By: Fredric Rice To: Jim Staal Re: Staal is Pinocchio to our Geppetto js When I offered an

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By: Fredric Rice To: Jim Staal Re: Staal is Pinocchio to our Geppetto js> When I offered an identicle one to Gwenny, it was js> totally condemned by you, him many others on the echo. FR> Your mock "apology" didn't include a retraction of the _belief_ which FR> spawned your latest blunder. You _still_ haven't expressed your FR> recanting of the belief that Gwenny deserved to be beaten. js> Do you have any evidence of this alleged 'belief'? If so, js> trot it out here and I'll take a look at it. If not, SHUTUP! "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" Jim, if the truth about what you mistakenly type makes you upset, _learn_ from your mistakes. It's all very well to sit back and deny everything you say, resting comfortably in the very real possibility that no one takes you seriously enough to archives your lies, but you don't do yourself any favors lying to yourself. We're here to _help_ you escape Christianity, Jim. Let us help, won't you? FR> All you did was express your apology that you FR> _mentioned_ that she deserved to be beaten. js> Liar! I said I was sorry my words offended her. No, you said you were sorry for saying it, not for believeing she deserved it. Until you apologize to her properly -- AND apologize to the forum at large for being an ass about it -- you can expect to continue to be plagued by your own "accidental" admissions until you do. Or until you die. Get busy. I expect to see your apology. js> SALAD BAR! SALAD BAR! Chirp! Chirp! Chirp! [TM] Larry Sites FR> Jim, you are without a doubt one of the most easy to FR> understand fundies which has come through this forum. js> Great. Then why are you so slow in getting the idea? Yep. Wind-ups are easilly predicted as well. You dance to _my_ music and you pay _my_ piper -- and there's not a thing you can do about it. You're so easilly manipulated and understood that, with a little effort, you might be manipulated into putting on a pink tutu, standing outside on your front lawn, and singing the words to Babaloo at the top of your lungs -- left thumb deftly inserted up your bum, while you're at it. And you know what? There's not a thing you could do to stop yourself -- if the heathens in this forum wanted to manipulate you into doing so. You run our little mazes, search for the little bits of cheese we set out for you, run the wheels around and around, and you convince yourself you're still free to run down the wrong maze, eat the wrong bits of cheese, run the wheels backwards, or even refuse to play our games. Sorry. No can do. You play Pinocchio to our Geppetto. We pull a string and you twitch. We push a button and you jump. We lead and you follow -- you can't help yourself. You _want_ to play the lab rat. We're your natural leaders by virture of our superior intelligence. Oh you pretend your fictional constructs are your Alpha to your Beta but _WE_ -- the people who torment you and manipulate you -- are your Alpha, Jim. Bend over for us. You know you want to. FR> Here you are presented with a very real and solid forum for FR> extracting yourself from that death cult of yours and you FR> alienate the very people who are here to help you. You know FR> you want to leave; you know this forum is a good one for FR> finding the courage to do so; js> You are the one lacking in courage, sir... And yet I'm the one who managed to escape falling into deity beliefs and you're the one who's clinging to escape the undeniable eventuality of your own death. Um, want to revise your opinion? FR> you know you have enough evidence to discount your FR> beliefs; and yet your ego gets in the way. js> Haven't seen any to date... That's part of your problem, yes. FR> In all seriousness we are here to help you, Jim. _Learn_ from your FR> mistakes. You claim you're a big man and yet you're ego is so frail FR> you can't admit when you've been deluded. js> If you have any evidence to support this js> claim...well, you know the rest... You're here, Jim. Bend over for your Alpha. ~*~ "Thank you, God...may I have another?" - Steve Quarrella


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