By: Marilyn Burge To: Don Martin Re: Thumb-sucking Fundy DM Eric Hendrix said +quot;Thumb-

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By: Marilyn Burge To: Don Martin Re: Thumb-sucking Fundy DM> Eric Hendrix said "Thumb-sucking Fundy" to Preston Simpson, adding: EH> I also want to toss out another thought. DM> Only you would so label it. EH> Ok, according to evolution, the world took billions of years EH> to *evolve* to the point we are at right now. According to my EH> Bible, it took six days, but who is to say what six days is, EH> in the eyes of an eternal being? God's one day could be our EH> billion years. DM> If that eternal being were also omniscient and wished to DM> communicate accurately to his people, he would probably DM> "inspire" his writing staff to use words in the way people DM> understood them. It is a cheap shot at biblical inerrancy to DM> claim that the words therein can mean ANYthing. There's a book written by a fellow who has two Ph.D's -- one in law, the other in Jungian psychology. He wrote a wonderful book called _The Mind of the Bible Believer_ in which he explains the steps necessary to turn a rational human being into a fundy. Having actually gone through the steps himself, and having a well-trained ability to analyze the exact nature of the steps, his book is a scathing descrption of the processes involved. One step (number four or five, maybe) he calls "logocide." When this step is complete, a person is convinced that many everyday words have two meanings, one employed by the great unwashed, the other employed by we insiders. And never the twain shall meet. So once the dastardly deed has been done satisfactorily, "love" becomes "contempt for what you are," "day" becomes "any period of time we want it to be," and so forth. So now YOU tell ME why a "day" can't be a billion years, if god wants it to be? Does this tyrannical warmonger HAVE to plan by YOUR measley rules? ... Coming soon from Microsoft: Mouse support for EDLIN!


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