To: SHS Re: +quot;SHB: A Threat to Humanism?+quot; Ken Marsalek and Don Evans would like t

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To: SHS From: Fredric Rice Re: "SHB: A Threat to Humanism?" Ken Marsalek and Don Evans would like to believe that the SHB publications articles and writers are a potential threat to the humanist movement due to what they percieve to be unwarranted negative commentary on religion and outright irresponsible rhetoric. Nonsense! Perhaps no one ever took either aside and explained the reasons why so-called "monotheistic" religions have the bloody history and the huge body counts they do. If SHB can be faulted for anything, it is for not describing world history, religion's place in it, and why humanism is a superior philosophy to deity-oriented cultism. I see nothing at all wrong with SHB's articles or writers nor do I find any fault with the rhetoric employed nor the tone which is set. Were the religious among us capable of keeping their cultism away from the unaffected and managed to keep us out of their fantasies, _then_ I would consider much of SHB's articles unwarranted. We see willful ignorance attempting to be taught as science in _our_ public schools because so many people _are_ stupid and incapable of understanding that their mythologies _are_ mythologies. Tim Farrell's trips to the Christian mythology's "Twilight Zone" serves a very real and positive service by enumerating the elements of lunacy that are so easilly and obviously realized by _everyone_ but the truely deluded. No, when there are so many religious zealots attempting to install their own brand of theocracy lunacy around the world and seek to dehumanize us all in ever growing numbers, the time to "play nice" and blandly state facts just isn't here yet. Eventually, I hope, religious ignorance will fade from humanity as just a horrid side note to the species' evolution and when that happens, the SHB can either water itself down or close up shop, resting easy with the satisfaction that the danger of religion is past. Until then, keep up the pressure and don't let religious lunatics re-enact history -- at least not while I, my children, or my grandchildren are alive.


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