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By: Elliott Finesse Re: HONEYMOON HARGIS RIGHT WING REV. PERVERT OFFERS ADVICE ON FAMILY VALUES After you read this file consider sending BJ e-mail telling him what you think. "Americans are tired of "educational professionals" operating in a vacuum, trying out whatever they wish, defying community standards, as they experiment with the minds of our precious children." -- Billy James "Honeymoon" Hargis I have just learned that one Dr. Billy James Hargis has an account on AOL ( and is posting extreme right wing religious/political dogma & bullshit as downloadable files in the debate forum library. Hargis is the author of such infamous tomes as Rhythm, Riots, and Revolution and the best seller, Is the School House the Proper Place to Teach Raw Sex? a comically ironic title as it turns out. I was shocked to see this guy back in business. You see, 20 years ago a scandal rocked his world. 'The reverand performed the wedding ceremony for the two students of his Bible college. On their honeymoon wedding night the groom and the bride were stunned to discover that BOTH of them had slept with the Rev. B. J. Hargis. He will forever after be known as "Honeymoon" Hargis.' Time Magazine February 16, 1976, p. 52 [...] Rev. Billy James Hargis An ultra right fundamentalist, has long denounced sexual sin and spoken out as a defender of traditional virtues in an increasingly lax society. In 1968, his organization published the bestseller (250,000 copies) Is the School House the Proper Place to Teach Raw Sex? Today however, Hargis stands accused by former colleagues of committing some of the very sins he has railed against. Time Correspondent Anne Constable and Reporters Richard Walker and Tom Carter have learned that five students -- four of them men -- at his American Christian College in Tulsa have come forward and said that President Hargis has had sexual relations with them. Asked about the charges Hargis declined to give any specific reply. Through a lawyer he stated: "I have made more than my share of mistakes. I'm not proud of them. Even the Apostle Paul said, 'Christ died to save sinners. of whom I am chief.' Long ago, I made my peace with God, and my ministry continues." That ministry centers on the Christian Crusade, which was founded by Hargis in 1950 to promote far-right political and religious causes, and includes radio and TV programs and the Christian Crusade Weekly. Hargis rallies have featured such notables as former Major General Edwin Walker and Governor George Wallace. [...] Hargis founded American Christian College to teach "anti-Communist patriotic Americanism." [...] Broken Man It was at the college that Hargis' sexual troubles surfaced in October 1974, when the first of the five students confessed to then Vice President David Noebel. Noebel's account: Not long before, Hargis had conducted a wedding for the student; on the honeymoon, the groom and the bride discovered that both of them had slept with Hargis. Later, Noebel says, three more male students told him of having had sexual relations with Hargis over a period of three years. They said the trysts had taken place in Hargis' office, at his farm in the Ozarks, even during his tours with the college choir, the "All-American Kids." Noebel was told that Hargis justified his homosexual acts by citing the Old Testament friendship between David and Jonathan and threatened to blacklist the youths for life if they talked. Noebel, a Hargis aide for twelve years, described how he felt when he first heard the students accounts: "For two weeks, I couldn't sleep. I know we had to get Hargis off campus or we were going to lose the whole school." Finally, on Oct. 25, 1974, Noebel and two other college officials confronted Hargis and two of his lawyers. According to two of those present, Hargis, who has a wife, three daughters and a son, admitted his guilt and blamed his behavior on "genes and chromosomes." Two days later Hargis preached a farewell sermon to his Tulsa congregation, then turned the presidency of the college over to Noebel. But Hargis stayed around the campus for weeks before he officially severed ties with the Christian Crusade and allied groups. His resignation came only after the Hargis organization had agreed to cash in their $72,000 life insurance policy on Hargis and give him the money, and had guaranteed him a $24,000 annual stipend. Meanwhile, Hargis announced that he was retiring to his Ozarks farm because of ill health. By February 1975 Hargis felt energetic enough to try to regain control of the college, but the board backed Noebel. Deprived of Hargis' name and his astounding money-raising talents, however, his former operations soon found themselves strapped for cash, and in September all but the college accepted Hargis' offer to return. The decision was risky, says Loyalist Jess Pedigo, president of Hargis' David Livingstone Missionary Foundation. "We thought his coming back might have been premature, but he was a broken man. He was truly repentant, and we urged him to forget the past.'Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.' Perhaps more to the point, adds Pedigo, "There was a danger of bankruptcy." [...] The American Christian College, however, has not forgiven Hargis. It took months for Hargis to transfer to the college the deed to the modernistic church building and the 8 1/2 acre campus. Without it, the school had no hope of getting regional accreditation. Worse, Hargis has given the college limited access to the names on the fund raising list that all the Hargis organizations formerly shared. Says Noebel: "He's been telling everyone we are going to sink. Well, obviously we will sink as long as he holds the mailing list." Some 70% of the schools income comes from contributions. Enrollment has dropped from 228 to 160, and since word of the scandal spread to parents one teacher has talked 25 of them into letting their children stay enrolled. The remaining collegians are perplexed, but most back Noebel, even though they once idolized Hargis. The five students who originally accused Hargis have left town to make new lives for themselves. As for their parents, one father, who reports that his son's three-year involvement with Hargis began at age 15 or 16, wept as he said, "I will forgive him his sins because God's Word tells me what I must do, but I will never forget his acts against my son." =============== ** Excerpt from one of Hargis's many rants available on Line** The attack on the American family intensifies (2/94) The following is from a recent edition of Christian Crusade Newspaper, P.O. Box 977, Tulsa, OK 74102. The newspaper is in its 42nd year of publication. We can be E-mailed on America On Line as BJHargis, on Compuserve at 72204,541, and via the Internet as . Note: This articicle is from the forthcoming book "If Hillary Says It's For the Kids, Grab Yours and Run" by Dr. Billy James Hargis, publisher Keith Wilkerson, editor Denver school officials recently hosted a three-day conference at taxpayer expense, training educators from 30 states and Canada in tactics for keeping Christian parents from "interfering" in the education of America's children. One expert -- who travels nationwide holding such training sessions -- warned school officials: "My research suggests that the Christian right is dedicated to the destruction of our educational system." Traditional concepts such as marriage are scorned by these liberal social engineers who have decided to reinvent America -- whether we like it or not. Alternative lifestyles, which our mothers taught us to call "perversion" and "living in sin," are praised and applauded amid a theme that America desperately needs "change." --- TIMM 1.0.2 - The Ideal Mac Mailreader. * Origin: Hayward, CA//510-786-6560//28800 (1:215/130)


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