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By: Ian Hebert Re: Oppose the Religious Right Found this item in alt.society.labor-unions; thought it might be of interest here, so I'm posting it for everyone's information. ============ From: Newsgroups: alt.society.labor-unions Subject: Expose the Right! Date: Mon, 29 Jan 1996 02:05:03 GMT Organization: Internet Maine Inc. Message-ID: <4egufl$> To: The Progressive Community From: Craig Brown/Expose the Right! Campaign Date: January 24, 1996 Re: Expose the Right! Campaign in high gear. New Web Site Unveiled: On January 16, People for the American Way/Action Fund launched a national campaign - the Expose the Right! Campaign. The broad purpose of the campaign is to expose to the American people the dangerous agenda of religious political extremists and others on the far right. And, to force the 1996 Presidential candidates to either repudiate or embrace that extreme agenda. Today, January 24, the Expose the Right! Campaign has unveiled its new web site, located at: The site will detail the campaigns activities and will change daily for the next 4 weeks to reflect the campaign event of the day and serve as a dynamic source of information for the larger progressive community to Expose the Right!. (Note: The People For the American Way permanent web site is currently under construction and will be located at: http// WE NEED YOUR HELP! LINK TO US! As an organization of committed progressive activists, you understand exactly how we are all affected by the destructive agenda of the radical right. We must work together to expose their real agenda. Provide a link from your organizations web site to ours. You can do so right now by downloading the attached .gif file and adding it to your web page with our url address. E-mail us at Or, I can be reached at People For the American Way in Washington, DC at 202-467-2323. The Expose the Right! Campaign offices can be reached at: 1-800-294-0126 in Des Moines, Iowa, or, 1-800-294-0128 in Manchester, New Hampshire. Let us know how else you can help. Thanks. WHAT IS THE EXPOSE THE RIGHT! CAMPAIGN? Over the past few years, Americans with progressive values have witnessed an onslaught of Christian Coalition and Religious Right activists dominate the political arena. They are widely credited with shaping the outcome of the 1994 election and continue to implement their agenda through the Contract with America and Contract with the American Family. On issue after issue, their well organized voices are overpowering as they continually shut down switch boards with thousands of calls, clog voice-mail and overload fax machines in Congress and the White House. With each success, their momentum increases. They have now set their sights on the 1996 Presidential campaign. Their goal is to take over our political process and shift it dramatically to the right. They have been very successful doing it. Now, the Christian Coalition has made it their priority to organize and shape the outcome of the 1996 Presidential election. In a recent mailing Pat Robertson said, "Our staff at the Christian Coalition is working day and night to make sure that we generate a record-breaking Christian voter turnout in the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary...if we turnout at least 85% of the eligible Christian vote in the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary, you can be sure that concerns of Christians and pro-family voters will then become the focal point of this 1996 Election Year -- a year which will set America's direction into the next millennium." Meanwhile, Americans with progressive values watch the rise of the Religious Right with growing anxiety, frustration and anger. It is time to fight back. People for the American Way is planning to organize our activists members, supporters and other progressives to expose and confront the Religious Right's grip on the Presidential nomination process. The Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary are perfect venues for the CC to flex their muscles: small conservative rural states with strong CC chapters and events where turning out the hard core is everything. They will use their political power to force the winning Presidential candidate to have a pocketful of IOUs to the religious political extremists. Iowa and New Hampshire are also perfect venues for progressives to challenge the Christian Coalition by exposing their extreme agenda and what it will mean for America's future -- and to hold Presidential candidates accountable who embrace those extreme positions. That is exactly what People For the American Way plans to do. We intend to engage the Presidential candidates in a dialogue -- a discussion about the Religious Right's agenda for America and what it will mean in concrete terms for our future. Leading a movement of progressives, we will expose the extreme agenda and then aggressively challenge the Presidential candidates to either embrace or repudiate it. This will be done at every campaign stop of every major Presidential candidate. They will face PFAW activists asking questions about the extreme right agenda and what that agenda will mean for American families and America's future. Candidates will be asked to make a choice: stand up to the Religious Right and their extreme positions or be clearly identified as embracing those positions. If they refuse to answer a question or clearly identify their position at one campaign stop, they will face a follow-up question at the next. If they repudiate the Religious Right, we will hold them to it. If they embrace it, we'll make sure it comes back to haunt them. The candidate who wins Iowa and New Hampshire will probably go on to win the Republican nomination. Regardless of who that candidate is, People for the American Way will have them on record, taking a clear position on the Religious Right's agenda. And, we will be telling a story to the American people about what the Religious Right's extreme agenda is and what it means for our families. The campaign aims to expose the ways that the radical right has taken over the Presidential nominating process, most immediately, in Iowa and New Hampshire, and long term, throughout the country in this most important election year. 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