By: Gwenny the Pooh Re: Atheistgate 1 Heilsa, All! While bumping down stairs after Christo

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By: Gwenny the Pooh Re: Atheistgate 1 Heilsa, All! While bumping down stairs after Christopher Robin, Gwenny the Pooh heard Bill say to All: ->> If anything is known about Jesus, it would be the following. He was a ->> wandering rabbi and perhaps also a magician ->> in first century Palestine. He gathered a movement of thousands of ->> Jews who had Messianic expectations. A small ->> group of followers had forsaken family and fortune.(16) After a ->> dramatic march on the capital, Jesus was suddenly ->> arrested and executed. This reminded me of a show I watched last night on TLC. It was an episode of Ancient Worlds entitled "Secrets of the Templar". The narrator made an interesting case for the Grail actually being the bloodline of Jesus. He said that Jesus was alledgedly a direct descendent of King David. He indicated that what Jesus's followers saw in him was the ACTUAL king of the Jews, come to free them. He recounts the legend that Mary of Magdalene brought the "sangreal" to France. What if, he asked, sangreal was NOT san greal, the holy cup, but sang real, the royal blood. So that what Mary ACTUALLY had was the unborn son of Jesus. (Given that "grail" or cauldron is frequently a pagan symbol for womb, esp. the womb of the Great Mother, it could work) (Great! Even the ancient myth writers are punsters. ) He speculates that the REAL treasure of the Templars was the knowledge that they were protecting the royal family of the line of King David. An interesting twist on this whole story is that there are those who say that Mary of Magdalen was a priestess of Asarte (and with Mary the mother, she could represent the Goddess with Jesus as her son/lover). Certainly, Solomon is traditionally one of the greatest magicians of all time (and, damn, that COULD lend credence to the Masonic claim that they trace their rituals back to Solomon's time). How ironic if what the fundies are ACTUALLY worshipping is the bloodline of the lover/son/magician/king of the Goddess. Anyway, the narrator contended that some group called the Priory of Sion (which may have founded the Templars and had such illustrious folk as Leonardo de Vinci as a member) existed into the current century to protect the still existing bloodline of the Christos....the Anointed King of Israel. Scary. Actually, this is alot easier to believe that Jesus had a wife and there are still direct descendents of him alive than the idea that Jesus was some god. Valhalla or Niflhel -- Which for you? Gwenny ... Bother, said Pooh, after not recording 'Eastenders'.


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