By: DAVID RICE To: J.J. HITT Re: Scientology JJH And besides, in the event you were someon

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By: DAVID RICE To: J.J. HITT Re: Scientology >>JJH> And besides, in the event you were someone who had >>JJH> deliberately infiltrated the organization: you were at >>JJH> sea. Are you going to walk home? Anyone that close to >>JJH> Hubbard couldn't have helped but notice that he was crazy >>JJH> enough to toss you overboard (with weights). That never >>JJH> happened, but only because it was never necessary, I don't >>JJH> think Hubbard would have given it a second thought if he >>JJH> felt the need. >DR> Hubbard often did exactly that: "overboarding" out-ethics >DR> flag members by tying their hands togeather and throwing >DR> them off the side of the _Apollo._ JJH> How do we know this? (Hopefully, it's a source a little JJH> more substantial than a.r.s.) "More substancial" as in the cult issuing autographed photos of overboarding? I know of no better source than a.r.s. and court documents. ANDRE TABAYOYON AFFIDAVIT (PART IV) and ANDRE TABAYOYON AFFIDAVIT CD - 13 19 August 1994 [cuts] 83. Miscavige, at this same briefing or muster, also picked out several particular staff members' surveys and read them to the crew so the crew could see how terrible these people were because they wanted to go to Vons market, or to movies or to have some time off from their post and duties. 84. The next day at the canteen (a private store on the Hemet compound) there were professionally made signs above the doors that said Vons and a Vons grocery cart. One staff member came in and decided it was a ridiculous thing and decided to take the signs down. Chris Guider, who worked directly for Miscavige, found out about it and this person was thrown into the lake. This is a practice called "overboarding." It started on the Apollo where I participated in the overboarding of many Scientologists who had angered Hubbard. Indeed, I was thrown overboard myself and only survived because of Hubbard's last minute decision to have me plucked from the seas. Now overboarding is down at the lake on the base. I have seen dozens of people thrown fully clothed into the water (even in winter) because they did not meet their production quotas or statistics. [cuts] [cuts] 25. I worked personally with Hubbard on the ship called the Apollo, from 1971-73. I personally observed Hubbard running all aspects of Scientology and Sea Org and Guardian Office ("GO") networks. Indeed, at the time I believed Hubbard has saved my life. I had been "overboarded" or thrown aboard. Hubbard then ordered that I be pulled out. Thereafter I believed Hubbard had saved my life and I became very dedicated to both him and Scientology. I served as both steward and butler for Hubbard. Accordingly, I was often alone with him -- even when he was self injecting himself in the arm with a needle and solution. This he did frequently. I would also lay out the pills he took from 10 different numbered bottles. [cuts] I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America and of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed in Los Angeles, California this 5th day of March, 1994. Andre Tabayoyon ------------------------------------------------------------------- ROBERT VAUGHN YOUNG AFFIDAVIT CD - 19 10 October 1994 [cuts] 16. Mr. Farny says there is no punishment in the Scientology belief system. For the general public, this is true. But it is not true for staff and there are many recorded instances of which I am personally aware: people being locked in a room and screamed at by several people until they break or confess; people being locked up in chain lockers on Hubbard's boat on his orders; people being thrown overboard with hands and feet tied; people put on diets of rice and beans; people kept up for days without sleep; people being made to sleep on floors, in closets or in "pig's berthing" (the name says it); people spending years at hard labor at the notorious (and secret) gulags known as the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF); people being physically assaulted and beaten for refusing to comply; people being made to run until they dropped in the desert sun and then being made to run some more, etc. ___-------------------------------------------------------------- From page 186-187 of: ********************************************** A PIECE Scientology, Dianetics OF BLUE SKY and L. Ron Hubbard Exposed A LYLE STUART BOOK by Jon Atack Published by Carol Publishing Group ********************************************** In mid-August, the Royal Scotman had slipped into Corfu harbor. At first all went well. According to one newspaper, the Sea Org enriched the Corfiot economy by about 1,000 per day. They were welcomed by the harbormaster, and the local press. '~ In September, Hubbard announced the new Class VIII Auditor Course, in the Auditor magazine. The announcement was accompanied by a center spread of Hubbard's photographs. There is a shot of an Ethics Officer, carrying a heavy wooden baton, wearing dark glasses and full uniform, and scowling at a student who is smiling back, apprehensively. The caption reads: "No one can fool a Sea Org Ethics Officer. He knows who's ethics bait." Another shot shows a Sea Org member suspended in mid-air by two Ethics Officers, one wearing a broad grin. He is about to be thrown over the rail, into the sea. The caption reads: "Students are thrown overboard for gross out tech and bequeathed to the deep! ...... Out tech" is a Hubbardism for "misapplication of Scientology auditing procedures." The editor of Auditor 41 thought the photos were a Hubbard joke. Hubbard was deadly serious. Every Scientology Org was ordered to send two Auditors to be trained as "Class VIIIs." As "Vllls" their auditing would be "flubless." The course would take three weeks, so previous Ethics procedures were of little use--they took too long to administer. Rather than languishing in the chain-locker for a week, or doing three days without sleep on "amends projects," students were to be subject to "instant Ethics," or overboarding. There is no doubt that Hubbard ordered this (one ex-Sea Org officer says Hubbard even took out his home movie camera and filmed it once or twice). ... 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