIMATE Tetris door. QRDB42T.ZIP dBase compatible Database Door. 1ST-KIT.ZIP 1st Reader - Offline Mail reading system 2.0 Press release. 1ST-200A.ZIP 1st Reader - Offline Mail reading system 2.0 #1 of 6. 1ST-200B.ZIP 1st Reader 2.0 #2 of 6. 1ST-200C.ZIP 1st Reader 2.0 #3 of 6. 1ST-200D.ZIP 1st Reader 2.0 #4 of 6. 1ST-200E.ZIP 1st Reader 2.0 #5 of 6. 1ST-200F.ZIP 1st Reader 2.0 #6 of 6. 1ST-BBS.ZIP 1st Reader 2.0 - BBS interface for SysOps. PCB-PLAY.ZIP 1st Reader - ANSI & Sound files for PCBoard *NEW:WAV Player. BT95259C.ZIP BinkleyTerm 2.59c Wide Alpha for Windows95.


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