By: Victor Dura Re: VA-C.D.L. news January 4, 1996 Virginia Fairfax County politicians are

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By: Victor Dura Re: VA-C.D.L. news January 4, 1996 Virginia Fairfax County politicians are attempting to limit your rights to self-defense by prohibiting law-abiding citizens who have received carry permits from carrying their protective firearms into county owned buildings. This would not only weaken your rights to self-defense, but would also threaten Virginia preemption. There will be a public hearing on Saturday, Jan. 6th at the Fairfax County Government Center. The hearing will start at 9:00 am in the auditorium. Virginia gun owners are encouraged to attend to show their opposition to these proposals. Call 324-3151 to get on the speakers list or just show up to give your support. NORTHERN VIRGINIA CITIZENS DEFENSE LEAGUE JANUARY 1996 UPDATE NVCDL MEETING We will meet Tuesday, January 9, 1996 Special Guest Speaker: Jim Miller Jim Miller is challenging Sen. John Warner for the Republican nomination. The NVCDL will offer Sen. Warner a chance to speak at a future meeting. All persons interested in defending their constitutional rights are invited to attend. Where: George Mason District Regional Library 7001 Little River Turnpike Annandale, VA (703) 256-3800 Time: 7:15pm to 8:50pm The meeting room is to your immediate right as you enter the Library. The Northern Virginia Citizens Defense League is a grassroots organization dedicated to defending the civil rights of all Virginians. The membership of the NVCDL considers the right to keep and bear arms an essential civil right. The NVCDL invites all Virginians who support the Bill of Rights to join our grassroots effort. PERSONAL PROTECTION ACT REPEAL INTRODUCED! Anti-gun rights politician Del. Bob Hull has introduced HB3, a bill that would repeal the Personal Protection Act (Virginia's new "shall issue" concealed weapons law). This bill is unlikely to pass, however this bill will likely be used to focus media attention on the anti-selfdense lobby's (HCI, VAHV, et al) efforts to place onerous restrictions on the right to carry in Virginia. We must continue to make our voices heard. Fax or mail a letter to your Senator and Delegate in support of your gun rights! Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Senate Mail Room Fax (804) 786-4640 Senate Mailing Address: The Honorable __________ Gen. Assembly. Bldg., Richmond, VA 23219 House Mail Room FAX (804) 786-6310 House Mailing Address: The Honorable __________ PO Box 406, Richmond, VA 23203 Messages can be relayed via the toll-free constituent hotline: (calls must originate in Virginia) 1-800-889-0229 NVCDL is on the Internet World Wide Web! If you have access to the internet world wide web check out the NVCDL web page. The address is: email: We have links to the Virginia General Assembly's home page and other good stuff. Internet Mailing Lists We are in the process of establishing two internet mailing lists. NVCDL is going to sponsor a VA-rkba mailing list to promote pro-2nd amendment efforts in VA. We also plan to establish an NVCDL-alert list for low volume, high priority alert information. AIR & SUN BBS (formerly known as TIDMADT BBS) (703) 765-0822=20 NVCDL Member Dave Aronson has established an NVCDL conference, let's use it. Membership progress As was noted in previous mailings, we have started charging membership dues of $12.00 yearly. The Northern Virginia Citizens Defense League is a non-profit organization. All membership dues and donations will be used to support the expenses associated with operating the group. Send a SASE to NVCDL, PO BOX 821, Alexandria, VA 22313 for a membership application.


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