Opus 1.7+ File Repository [File request OPUS170 or 170 for Main files] Everything you Need

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Opus 1.7+ File Repository [File request OPUS170 or 170 for Main files] Everything you Need for a New or Upgraded Opus BBS! ALL files ZIPped with NEW PKZIP 2.0+!! SDS-OPUS.001 Description of Software Distribution System for Opus. OPUSCAL.ZIP Details on Opus/AmFAR donation memorabilia. O170!GEN.REL Opus 1.7+ file listing you are reading now. O170FILE.ZIP ZIPped form of above listing. --- You NEED ALL these files! OEXE173A.ZIP Main Opus 1.7+ executables. OMAKE173.ZIP Programs and files to convert from 1.1x to 1.7+. or create a new Opus CBCS. OMAN_174.ZIP Opus MANager utility for Opus 1.7+. This is a REAL release but does NOT contain an Area Manager section. It is also V7 Nodelist specific. The full release is expected in several weeks. OMMM_170.ZIP Opus Matrix Message Masher - Matrix Mail Router. OSOM_170.ZIP Opus Sysop Operation Manual. OSOM_ADD.ZIP Errata and Addenda for Opus 1.73 [inside OSOM_170]. OTEC_170.ZIP Opus 1.7+ technical manual (Hey wow! Docs!). OTEC_ADD.ZIP Errata and Addenda for Opus 1.73 [inside OTEC_170]. OUSER170.ZIP Opus User Manual for Opus 1.7+. UTIL170.ZIP Opus 1.7+ FILESBBS.DAT conversion/maintenance programs. [updated with PHATCH6 files] OFAM_095.ZIP Opus-Fam for all versions of Opus. Includes docs and samples. OFAM099L.ZIP Beta version OFAM. [NEW features & fixes] OFAMDOC.Z95 OFAM docs for use with Betas which have no docs. ML01.ZIP Message Library Maintenance for use with OFAM. MLFILE.ZIP Message Library FILE updates for use with OFAM beta. --- You might want these files to take advantage of some of the new features for Opus 1.7+. OEVENT81.ZIP Opus 1.7+ Event manager. OFPC102.ZIP Opus 1.7+ Files [Database] Privilege Changer. OMAIL_41.ZIP OMAIL for Opus 1.7+, multi-zone, special request files. OPARS102.ZIP Version 7 Nodelist compiler for 1.7+. Bug fixes! OPIE_171.ZIP Opus Parameter Editor for 1.7+. OUFM140.ZIP Opus 1.7+ User File Manager, fixes multitask probs. OUFP109.ZIP Opus 1.7+ User File Purger. OPFM106.ZIP Opus 1.7+ .PRM editor. ---- Opus 1.7+ structures and information (When its ready!) FEATURE2.LST Opus 1.7+ feature list #2. OFAQTOID.ZIP Opus 1.7+ 'Faqtoids' compiled by Bev Freed. OPUS_API.Z17 Opus 1.7+ structures and some documentation for the structure and sample files. APILIBMS.Z04 Microsoft API library. APILIBTC.Z04 Borland API library. APILIBZT.Z04 Zortech API library. --- Opus 1.7+ language files SWED0714.ZIP Opus 1.7+ Language : Svenska. NOR_0713.ZIP Opus 1.7+ Language : Norsk. FRANCAIS.ZIP Opus 1.7+ Language : French. SUOM0714.ZIP Opus 1.7+ Language : Suomi. CHIN1113.ZIP Opus 1.7+ Language : Chinese. ITAL0729.ZIP Opus 1.7+ Language : Italian. OPUS17GE.ZIP Opus 1.7+ Language : German --- Opus 1.7+ protocol files MOBYOP04.ZIP Enables DSZ transfers within Opus 1.7+. MOBYOP09.ZIP BETA MobyOpus for use w/Opus 1.7+. OATE_102.ZIP ASCII External protocol for Opus 1.7+. OKER_105.ZIP KERMIT External protocol for Opus 1.7+. OBIMD110.ZIP Opus v1.xx/BiModem v1.20 Protocal Interface. OPUMA110.ZIP Opus v1.xx/Puma Protocal Interface. JOPUS000.ZIP JModem for Opus 1.71. O_JMOD11.ZIP Opus 1.7+ Jmodem Interface (delete O_JMODM.ZIP!). 110XPL.ZIP External Protocol loaders for 1.03 protocols. --- Opus 1.7+ REQUIRES a version 5 FOSSIL FOSSILs are found in the Comm File Area [9]! --- Opus 1.7+ utilities and mail handlers 170RENUM.ZIP Renum re-write by Trev Roydhouse [no docs]. ADUMP100.ZIP Makes AREAS.BBS from 1.7+ SYSMSG.DAT files. AF2DB100.ZIP Add Filename To DataBase for Opus 1.73+. AFHLP121.ZIP AreaFix HeLP to run from internal tosser in 1.7+. ANALG120.ZIP Log analyzer for Opus 1.7+. BIRTHDAY.ZIP Send birthday wishes to users for Opus 1.7+. BW101_OP.ZIP BlueWave Door for Opus 1.7+. BW22_DOS.ZIP BlueWave Offline Msg Reader for DOS [use w/BW Door]. BW22_OS2.ZIP BlueWave OLR for OS/2. BW22_386.ZIP BlueWave OLR for 386s. CHEKM11B.ZIP Mail checker from the North for Opus 1.7+. CHGAREA.ZIP Move files/description to new area in FILESBBS. COUNT.ZIP Shows what files have been downloaded. DATELOG.ZIP Date and archive your BBS logs for any BBS. DMAGIC11.ZIP Door-converter for Opus 1.7+. Bug fixes. DRMO-140.ZIP DRM-Pioneer CD Changer interface for Opus 1.7+ running multiple line systems. E2A102.ZIP Create AREAS.BBS from SYSMSG.DAT for Opus 1.7+. FIXTOSS1.ZIP Fixes ECHOTOSS.LOG to remove dupe listings. FLOMSG15.ZIP Converts .?LO packets to .MSG format for Opus 1.7+. FLU150.ZIP File List Updater for Opus 1.7+. FRCTR100.ZIP FileRequest CounTeR, updates d/l logs for Opus 1.7+ FVIEW807.ZIP FileView for Opus 1.7+. FVSRC807.ZIP FView source for Opus 1.7+. KLST012.ZIP FileList and NewsList maker for Opus 1.7+. LASTREAD.ZIP Makes 1.7+ LASTUSER look like 1.10 LASTUSER. LEECH200.ZIP Enforces a msg to download ratio on Opus 1.7+. MBASE410.ZIP MailBase mail checker/editor for Opus 1.7+. MILOV100.ZIP User editor for Opus 1.7+. MPR1302B.ZIP Beta Msg Maintenance for Opus 1.7+. [old version] MSGCPY11.ZIP Copy msgs from Echos to holding area. Bug fix 1a. MSGPR140.ZIP MeSsaGe PRocessor for Fido/Opus 1.7+ mail. NEWMLUPD.ZIP My MLUPD for Opus 1.20 FILESBBS.DAT. OAC121.ZIP Opus/Avatar Compiler for 1.7+. OAD120.ZIP Opus/Avatar Decompiler for 1.7+. OBANK200.ZIP Time banking utility for Opus 1.7+. OBUL_003.ZIP Generate specific bulletins for users. OCBV135.ZIP Opus Call Back Verifier for Opus 1.7+. OCDFAM1.ZIP Opus CDROM File Area Manager for Opus 1.7+. OCHAT170.ZIP Ultimate Chatter for 1.7+. ODCC100.ZIP Opus Duplicate Caller Checker for 1.7+. OFARE19.ZIP Update to OFARE in UTIL170.ZIP for 1.7+. OFFF17D.ZIP Opus Fast File Finder [BETA] for Opus 1.7+. OFREE11.ZIP Opus Online Diskspace Monitor. OFU105.ZIP Opus Filename Updater for Opus 1.7+. OHSLK20B.ZIP Opus 1.7x HSLink Interface (v2.0b). OLINK100.ZIP Opus Hypertext file locator-master file list. OMI177.ZIP Opus Message Information utility for 1.7+ [beta]. ONLMAN.ZIP ONLine Opus Users MANual [compiled OECs] for Opus 1.7+. OOUU224.ZIP Opus Online User Updater by Steve Antonoff. OPDSZ20B.ZIP Opus 1.7x DSZ/GSZ Interface (v2.0b). OPLKIT14.ZIP OPus Language KIT for Opus 1.7+ OPLOG.ZIP Log comment inserter for Opus & Binkley or any BBS. OPTLT_02.ZIP Update for OPMED.TLT ver 02. OPUSTP30.ZIP Opus CBCS 1.1x + Top Users Bulletin Generator. O_QWK17.ZIP QWK mail door for use with Opus 1.7+ from Portugal! OREN120.ZIP Message renumberer for Opus 1.7+. O_REN171.ZIP O_RENum for 1.71 by Doug Boone for Opus 1.71. ORTUU121.ZIP OPUS Real Time User Updater for OPUS 1.7+ ONLY. OUD.ZIP Online Users manual [raw OECs] for Opus 1.7+. OUDL00.ZIP Update download cntrs from Binkley Logs. OUIDX.ZIP User IDX generator for Opus 1.7+. OWALNUT.ZIP 2OPUS.EXE creates pathed FILES.BBS fm WalnutCreek CDROM. PCP_MAIL.ZIP Script-builder for Opus 1.10 mailer. PHATCH6.ZIP Updates to UTIL170 preHatch files. PHONE30.ZIP OPHONE split screen chat for Opus 1.7+. PHON3032.ZIP Latest BETA of OPHONE for public test. QM_100.ZIP Qmail 1.00, Echomail toss/scan/pack. QM_CONV.ZIP Converts Opus *.MSG to Qmail *.MSG. REDATE21.ZIP Redates Opus msg headers. Docs in Dutch. RENUM170.ZIP Bob Hartman's RENUM 1.4 updated for Opus 1.7+. ROTO.ZIP Rotates your welcome screens by schedule. RNUM170A.ZIP Alpha version of Renum for 32Meg+ partitions. RMQ_170.ZIP Ranch Message Queue. Lists mail waiting. SAVEKO53.ZIP Move Echo msgs to archive for Opus 1.7+. SETBD004.ZIP SET BirthDay info colletion util for Opus 1.7+. SETUSER.ZIP Sets the User NetMail Accounts by privilege to Opus User (USER.DAT). SFA.ZIP Sets the Privilege of Files for a given Area in FILESBBS.DAT. SFUED117.ZIP StormFront User File Editor for Opus 1.7+. SM_27C.ZIP ScanMail, mail checker for 1.7+. SPANN0.ZIP Automatically set SPANN flags to batch of users from a file or by priv or all. Silver Express Files: SXR401.ZIP SilverXpress Offline Reader. SX500F1.ZIP SilverXpress offline reader door Opus 1.03 w/docs. SX503F2.ZIP SilverXpress offline reader door Opus 1.1+. SX503F3.ZIP SilverXpress offline reader door Opus 1.7+. SX500DOC.ZIP SilverXpress offline reader door docs for all. SXCLR202.ZIP SilverXpress color customizing utility. XEXT53.ZIP SilverXpress source files for menu mods. TATLTL25.ZIP Log commentator for Opus 1.7+. TDCL_150.ZIP Today's Callers v1.50 for Opus 1.7+. TOP10_04.ZIP Another TOP 10 Files Lister for Opus 1.7+. TOPFIL00.ZIP TOP ten FILes in color for Opus 1.7+. TOPTEN.ZIP Lists the ten most frequently downloaded files. TOPUS170.ZIP TopUsers v1.7+ TopTen User/UpLd/DnLd. TSYSOP.ZIP TPOINT V1.06 point system-Sysop files (Opus/Max). UNCON74.ZIP Writes FILES.BBS files from FILESBBS.DAT. USERNDX.ZIP Source and PRJ for USERNDX.EXE. WCHAT100.ZIP Whale CHAT program for 1.7+ from Sweden. WCLD_308.ZIP WhoCaLleD util lists daily callers to Opus 1.7+. WHO.ZIP Reports who is online from one Node to other for Opus 1.7+. WHOS101.ZIP Who's On for multiline ops for Opus 1.7+. WINK_101.ZIP QWK door for Opus 1.1+ & 1.7+. XAWR105.ZIP Xpress AWaRe for Opus 1.7+ makes Opus pack new msgs. YAMMED.ZIP Multi-use msg editor for Opus 1.7+ [public .40 release]. YCOL.ZIP YAMMED color mouse installation files for .40. YMS_200.ZIP Your Mail Sir mail checker for Opus 1.7+. ZFAXOPU1.ZIP Run FAX/Opus on one line with Zyxel modem [package]. --- Some source code to use with Opus 1.7+ LAZ.ZIP Control & Config files used on 1:119/5. MYPARSE.ZIP OPARSE files. MYPARSE.ZRC Source code for a version 7 nodelist generator. OEVNT81S.ZIP Source for OEVENT OFARE19S.ZIP Source for OFARE19 for Opus 1.7+. SYSTEMS.ZIP Makes Opus 1.1x SYSTEM*.DAT files from 1.7+ SYS*.DAT files. UTIL170S.ZIP Source for 1.7+ Utils. --- Some arcane files to use with Opus 1.7+ BUNGIE.GIF WOC picture of RS-232 Bungie Championships. GUIDOGAL.GIF MEADOW Moderator unmasked! PIZZACON.ZIP OpusCalendar Pizza convention pics. WOCBADGE.ZIP Official WOC Merit Badges. WYNN1.GIF Is this Opus' daddy? --- Some stuff related to Opus: The Next Generation [1.80] FEATURES.180 Projected features for Opus 1.80 of the future. --- Proposed Message Structure for Opus 2.00 MSG200.ZIP Structure for the Opus 2.00 message base.


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