This is the full list of all the MAGIC Filenames available for File Request from Rights On

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This is the full list of all the MAGIC Filenames available for File Request from Rights On!, 1:374/14, in Titusville_FL_USA. With this list, you can always request the latest version of your favorite programs without having to be specific. [grin] This list is periodically reviewed and adjusted and is available under its own magic filename of MAGIC. The files on this system are either in ZIP format using the latest PKZIP product or in self-extracting, .EXE archives of various formats. When in doubt, use .* as the extension but occasionally this will result in multiple files being sent that are not necessarily related. ZIPs are compressed using NEW PKZIP 2.+!! available as PKZIP. The files you get from this system have been virus scanned by the latest version of SCAN from McAfee but ALL files on this system are downloaded or file-requested at YOUR OWN RISK and with NO GUARANTEE or WARRANTY from this system! McAfee has issued their newest update to their anti-virus programs. The new version is 2.+ and uses an .EXE engine with replaceable .DAT files for updates in the future. ALL the old format versions have been replaced with the V 2.+ files noted below! I encourage all Sysops to create a master list of their magic filenames to standardize the request process as FILES and ABOUT have done for that information. Enjoy! List updated: 5 Nov 95. Magic Name Requested File(s) Sent ABOUT 1-374-14.INF (Brief Sketch of this Node) ADA-ALL ADA-ALL.ZIP (Americans w/Disabilities Act files) AFHELP AFHLP*.ZIP (latest AFHELP AreaFix aid) AREAFIX AF_*.ZIP (latest AreaFix) ARJ ARJ*.EXE (latest ARJ archiver) ATHEIST A_THEIST.ZIP (samples of A_THEIST Echo) BACKBONE BACKBONE.NA/BACKSTAT.NA/BACKBONE.NO (Zone 1 Echos) BOP BOFAQ*.TXT (Backbone Echomail procedure) BINK BEXE*.ZIP BSML*.ZIP (regular & small exes) BINKLEY BEXE*.ZIP BDOC*.ZIP (regular exe & docs) BINKDOC BDOC*.ZIP (docs only) BINKSRC BSRC*.ZIP (source docs only) BINKALL ALL current BinkleyTerm files BT BEXE*.ZIP (BinkleyTerm only) BINKBETA BDOS259C.ZIP (BinkleyTerm Beta for DOS) BINK95 BT95259C.ZIP (BinkleyTerm alpha for Windows '95/NT) BINKOS2 BTJDS006.ZIP (BinkleyTerm 32bit for 3/4/586s OS/2) BONK BONK_*.ZIP (latest Bink/Opus Nodelist tool) BLUEWAVE BW??_DOS.ZIP (latest BlueWave reader for DOS) BWAVE386 BW??_386.ZIP (latest BlueWave reader for 386s) BWAVEOS2 BW??_OS2.ZIP (latest BlueWave reader for OS/2) BWDOOR BW1??_OP.ZIP (latest BWave Door util for Opus 1.7+) BWOPUS BW1??_OP.ZIP ( " " " " " " ) CHEKMAIL CHEKM*.ZIP (latest CheckMail) CLEAN SCN-*.ZIP (now inside V 2.+ SCAN) CONFMAIL CONFMAIL.* (3.3+) (Old, smaller version) CONF CONF_400.* (Current version) CPD CPD*.ZIP (Computer Privacy Digest issues) DBRIDGE DB-15*.ZIP (Complete D'Bridge Files) DB DB-15*.ZIP ( " " " ) DBOS2 DB-15*.ZIP (Same D'Bridge is OS/2 version) DSZ DSZ????.ZIP (latest DSZ direct from Forsberg) DSZX DSZ????X.ZIP (DSZ executables only) ECHOLIST ELIST###.ZIP (LIST only) ECHOMOD ELMOD###.ZIP (MODerator instructions) ECHORULE ELRUL###.ZIP (RULEs only) ELIST ELIST*.ZIP (LIST, MOD, RUL) ECHOPOL EP*.* (No Joke the one the IC threw out) EPDRAFT ECHOPOL.A## [Echo Policy Draft for Zone 1] EDITNL EDTNL*.ZIP (Edit Nodelist utility) FEBBS FEBBS*.ZIP (latest FileExpress for BBSes) FD FD*.ZIP (Complete FrontDoor Files) FRODO FD*.ZIP (FrontDoor archive) FDSZ FDSZ????.ZIP (FOSSIL DSZ prototype) FIDO12 FIDO*.ZIP (latest Fido version) FIDOBILL FB-V*.ZIP (latest FidoBill accounting) FIDONEWS FNEWS*.ZIP (Current FidoNews issue) FILEBONE FILEBONE.NA/FILEBONE.NO/FILEBONE.ECH (Filebone files) FNWS FNWS*.ZIP (Current Month of FidoNews issues) FNEWSTC FNEWS?TC.ZIP (FidoNews Table of Contents volumes) FILES RIGHTFIL.ZIP(Complete File List for 1:374/14) FIRENET FNETSELL.ZIP (How to sell the FidoNet idea) FMS *.* from False Memory Syndrome Directory FTS FTS*.ZIP (Current FTSC Standards) FTSC FTSC-ALL.ZIP (ALL Standards & Proposals) FLIST FTSCLIST.ZIP (Files.BBS listing of FTSC stuff) GMD GMD*.ZIP (Grunged Mail Detector) GENMSG GMSG*.ZIP (FABULOUS .MSG/PGP/Internet interface!) GOLDED GED02*.ZIP (GoldED msg editor files) GSZ GSZ????.ZIP (GSZ graphics version of DSZ) HACKRPT HACK*.ZIP (Monthly report of hacked programs) IPGP IPGP*.ZIP (InfoPGP digests from Internet) INTERTEL MENSA*.ZIP (General Mensa & Intertel info) LHA LHArc program (produces .LZH extensions) LHARC LHArc program ( " " " ) LIST LIST*.EXE (Direct from Vern Buerg) MAGIC MAGIC374.14L (This file you are reading) MAKENL MKNL*.ZIP (MakeNL Nodelist creation util) MBASE MBASE*.ZIP (latest version) MCAFEE ???-22?E.ZIP (All McAfee anti-virus engines) MENSA MENSA*.* (General Mensa & Intertel info) MILO MILOV*.ZIP (latest version) MSGCOPY MSGCPY*.ZIP (latest version) MSGPRO MSGPR*.ZIP (latest MsgProcessor) MSGSCAN MSGSCN*.ZIP (latest MsgScan for Fido 12+) NERF NERFFREE.ZIP (Opus instructions) NETSHLD NSH-???E.ZIP (latest McAfee NLM for Novell of SCAN) Nodelists: NODEDIFF NODEDIFF.Z* (Current FidoNet Nodediff) NODELIST NODELIST.Z* (Current FidoNet Nodelist) Z1-DIFF Z1-DIFF.Z* (Current Zone 1 Only FidoNet Nodediff) Z1-LIST Z1-LIST.Z* (Current Zone 1 Only FidoNet Nodelist) ANETLIST ANETLIST.Z* (Current AlterNet Nodelist) EGGLIST EGGLIST.Z* (Current EggNet Nodelist) DBNET DBNET.Z* (Current DBNet Nodelist) BLOWHARD BLOWHARD.Z* (Current BlowHard List(tm) & info) ODCC ODCC*.ZIP (Opus Duplicate Caller Checker) OFAM OFAM_*.ZIP (latest OpusFAM) OFAMBETA OFAM0*.ZIP (latest beta OFAM) MLFILE ML*.ZIP (Message Language file for OFAMbeta) OCLEAN OSC-*.ZIP (NOW inside Version 2.+ OSCAN) OFAMDOC OFAMDOC.Z## (docs for beta use) OMAN OMAN_*.ZIP (latest OpusMANager) OMIBETA OMIB*.ZIP (latest version) OPHONE PHONE*.ZIP (Current OPHONE split chat) PHONBETA PHON3???.ZIP (Latest OPHONE BETA chat) OPUSFILE O170FILE.ZIP (List of our Opus 1.7+ files) OPUS O170FILE.ZIP " " " " " OPUS170 O???_17?.ZIP (Opus 1.7+ files) OSCAN OSC-*.ZIP (NEW V 2.+ SCAN for OS/2 from McAfee) OUFM OUFM*.ZIP (Opus User File Manager) OXPRESS SX503F3.ZIP (SilverXpress door for Opus 1.7+) PAK PAK*.EXE (produces .PAK extensions) PGP executables/source may only be file-requested by Zone 1 Nodes! PGP PGP262.ZIP (Pretty Good Privacy for MS-DOS) PGPSRC PGP262S.ZIP (Source files for PGP) PGPALL PGP262*.ZIP (ALL PGP MS-DOS files & source) PGPAMIGA PG26AM*.LHA (Amiga format PGP 2.0 w/source) PGPMAC MACPGP2*.* (Macintosh BINHEX format PGP 2.6) PGPOS2 PGP262O2.ZIP (OS/2 format PGP) PGPKEY PGP Public Key for Christopher Baker 1:374/14 REVOKE PGP Revocation for old Keys KEYRING Public Keyring of Christopher Baker 1:374/14 PGPFILES List of Privacy/Encryption files on 1:374/14 This PGP document archive may be requested by any Node PGPFIND FINDPGP.LST (Worldwide availability list) PGPDOC PGP262DC.ZIP (Exportable docs for PGP) PGPWAVE PGPW*.ZIP (Latest PGPWave offline reader/shell) PKZIP PKZ*.EXE (latest PKZIP direct from Phil Katz) POLICY POLICY4.ARC (FidoNet Policy) PROGBBS PROG_BBS.Z* (Progressive BBS list) QMAIL QM_*.ZIP (QMail Echomail processor) QNODE QNODE*.ZIP (Fast Nodelist compiler) RAR RAR*.EXE (RAR shareware archiver utility) UNRAR UNRAR*.EXE (Freeware RAR extractor) R18POL R18POL.ARC (Region 18 Policy 106) R18POLS R18POLS.ZIP (Collection of R18 Net policies) R18STUFF R18STUFF.ZIP (Nodelist extracts of R18) SAFE SARCE*.* (Prevents ARCmail bombs) SARC SARCE*.* ( " " " ) SDSFILE SDSLIST.ZIP (Current list of SDS files) SCAN SCN-*.ZIP (NEW V 2.+ McAfee virus scanner) SCAN95 S95*.ZIP (McAfee SCAN/CLEAN for Windows '95) SFUED SFUED*.ZIP (latest StormFront User Editor) SHEZ SHEZ*.ZIP (latest of the best archive shell) SIO SIO*.ZIP (latest OS/2 FOSSIL from Gwinn) SIRIUS SIR*.* (Complete Sirius Editor betas) STARS ASTROVUE.* (Star Map w/Miami settings) TARGET TARGET*.ZIP (McAfee file locator) TATLTALE TATL*.ZIP (latest TattleTale log commenter) TCM TCMV*.ZIP (Config Manager from McAfee) TELIX TLX*.* (Complete Telix files) TICK TICK*.ZIP (Auto file send util) TSR TSRCOM*.ZIP (latest TerminateStayResident) UNARJ UNARJ*.EXE (latest UNARJ extractor) VSHLD VSH-*.ZIP (NEW V 2.+ McAfee infection blocker) VSUMX VSUMX*.ZIP (latest virus list in Hypertext) WHOCALL WCLD*.ZIP (latest WhoCalled user checker) WILDMAIL WMAIL*.ZIP (latest WildMail) WSCAN WSCAN*.ZIP (latest McAfee Windows SCAN) X00 X00.ZIP (Current Release version) XARC7 XARCPLUS.EXE (Version 7 unARCer) XCHANGE XCHG*.* (Compression XCHanger) REDATE.ZIP XLAX XLAX*.EXE (Finest Nodelist Processor w/2.57 XDiff) XLAXNODE XLAX*.EXE ( " " " " ) XPRESS SXR401.ZIP (SilverXpress Reader for all systems) XPRESDOC SX500DOC.ZIP (SilverXpress docs) YAMMED YAMMED*.ZIP (latest YAMMsg editor) ZIP PKZ*.EXE (latest PKZIP direct from Phil Katz) ZOO ZOO*.* (produces .ZOO extensions) File requests are honored anytime EXCEPT 0100-0130 ET [0600-0630 GMT] and Zone 1 ZMH [0900-1000 GMT] at 1200-9600+ HST/V32 for FidoNet listed systems [and their legal points] ONLY! Also available as downloads to first-time callers to Rights On! at 407-383-1372. Thanks, for using Rights On!, 1:374/14, Titusville_FL_USA! [grin] TTFN. Chris


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