By: Sue Armstrong To: Timothy Bowlby Re: Evidence For God And Brave Sir Timothy ran away,

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By: Sue Armstrong To: Timothy Bowlby Re: Evidence For God And Brave Sir Timothy ran away, screaming "Evidence For God"! JS> Based on the scope of religion in the world JS> I would imagine evidence does exist somewhere. If JS> anybody comes across anything I hope you will post JS> a message. TB> "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the earth TB> sheweth forth his handiwork." - the Bible In the beginning, Raven made the Earth. In the Earth, he dug a hole, and pulled out the first woman. The woman then fashioned a fishing pole, and pulled out the other People. She returned to fishing, and pulled out all the animals, one by one, the last being the Caribou. Raven told the woman and her people that the Caribou and his kin would sustain them. All went well for a while. Soon, however, the caribou herds became weak and ill. The woman saw her people starving, and cried, "What shall we do?" Raven instructed her to go back to the hole and fish out one last animal. She did so, and lifted up Amagok, the wolf. Raven then said that Amagok would hunt the weak and sick caribou, keeping the herds healthy, so that the People could have good meat to eat. And so it was. --Inuit creation story Yea, I will declare him whose blessings the offerers seek for, those who are living now, as well as those who have lived aforetime, as will they also who are coming hereafter. Yea, even the souls of the righteous will desire them in the eternal immortality. Those things they will desire which are blessings to the righteous but woes to the wicked. And these hath Ahura mazda established through his kingdom, he, the creator of all. --The Zendavesta Zoroastrianism In the same place where the great Lord Buddha is present Who would acknowledge any other man? When the sun hath arisen, though there be many bright stars in the sky, Not one of them is visible. --Tibetan Doctrine Buddhism In tranquility, in stillness, in the unconditioned, in inaction, we find the levels of the universe, the very constitution of Tao. --Chuang Tze Taoism Be not like Ghanta Karna in thy bigotry. There was a man who worshipped Shiva but hated all other dieties. One day Shiva appeared to him and said, "I shall never be pleased with thee so long as thou hatest the other gods." But the man was inexorable. After a few days Shiva again appeared to him adn said, "I shall never be pleased with thee so long as thou hatest." The man kept silent. After a few days Shiav again appeared to him. This time he appeared as Hari-har, namely, one side of his body was that of Shiva, and the other side that of Vishnu. The man was half pleaed and half displeased. He laid his offerings on the side representing Shiva, and did not offer anything to the side representing Vishnu. Then Shiva said, "Thy bigotry is unconquerable. I, by assuming this dual aspect, tried to convince thee that all gods and goddesses are but various aspects of the one Absolute Brahman". --Sri Ramakrishna Hinduism Your point? --Wolfie "Immortality isn't about living forever - it's about making the most of the time ye do have." --Hudson


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