By: J.J. Hitt Re: An interesting discourse - Part 0 The following crosspost (which I readi

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By: J.J. Hitt Re: An interesting discourse - Part 0 The following crosspost (which I readily admit is ponderously long) was writen by a 19 year old Mormon who is also a Flaming True Believer in UFOs and alien abductions. The author states at one point that his church thinks he is a "nut-case". (And when you're too wacky for the LDS, you're really wacky.) The bulk of the article is an alleged dialog between this Mormon nut-case and a "Government Agent" he found on AOL. One quickly notices that the "Government Agent" speaks in the exact same disjointed style and unfinished sentences as the 19yo-LDS-FTB. It's clearly a fraud and a poorly done one. However, it contains such jewels as a UFO shaped like a Mormon temple, the true location of the golden plates, Angels in knife fights with aliens and Biblical patriarchs digging underground shelters in Colorado. For these items and other just as weird, I offer the following.... * Original From: Don Allen, 1:3618/2 * Original Date: Jan 12 07:08 * Forwarded from I_UFO --=====================_821073284==_ Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii" --=====================_821073284==_ Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii" Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="MORMON.TXT" I received this interesting file in the mail the other day. For those of us who find themselves at the point of going on past the lessons offered in "SaucerNut-101," this file will be both enlightening and immensely amusing. In a very Vallean sense. It purports to be a logged conversation between a well-meaning yet dangerously naieve devout young mormon man (19 yrs old) and an alleged "Government Agent" whom he encountered in one of the chat areas on AOL. Those who have been scanning aav for a while will immediately recognize this young man as the one who provided the story approximately a year ago where he alleges a certain angelic being enabled and empowered him to essentially beat the living shit out of some greys who had been terrorizing him since early childhood. It was a most fascinating story; chock full of LDS-flavored religious dogma and a conceivably very active imagination which we shall politely refer to here as "poetic license." It is fascinating to note the extent of religious conditioning which causes followers to cling so tenaciously to their own particular flavor of dogma (i.e. "OUR beliefs are the ONLY true beliefs and everyone else's are wrong") and the incredible blindspots which this sort of conditioning can produce. Perhaps someone some day will have the heart to break it to this well-meaning young man that mormonism itself is nohing more than a "space-brother/contactee" cult based upon the "channeled" and oddly "translated" missives of an upper echelon masonic devotee and his interactions with an "angel" going by the name of Moroni. Sort of a Urantia which actually caught on. I simply do not have the heart to tell him. My apologies up front for the length of the file; much of it is incredibly boring but there are certain valuable gems buried in the mix which make the effort required to read it in it's entirety worthwhile for those who are fascinated both by religio-socio-cultural manipulation and dominant religious paradigms as they relate to the current crop of "UFO." Enjoy. ================================================================ Later that Night - Contact from the Government In early December, I had joined a UFO and alien research group over the internet on America Online called R.I.S.K.E.R.S. They inspired me to set forth and write this book in the first place. But since this recent event I have been nervous about adding this chapter. I only want the truth to be out and whatever happens to me is irrelevant to the situation. The same night that Troy and I witnessed this awesome sight, I went online to tell some friends what had happened. As I entered the Sightings chat room I noticed an unusal name in the room I never had seen before. The person was not talking, just listening in on everyone's conversation. As I thought about this new person, something in my head told me that this guy from from the government and that I was to talk to him, and tell him what I saw. I spoke to him telling him I knew who he was and what he was doing. I then explained to him what I had seen earlier that evening....As I was into the conversation he told me that my call had been traced -- he shown me my address and phone number of which was unusual since I did not tell him my name or anything. As the conversation continued he said that he would have a contact reach me in fifteen minutes and that I would eceive a phone call but to let the phone ring twice and not pick it up and then to go back online and wait for the contact to reach me...The following is the first conversation out of four which I had with the contact -- who claimed he works with technology and has dealt with the aliens face to face and knows that they are corrupt. Now, I can not verify if these men are truly with the government -- but due to the occurences and the way this happened, I feel they were. GA:-------- says that you viewed an incident in PA. Me: Sure did -- just tonite -- but I have seen many things in my life. GA: What area of PA? Me: Hanover. Southern Pa. But you can see this from any state, I think GA: Did you have anything to ask? Me: I have been watching what appears to be a new star -- but it is not there everynight -- I always know when it is out. I feel it. I want to know what it is -- and why UFOs seem to follow me -- why the Greys want me so bad. GA: That is correct. Me: The star tonite was seen by my friend and I -- we saw some planes trying to go after it -- the star changes colors -- has a red light come out of the bottom every few minutes. Vanishes when I tell others to look at it GA: The object most often seen in that area is ARV-2. This one was not. Me: One of the planes seemed to have disappeared when it advanced toward the star. Three more planes advanced it in a V-formation. We saw that the plane on the right shot something white at the star it did nothing GA: accellerated beyond recon capabilities Me: Then a bright orange orb came from below the star and hovered over the shopping centers GA: Beyond visual capabilities Me: It vanished before it came over our car GA: That was not reported Me: We watched this (battle?) for 20 minutes. No one else was wathcing it. Excpet for my dad 30 miles away!! GA: Stand by...(pause for 10 minutes)...Incident started near Waynesboro ? Me: Hanover A: Sighting. Star Me: I watch this star at my house. It is not there everynight GA: The incident began near Waynesboro Me: I used to watch this star when I lived in Denver. In Denver it came out about 3 am GA: Lasted for over 57 minutes in total Me: Yes. We wathced it for over 30 minutes GA: Did you live anywhere near Springfield Co.? Me: I lived in Aurora. But I know where that is. GA: I see. Me: I know there are underground bases there. I was taken underground during an abdcution GA: I can tell you that things are not what they seem in the popular media. Me: I know that. A lot of it is lies and disinfo. GA: I can not tell you all. But I have some things for you to consider. Me: My friend in Denver was at Norad -- Jan 1992. Saw a large UFO shaped like a Mormon temple GA: The answers will lead you to the total answer Me: It was at these mounds GA: Norad is used as listening post...that is almost publicly known at this time Me: My friend went inside some of those strange old missile silos that are now being closed up GA: There is use of this technology in the building Me: He said he saw tunnels leading underground. GA: Are you familiar with the Hill case in 1969? Me: He also says he knows there are very ancient technology buried in mounds in Colorado near Norad GA: That is not relavent to your encounter at this time Me: He tested the mounds with metal detectors -- something is under a mound circular -- made of gold and silver. GA: Are you a religious person ? Me: Very GA: Christian ? Me: I have been protected by angels during abductions. I killed some greys. The greys were taken in a blue beam onboard a triangle shaped ship after they were killed. GA: You can not kill them...not really. It only appears that way. Me: I still have a scar on my neck from those things. The angel cut off the top of their heads with a long sword and their brains came out. I feel these things are ust clones of some sort. No emotions. They have the capability to go through walls. Oooh -- they do not like Jesus. They hate bright light. GA: Does your first name have 4 letters ? Me: Todd. They hate the light. Hence the black eyes. GA: There is something you should know. Me: I want to stop these things -- I would put my life on the line -- I want to know how to end this. To help others. GA: I can not help you. Not if you won't listen. Me: Ok, I am sorry, go ahead. GA: This started a very long time ago. Dont subscribe to the popular belief of "Aliens" Me: In ancient times. GA: It is true that another "race" came here. But that is not what you are encountering. Me: I know. GA: You are correct, we are powerless in the true sense of the word to battle this. Me: I know. GA: We can not tell the public at large. Too dangerous. Me: I hold the power though. I am considered a nutcase in my own church. GA: Did ------- tell you what I do ? Me: No. He was going to let you. GA: It is a classified position involving research and technology. I can only help you to a point. Me: Really? Do you study a lot of anti-gravity? That is what I need to learn. GA: Ask yourself a few questioins though.. Me: Sure. GA: If these were truly aliens with the ability to paralyze people for experiments, then why dont they just paralyze a blood bank which has all of the needed materials. Most of what you experience is for you to see it. And not "for real." Me: I know. GA: Then you already know what we know. Me: What about the technological -- the bodies -- the scar on my neck? I know there is a civilization underground. I am extremely compelled that I must go to them. GA: The scar is real...the bodies...real...the appearent technology is real. Me: Yes. GA: Before you go further...I'm sorry, I have to stop. Do you have any other questions? Me: Just read the file I am sendng and get back to me. GA: If I can I will. Me: What do these beings want from us? GA: More than you might think. Me: Why do they come after me? Why have I seen about 14 UFOs now? GA: You already know that answer. If you consider what I have said carefully. Me: Do you feel I should be preparing myself then for something major? I have had many visions of the future -- I have met Jesus. GA: Within 5 years.. Me: He will destroy the greys. I feel sorry for the public. I know a lot of people are going to be destroyed. I just want to do what God wants me to -- even if I die trying. I will appreciate anything you guys can do for me -- I sincerely desire that I could somehow get into the underground. I was very compelled to go to Colorado. GA: Not possible. Me: All things are possible -- if not by the Govt. then I have other means. GA: Not without clearance Me: I have alredy been down there. Oh, I'll find a way. GA: That was cleared Me: Oh yea, when I was there - I saw three men dressed in black. Their intials were MJ 1, 2, and 3. What does that mean? GA: Any other questions ? Me: How is the govt going to stop these beings -- they have more powerful weapons. They have been around longer than we have. GA: Star Wars was a first attempt...we are slowly (too slowly) realizing just what we are dealing with. You are so close to the correct answer. It is a shame that I can not tell you. Me: Don't worry friend -- I know where there is technology that can stop them -- we are just not ready to have it yet. And its right under your noses. GA: I am not exactly military like...but I do have my rules too. Me: I understand and respect that. I do not have any rules really :) Just 19 years old -- just a seeker of truth. GA: Can I give you an example of some of the questions you should be asking yourself? Me: Go ahead. GA: What was happening in my life when this all started? Why would this seem like it is for my viewing ? Me: I have already asked myself and answered these. Read the file I sent. Print it out and read it before you go to bed or are on the toilet or something. GA: I know what you saw. I know what you are experiencing. You have not reached the correct conclusions. You are close. Me: I reached the conclusions that my mind is capable of at this time GA: Yes...but continue. You are very close. Me: I do -- every day. I learn something new all the time. GA: When you reach the answer, you will have more questions, some of which I can help you with more Me: Isn't that the fun part -- we never stop learning. Have you met the greys? GA: Look at history. Ancient to now. Replace words like leprechan, fairy, giants with alien and see if the experiencer is telling th same story. Then ask why? Me: I noticed that the greys do not understand my sense of humor -- it actually seems to make them stay away. Oh yea -- all those legends are mostly the greys doing green men -- vampires, its all genetic manipulation GA: Look at what is the result of these encounters on your friends is....good or bad? It is not genetic manipulation...but you are very close... Me: Actually it was good -- we were led to some pretty wild stuff GA: Do not make the mistake of being "sure" about anything and then it will hit you. Me: There are very Satanic forces with these greys GA: If you are religious then take a look at your's in there too. Me: I have the bible and the Book of Mormon GA: Look up the references for neflim (nephlim and or Annuki). In the old testament. Where did they come from ?????? Me: I hold the same priesthood Jesus had. Yes -- the nephilim -- the Giants. Enoch built many ships and buried them in Colorado. The nephilim were made by fallen angels. Satan tempted these angels. They also created a serpent race. GA: Follow that path and more answers will present themselves. Me: They made the greys. Primarily lived underground many years. GA: The greys are nephlim....modern day Me: I know. The giants were not really Giant -- it just looked that way. Illusion. GA: Then do not look to the stars for your have them. Take it from me...I wasn't religious at all until getting involved. Me: My main reason was to let you guys know what happened tonite -- and to see if you could tell me what it was? Do you think that Star is the greys or the govt? GA: Yes. I know what it was. Me: Will that star come down to earth? GA: Several monitors on the West Coast had it on screen for the 57 minutes GA: Yes. Me: Is it some sort of mothership? GA: No Me: A ship? GA: Yes Me: A bad one? GA: Unknown at this time....but probably yes. Me: Hw is it I know this stuff -- Do you think God tells me or something else? I think god tells me. GA: If you ask enough questions and research everything...the answer begins to appear. Me: I am only 19 -- I learned all these things by praying. The aliens came after God called me. GA: I learned by viewing and working on it. Me: We are all going to see some pretty instense stuff before the end. GA: You know then that they are not truly alien at all. Me: The greys are from earth. Well, a different time. GA: No. Me: You believe their Zeta Reticuli story? I don't. GA: Neg Me: I think Satan made them some how. Or another evil force. GA: not so safe. Me: I am protected. GA: If you can avoid it then do. Me: I am being drawn there GA: There is no purpose for you to be there. None that will serve you or God Me: Remember the bible says the gospel will be taught below the earth? GA: Not where you were. Me: There are lost tribes down there. I saw people. Like us. GA: Neg. Me: I would still be protected GA: Do not test that for the sake of testing it. Me: When the Mormons built their temple -- one of the workers was attacked by the serpent being in the tunnels -- he was protected GA: If you are intent on doing this then..... Me: We have the literal power of God with us GA: Do not put the Lord thy God to the test. Me: I am intent.. GA: Ok Me: He is putting me to the test. I know God can protect me. It is only myself who I doubt. I am the weak one. GA: At the base of your neck is a scar....this leads to cramping in the muscle tissue Me: Yes. All the time. GA: When you are sick the cramping is worse. Me: Yea. I do not get sick that often anymore. GA: This is normal for your type. Me: I know a scientist who has cures for every disease. GA: This is not a call from God. Me: I can fast for days without food or water GA: It is more of a homing signal Me: The neck pain -- I know is not fro God. I think the greys did that. GA: Colorado is not safe. Not for you. Me: Too bad. I am compelled to go. GA: And you should reconsider that choice. Me: Too late GA: I'm sorry Me: Don't be. It's out of your hands GA: Winter is best. But is the hardest as well Me: Yea -- that is when my friend and his family saw the ufo in Jan Me: It was destroyed in front of them by God GA: The north is an entrance which fronts as a dwelling Me: North of what? Are there any caves? GA: You will see small posts in the ground when you are close Me: That lead there? GA: These posts have red lights which are very small...not for long range site Me: Where is this? GA: Best clothing is one that keeps in your body heat Me: Where are the posts? GA: Also the red lights and posts are really ammonia sensors.... will pick up your scent. GA: The best clothes will be smothering for more than 20 minutes. I think that is all I can tell you. Oh..there is one more thing.. Me: Ok GA: Beyond the red line...there are no questions...just an order to shoot to kill Me: Cool GA: You will be stored or incinarated Me: Even better Thing is- GA: This is not a joke Me: I know its not. GA: Anything else ? Me: Do you know what is inside Castle Rock? GA: Anything else ? So I was pondering over this for the next two days. As I was home alone I would get phone calls that would hang up as soon as I said hello and so forth. So I felt that my phone was tapped. Maybe not, maybe I am just getting paranoid. Here are two more conversations I had with this supposed Government contact. Before this next conversation, my father and I were followed by a black triangle type plane that had a light on each end for about two minutes on the way home from my doctor. I had sent mail to the supposed Government agent about this. I also had asked him about the alien found at the Roswell crash. He said that the alien had died on August 5, 1949 from an apparent brain hemoage. GA: I was just about to leave. I'm glad you caught me. How is your father ? Me: Guess what my birthday is GA: ? When Me: August 5th GA: Interesting Me: The elephant man was born on that day and Marilyn monroe died on that day GA: You got my message then. Me: Yep : ) Do you like your super-guru job? GA: It was fun at first. Now just scary. I will be leaving for the middle east soon. Me: Something going down out there? GA: Yes. GA: But more importantly. Out here. Me: If you ever get too scared just talk to me. I can help you overcome the fear -- fear is their strongest tool GA: Test flights will occur soon in that be monitored. Monitoring is to see what human response there is...and how it is perceived. Me: What was it that followed me tonite? GA: That is where I come in Me: My dad is okay. GA: Unknown. No data. Monitor stopped at 16:58 and did not re- engage until much later. Other station must have picked it up. Relay data will not be available until tomorrow Me: Ok- isn't weird how I found you guys so easy and the same night I saw the UFO? GA: Low priority. You are the first on this network. Me: Really -- you mean I am the only one on here that knows you? GA: You contacted point and he makes decision to go or no go. Affirmative. Other networks though. 700 in all. Me: When I saw -------- name I felt a prompting that I was to talk to him and that he was with the govt GA: It does pay to be a "super-guru" Me: And I told him that I knew he was and he opened up GA: He is point. Me: Can you trace my number on here? GA: My contact is limited to that protocol for my protection Me: One night someone traced me GA: Yes. Me: He said he worked at S4 GA: Unless you use a rotating series of networks to communicate. What was his name? Me: Geez -- I forget -- but there is another guy named TopSecrets GA: Important: Did you tell him about me? Please be hoest. Me: No -- this was about 2 weeks ago. GA: Are you sure ? Me: He traced my number and home address. He threatened me too. GA: Did he give you a 16 digit number to call? Me: No GA: Good. Do not call it if he does. Me: What will happen? GA: One more abduction. That is all I can say on that. Me: From the greys or the govt? The greys can not come here anymore. And I really do not think the govt wants to make a scence by standing up against the LDS church. GA: You must question everything that anyone may tell you. Unfortunately, that means me as well. It is for your good. Me: Have you traced me yet? GA: Roswell is beginning to become an "open" subject. Me: The other guy that traced me showed my phone number and address right on the screen. GA: I can not trace you from here without giving my position away. Me: I wish I could remember his screen name -- he said he worked in technology at S4 out at Area 51 GA: He was authorized from his location probably...that means it was official Me: My dad met a man who said he flew special operations for the govt. He took a box to white sands that was glowing green. GA: Cannot confirm. What is your next move with this information? Me: I do not know. I am just keeping it to myself right now. GA: Be careful. I have lost 3 friends already. All were labelled suicide. All were scientists. Me: To be honest I was only going to tell one person -- he is the guy who has seen the stuff at Norad. The govt can not harm him. He is protected by God. I am serious. GA: Do not give any information about me Me: I won't -- I do not know anything really about you -- just your Screen name GA: This is information for you to work with but not to give as evidence. Me: I do not need evidence -- my friend already has seen evidence GA: Did you see the Sightings episode of the murdered scientists ? Me: He would be interested merely for knowledge. Yes. GA: The one with the wire around his teeth and electrocuted with the wall plug? Me: Yea -- pretty gross GA: That was real Me: My friend know a scientist who made an anti-gravity device- but the Govt took it away from him. We are not sure if the scientist is still alive GA: He is. Me: Thats good to hear GA: Are you speaking of the Macro Gravity wave generator Me: Yes GA: Partially working Me: We know him Me: Do you know George Merkel? GA: I can not answer that. Me: Ok -- we know him personally to -- he has some really good stuff genetic research mostly -- the govt wants him to sell his inventions. I know where he lives -- but I do not want him to be harmed. GA: In your area is an undergrund facility. Me: I know GA: It is referred to as a black site Me: I have heard of that. Is it near the blue ridge mountains? GA: There is an obscure metal door on an unused road. Me: Metal door. That is like what I saw. Is it guarded? GA: The door is flat on the ground like a sewer door. The road is unmarked but can be reached from a main road if you know what to look for. Me: Ok. You know -- I can't find it if I do not know the town bud, do you expect me to drive around looking for every unmarked road or something? GA: No. I don't know the town name. I have only seen it once on assignment. Me: The highway? GA: Hold on. Me: Ok GA: I think it's 550 towards Blue Ridge Summit, It is hard to tell I was in the back of a truck during the travel. Its the best I can do for now. Me: I knew it. My dad saw a ufo there in the 60's GA: It must be higher than my I know most of the sites If it is then there is something substantial there Me: So -- if I found this door -- could i open it? GA: I don't know. It did not look guarded when I walked out. There is a substantial amount of equipment there. Me: I am sending you a picture of a grey -- tell me if it is a real one. Ok? Have you seen any aliens stored? GA: Some that even I haven't dealt with before. One that seems to be in a transparent box which is made of metal. I was not allowed out of the room that I was working in except to leave This conversation in had me more nervous than the first, but I shall include one more conversation. I have not received any contact for a week now. They told me they were going to the middle east soon and I can not find them anywhere on the internet. GA: Hello. Our friend said that you had more questions. Me: I thought you left the country? I guess not. GA: That is post-poned for 1 week Me: Are you excited about going? Actually- I do have some simple questions- ------- said that you gus wanted to talk to me some more. GA: Apprehensive. Negotiations with foreign govt's always means an audit off all peripheral functions Me: Oooh nice big words there. The star was out last night -- but no activity. I have also noticed that it comes back in the early morning GA: You may be viewing Venus. It is often confused. Me: Yes -- I have asked others -- and it is not Venus. Does Venus shoot orange orbs out of it? Or disappear? GA: No. Me: I thought so. And would Venus let me know when it was there? GA: ..and most probes appear red in color to the spectator Me: I see orange ones. Well -- if you watch the star very carefuly -- you can see a red dot coming out of the bottom GA: Do you hear the voices in your head? Me: I hear a hum in my left ear when I know it is there -- and see a face of a grey -- even when I close my eyes. Why is it that when I tell others to look at it, it vanishes as soon as they look at? Venus must be pretty smart. GA: The 1992 South Haven incident was the subject of a tech briefing. Me: South Haven -- is that the one near Long Island? GA: BrookHaven found high amounts of macro wave radiation. Yes. Me: Well, whatever happened to the live grey that was there? GA: A live grey was not mentioned on connection with that incident. Me: Oh, the book I have shows pictures of it. And the pictures are exactly like the ones that I saw on Nov 22, 1992. GA: The briefing was for the purpose of discussing the long range effects of this type of radiation on living organisms Me: And the weird part -- is that the main charater in the book is named Todd GA: Do not believe everything that is published....too much is fronted Me: Well -- then it must be a big coincidence. Or someone studied my life. GA: The mid-east tests will concern themselves with the same spectrum of radiation Me: Now, you have met some of the greys -- correct? I was just wondering ho they communicated with you -- or if they shown emotion GA: Non verbal Me: If they come back to me again -- I am going to pretend to follow them and then kick their butts and steal their ship. That is probably why they do not come back. GA: Thoughts are read Me: Thoughts are read?! They can tell what I am saying in my head? GA: Most of the time. Me: How? -- Jesus said that is impossilbe -- only he knows our thoughts. They can see what we write and say out loud. GA: I am not religious...just observing Me: Damn it. If they can read our thoughts we're screwed. GA: That is one reason for my cautions to you. Spontaneous actions do not seem to be read. Me: You know how much power and manipulation they can have over someone by reading thoughts? GA: "can" should be "do" Me: I will have to prepare myself more -- I guess I will finally have to take the next step GA: Some seem to have "special" abilities. Me: That is to change my body GA: What is your intent ? Me: That is how Enoch was translated GA: Not religious...explain Me: Okay, during the times of Noah, angels came down - about 200 the earth was very wicked GA: Nephlim Me: Like today GA: Annuki Me: Yes -- these angels were directly tempted by the dark side GA: These words are known to them Me: They impregnated females -- thus throwing off the natural balance of things. Their offspring were called Nephilim. Greek for Giants or great men. GA: Yes. I do know that.. Me: The angels were called Gregori GA: But what of the Enoch preparation ? Me: So, Enoch was revealed powers and saw God face to face. He was taken into heaven and shown technology. He built a city 1,000 miles long and deep. Underground cities too. GA: This is in your book of Mormon? Me: Some -- not all. The Book of mormon is the basic, this is the "meat" GA: Where is this substantiated? Me: These things are found in other scrptures- the Book of Enoch, secres of Enoch, the Qumran, lost books of the bible. Suppresed by the early churches. GA: ...I see. Continue. Me: So -- Enoch and Noah, Adam ect. They all lived on what is now North America but the land was one land at that time. Enoch had technology far more advanced than the greys have GA: What was the preparation ? Me: The fallen angels took hold of this technology. The preparation was to stop them -- but Enoch and his city became so advanced they were taken from the earth. His city was what is now the Gulf of Mexico. But -- there were other cities left over. One of these cities was where Noah lived before the flood. This resided in what is now CO GA: Okay....I've heard enough Me: Enough? Are you sick of it? GA: The preparation is important.... Me: Do you want to be part of it? GA: The Govt has been in agreement with them since 1957 Me: I thought it was 1947 GA: No. Me: Oh, does our current pres know of these things? GA: The first agreement between the two was 1957. This is classified. Me: So Bill has no idea? GA: Yes. But has no authority to change anything. The agreement states loosely.... Me: Did Pres. Kennedy really want to stop this stuff? I saw the video where the driver shot him GA: that in exchange for information and technology we would agree to continue to "cover" for these occurances. The nature of abductions was the subject of controversy for over 10 years after that. Me: Do you understand why they want to do this to the government? Remember when Satan came to Jesus after his 40 day fast? He said -- this is my world -- all the kingdoms of the earth are mine -- and you can have them. GA: The Govt felt powerless to fully confront the issue as our technology did not compare Me: Satan is a real being -- he controls the greys GA: Even now some information is held back to keep us hunting for more Me: I can only tell you so much about me and what I know. Yu must find out the rest for yourself if God wants you to know it. GA: It was figured out in the late 60s that this is of "biblical" significance regarding good and evil Me: Exactly -- but to reveal such things to the public would uproar all religions GA: ...and that some of the "greys" as you call them, are evil and some are "good", there is a conflict there Me: Do you understand that almost all religions are controlled by the dark side? GA: No true Me: In the first place -- all the greys were evil GA: The name of the religion is not important. The principals are the important thing. Almost every religion has some of the answers....not a one has all of the answers. If this were to be solved religiously it would call for a unity.....a "peace" if you will Me: No- but the mormon church is the only one that holds the authority and the keys of God GA: Not true. Me: The unity will be set when the savior returns GA: One aspect of my research has religious undertones Me: Oh really -- and how do you know this is not true? GA: It is true that every religion claims to be the only one that is correct. Me: What do you know about the Mormon church? Is was restored to earth by God himself. I have seen the gold plates that Joseph Smith translated. But I can not tell you more. GA: I understand that, that is how your belief says you must feel Me: says I must feel?? GA: But I also know that every religion does this. Do not take offense. It is not meant that way. Me: Listen -- I learned these things on my own -- with little suport from my leaders. Could we talk about something else now. GA: I do not want this to break down in to a comparative religions study...I only offer this opinion to let you know that only some of the answers are given to each. One must work together peacefully to gain a true advantage. Me: We will not work peacefully with the greys GA: That is not my meaning. GA: I mean between religions. Me: I see that happening. The LDS church is doing that. GA: Every church needs to do that. The reach must be beyond LDS. Me: It will not be done until Jesus gets back and settles everyone straight. We are just a bunch of bad little kids. GA: I know this much....we were put here to try. Me: That is true GA: If not to succeed then to be rewarded for trying our best to overcome Me: So -- I get bloody nose in my left nostril and it hurts bad -- usually after I see a ufo. Is that an implant? GA: That is my philosophy and why I have chosen to break silence. Me: Could you pick me up and take me along to the middle east? GA: It is small round, 4 is partially if not all biochemical. Repsonding to body temp. Me: So with these implants -- can I contact the greys? GA: It transmits a high frequency signal for tracking purposes. No. Not unless it is another kind. Me: I want to learn how to contact them GA: But the one I described is most common. What would you say? Me: Sorry -- got interrupted. Would you like to go to a private room? I somehow lost the network connection at this point in the conversation -- I did talk with him once again but I forgot to save the conversation. I hope this will be of interest to someone. I still can not verify if this was a real government contact -- but someday we will all know won't we? --=====================_821073284==_-- -> Send "subscribe i_ufo-l " to -> Posted by: (That 4th Density Dude)


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