By: Robert Jackson To: Jesse Jones Re: Christmas JJ I have enjoyed watching you all scurry

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By: Robert Jackson To: Jesse Jones Re: Christmas JJ> I have enjoyed watching you all scurry for cover. The favored JJ> defense for why heathens would celebrate Christmas seems to be that we JJ> Christians stole it from various pagan traditions. That reminds me of JJ> an excuse one of my children gave once -- that she stole the candy so JJ> her sister would not eat it and get a stomach ache. Wrongo! People only mentioned xian theft from the pagans because you had the arrogant ethnocentrism to think that xmas is "Our holy day", the "our" meaning your flavor of xianity. But, since yet another jeezoid believer falls flat on their face in penning an analogy which is far more apropos of their own theological failings, might I mention that your candy- stealing analogy works much better when you put it in the context that you wonderfully altruistic xians "stole the holiday from the pagans so they wouldn't have the opportunity to praise Satan"? As your daughter creatively manufactured knowledge of her sib's digestive tract, your correligionists seem to have fabricated a knowledge about what those pagans were "really" worshipping. As you know full well in the case of your daughter the ulterior motive was to eat the candy (but I'm not doing this for *me*, you realize); it would behove you to make a one-to-one mapping of your analogy as to why xians thought they knew what was best for others--answer being: we just like to take, and have the victim be grateful for the theft. That is your wonderful "Gift". You take, and leave in return the miracle of a victim's happiness that they've been played for a sucker. I still don't understand how you people do it. It *must* be a miracle, because I simply cannot fathom the mechanism. See, when I get ripped off, I tend to be a tad resentful at the con-man... JJ> It is in our history, our behavior, our very beings that we see JJ> the oft-demanded evidence of God. Those who dismiss the existence of JJ> God, and refuse even to partake in our traditions of worship, cannot JJ> quite escape their influence on our culture. So if everyone, atheists and True Believers alike, are ignorant of the depths of religious influence in their culture, why do you expect heathens to know how to _not_ celebrate "your" holy day? JJ> The inescapable fact is that we need religious experience, and we No "we" don't. It seems *you* do, but why? Why do you find it necessary to build your life on thin-air lies when there is still more physical Universe than you will EVER know in your own life--why isn't that enough for you, Jesse? Why can't you be satisfied with a Universe that holds more in it than you would ever be able to unravel, even if you lived a billion years? Jesse, face up to the fact that when you die, you aren't going to Heaven--you aren't going to Hell, you will NOT be reunited with those you've loved and lost, you will NOT meet God, and you will NOT do anything more than return to the earth. Once you stop trying to sit around waiting for a better life after this one and suck the marrow out of the one you have, you'll probably find that things really won't change much more than the fact more of your fellow humans will find things worthy of respect in you. And that can matter a lot to some people. I suppose that disturbs you that someone tells you they don't have a soul nor needs one in order to conduct a moral (or at least honorable) life without daily contemplation of suicide. For me, the thought of perpetrating evil, or violence against another person or animal causes nausea in the pit of my gut and an intense burst of depression--no soul necessary. Just empathy. And empathy can be achieved with intelligence and an understanding of one's own emotions. You seem to find it of dire importance that everyone try to massage their Magic Chakra or whatever by going to church or praying or whatever turns you on and makes you think it separates you from other animals. Oh, you've got a book that tells you that-- it could just as well be Dianetics, you realize? The "soul" is the biggest of the Big Lies of History. Innocent ignorance of anatomy let it flourish in the past; aggressive ignorance perpetuates the myth because SOME people loath their mere existence and need that placebo to make it through another day. If you need it, fine. But I'll spit in the face of any fascist idiot whose personal fantasy includes the megalomania of spewing jizz from their mental masturbation in my direction, declaring I simply HAVE to be in their circlejerk, otherwise they'd look foolish pounding their pud alone in public. Was that a graphic enough analogy for you--proper use of parallelism? And I will damn well do what I please on the 25th of December, thank you very much. (Hint: the word Jesus only comes up on that day if I happen to be talking to chuckleheads on e-mail.) JJ> are thus far unable to fashion any valid substitute from our modern JJ> experience. So we cling to old forms, not quite knowing why. I don't see much need for religion or ritual--that's just time better spent elsewhere. It's quite boring to us non- spiritual heathens to sit around trying to play your game of cat's cradle without a string. ... The floggings will continue until morale improves.


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