By: Fredric Rice Re: JW's at the door While I was posing a minute ago, some JW's came to t

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By: Fredric Rice Re: JW's at the door While I was posing a minute ago, some JW's came to the door. Christopher (Abacus, RoboCop, et al.) told me that two Jesus Freaks were walking around outside so I stopped reading HolySmoke, put on a nice shirt, and combed my hair, then shaved to get ready. Then I sat down to continue to read HolySmoke in the hopes that they would knock on the door. (Cultists selling deities so rarely come to my door any more that I was looking forward to something a little special this morning.) I was handed a JW magazine which said nothing about them being JW's. The artwork, however, the pulp paper, and the outline and format showed they were JW's. (I suspect that they don't want to frighten away people by showing up front that they're JW's.) I looked through it for a date of publication and found it was dated 1992. I asked if he had anything which was a little more current. (Eventually I handed the publication back.) I asked the kid he brought if he realized that the JW cult is willing to let him die if he gets sick, and I got a look of confusion -- but he didn't say anything. I told the kid that by his expression I could see that no one had told him and got continued silence and an angry glare from the man. The JW told me they weren't a cult and I asked him if I should go get the dictionary and he said no. I told him that's because he knew he was lying. He turned a little red but proceeded to search through his bag -- I presume to find something to shut me up with. I was _very_ careful watching his hands inside his bag... any cult willing to murder its own children is far and away capable of murdering adults they don't know. I did ask if they had anything which justifys the murder of innocent children -- a publication of Watchtower if they had one. I had thought of asking whether he had anything on the recient court case which found against four JW's for the "wrongful death" of a child yet I was getting angry at the guy for his trying to justify the murder of children with mythology and I just couldn't get the words out. I told him that I had the January 15'th issue of Watchtower but that it only talked about transfusions. I suggested that they go peddle their deities and their death cult to other people who are willing to murder their own children. I told him that we're far too well educated here to murder our own kids and be death cultists. As they were walking away, I told the kid that if I were he, I would leave that cult for my own health and safety. Christopher and his mother had left before the JW's came to the door but my two younger sons watched the whole thing. I closed the door and said, "That was fun" and both of them laughed -- they were nervious because their mother usually hides in fear without opening the door when cultists come selling deity constructs and I get the impression they consider door-to-door deity sellers to be dangerous and evil. I then asked my sons if they finished cleaning-up the back yard, found they did, and now they're watching television. The two cultists became animated as I watched them through the window. They stopped in the middle of the street and the kid opened his jacket, took it off, and started getting animated. Hopefully the kid will start asking some potentially life-saving questions. --- * Origin: Storm the halls of Pinkness take back your Slack! (1:102/890.666)


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