From the files of the Hack Squad: The Hack Report Report Date: April 10, 1992 Welcome to t

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From the files of the Hack Squad: The Hack Report ----------------------------- Report Date: April 10, 1992 Welcome to the thirteenth issue of The Hack Report. This is a series of reports that aim to help all users of files found on BBSs avoid fraudulent programs, and is presented as a free public service by the FidoNet International Shareware Echo and the author of the report, Lee Jackson (1:382/87.4). This week has been a week of confirmations and explanations. A file reported as a Trojan last week undergoes scrutiny, and the Hack Squad gets it "from the horse's mouth" on a couple of other files. Thanks to everyone who has helped put this report together. If you have any comments, please NetMail me at 1:382/87.4. NOTE TO SYSOPS: The Hack Report may be freely posted as a bulletin on your BBS, subject to these conditions: 1) the latest version is used, 2) it is posted in its entirety, and 3) it is not altered in any way. NOTE TO OTHER READERS: The Hack Report (file version) may be freely uploaded to any BBS, subject to the above conditions, and only if you do not change the filename. You may convert the archive type as you wish, but please leave the filename in its original HACK???.* format. The Hack Report may also be cross-posted in other networks (with the permission of the other network) as long as it meets the above conditions and you give appropriate credit to the FidoNet International Shareware Echo (and the author ). The idea is to make this information available freely. However, please don't cut out the disclaimers and other information if you use it, or confuse the issue by spreading the file under different names. Thanks! DISCLAIMER: The listings of Official Versions are not a guarantee of the files' safety or fitness for use. Someone out there might just be sick-minded enough to upload a Trojan with an "official" file name, so >scan everything you download


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