By: David Worrell Re: Brice 15 I was on IRC #atheism tonight, and guess who appears? Brice

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By: David Worrell Re: Brice 1/5 I was on IRC #atheism tonight, and guess who appears? Brice Wellington. One of the participants was quick enough to start logging it, and I thought I'd share the log with all of you. I've deleted the parts that don't directly refer to Brice in the interest of saving space (it's still pretty damned long. Enjoy. >*** Now talking in #atheism > brice: hey, that's what draws the line between >you and me. I'm intelligent enought to use unix and >have complete controll over my system, wereas you are >a slug. > kdm: How old are you now? > not like a have anything against slugs, now. > in france they are a delicacy > Brice -- 18 > Well, your still young > actually, it probably is an unfair comparison > to the slug, that is > Brice: at least kdm still has both balls. > Brice, I swear to God that I'm going to look at >pornography all my life until the day I did. > oops die > xeeno: You can say F... you to Jesus, but you >will get it in the end, no pun intended! > fuck you Jesus > Brice, LOL! > No pun intended - Jesus really is gay? > briceW: do you have a home page, i wanna link mine >to it under "why abortion is a good thing links" > brice: jesus has an ass fetish? > Pun may not have been intended, but it was >funny! > Brice, how will he "get it in the end" - are >you homosexual? > Hey! Lev... I'm talking wholesome stuff here >* BriceW Takes confessions >* RevDave biffs BriceW with the Gutenberg Bible. > hmm > I confess, Brice, I had sex with a dog yesterday > Be serious > brice, a man of the cloth. Against masturbation, >but likes the feel of a warm choirboy > Forgive me Brice for I have sinned...and will do >so again at the first possible chance. > kdm: you sick BASTERED >* Boozer is serious :| > hahahaha ><_Randy> the only sick basterd is kdm > Ryan, you moron, it was a joke > c'mon.. no name calling. might as well throw >stones at each other > joke or not it was still sick > Is this where you gfo instaed of Church?! > heh > "basterd" > Pickin' up stones, pickin' up stones, look who's >first at pickin' up stones > How many here were brought up atheist? > Not me :) >* RevDave 's left nut just fell off > not me > how many christians here were brought up >christian? > Not me, either. > I tried didn't fit. > Explain to me how the universe was created? > What came first? > I was brought up Christian > The chicken!!! > Explain why we need a "created" universe. > Brice: it always existed > brice: explain to me how god was created. > The egg! > I was brought up Catholic but never confirmed > what came first? > No, the chicken! The chicken!!! > i was brought up Christian > ah, no WONDER brice has an ass fetish > Brice: who created God? ><_Randy> so are you the .2 % of the US that is fucked,, >or its just kdm > Once the egg is layed, it's path is certain. > rev: well, now you and Brice can share > Ah, but once the chicken crosses the road... > GOD created everything... God always was and >always will be, care to join him? > randy: a little more that 0.2% of the us is >atheist. > Randy, what are you talking about? > Randy -- could you be any less coherent? > Brice, read a science book > Brice, not your god. > The egg came first... The animal from which the >chicken evolved layed an egg (with chicken genetics) > brice: I'd suggest a good cosmology book. > Brice: then by the same argument, I say that >the Universe has always been here > God does not exist, Brice. Not outside of your >head. > Aggreed beefalo! > Not MY chicken! The COSMIC CHICKEN!!! > thank you beefalo. > xeeno: I suggest the Bible > Brice: Have anything to support God creating >everthing or just regurgitating what you've been >taught? > brice: I've read it. Horrible character >development. > CAN WE BE SERIOUS HERE?! > certainly! > Not likely, but I'll try. > brice: why should we? You aren't. > Brice -- I suggest a pshchologist > Brice: I was being serious >* Boozer wonders how many xians have taken an intro to >philosophy course. > Brice: Okay... So why doesn't "God" come down >and tell us that he _does_ exist? > God loves you all, and I do too! > Brice: I'll be serious if you'll be honest. >Did you finger you daughters? > and, I *was* being serious. > "I lost my testicle due to the evils of >MASTURBATION!" > -- Brice Wellington, on a.a > RevDave: you are a sick BASTERED TOO >* Baldur suggests all those interested in religion take a >course in Comparative Religions. > bricew: thats serious? > Brice, I find your thinking shallow and your >personality boring. > Beefalo: Its not for you to question GOD >ALMIGHTY > brice: How many times do I have to tell you that >SEX ISN'T LOVE? > loki: hahaha > All religions are pretty much the same... The >whole Noah thing was told by the Greeks, too > Brice: Did you finger your daughters? > Beefalo, look at Native American beliefs for >some differences... > Revdave: Of what relavance is that? > RevDave: NO! It was a visual check! > This went from Theism/Atheism to Sex/Incest... >Weird. > I seem to recall brice's "virginity check" > brice: did you use one finger or four? > How closely did you check, Brice? > Baldur: Good point... But they were from a >different area, so they couldn't assimilate other >religious stories. > Its every parents responsibility to keep an eye >on children! > hehehe > chuck is on #humanism > Right Beefalo, that's why they developed >differently. > There is such a concept as taking things too >far, Brice > An eye, yes, a finger, no. > Too many teen mothers out there! > I really should be logging this. It'd make a >terrific post to alt.atheism > Baldur: Exactly what I'm saying... > Is this serious that Brice has been "inspecting" >his daughters' privates? > xeeno: you want the log? > booz: yah > YOU ARE SOME SICK FUCKING BASTERDS.......AND >SHOULD BE SHOOT > levia: yes, please. > Boozer: You heard him admit it, didn't you? > Yeah... What's the story behinda all of this? > Ryan, go take an English course. > Ryan, please kill the caps! > FUCK YOU > ryan: english. english. > NO > Oooo, real loving > Ryan, consider this a warning > Ryan: Thank you, oh masterful wizzard of >typing. > Brice, you're more twisted than I thought. > xeeno: yep > As for you Robert, you are one of those who hang >out in alt.masturbation no doubt, have you heard my >sermon on the evils of masturbation? doubt, Do you >know it can turn you homosexual? Do you know it is one >of the most used tools of Satan! > It can cause mental illness and injury, I myself >as a lad lost a testicle from doing it so much, until >I found Christ and stopped. Even though I am holy, all >those years of doing it had taken its toll on me > \faq shouting ryan278 > BriceW on aa > Someone fill me in on the Brice story... > > SCREEW YOU BOOZER > Loki: Taking notes? > YOu can sign my >guest register and e-mail it to me. > beefalo: see above line > beef: there's a brice FAQ > BriceW: laughing my ass off even >*** Ryan278 was kicked by Leviathan (Chill out man!) > im lookin for it > Lev, YAY! > Well... that's BS > Loki: Yeah... But what does that have to do w/ >him inspecting his daughter's genetailia? > How old are these daughters? > dammed if i know! > FORGET THE DAUGGHTERS ALREADY! > For anyone who wonders what we're talking about, go >to >/faq.htm > xeeno: I'm stuck w/ just Telnet, FTP and IRC... > booz: did you take pictures for comparision, or >did you use the "touchey feeley" method > OK, Brice, we'll forget them...BTW, can I smell >your fingers? > Oh, wait a minute, you mean the Wellington Sluts >that my nephew was telling me about? > beef: it's via FTP. I think. > oops > xeeno: http is Web, no? > that shoudl be brice, btw. > He says they're total hose-bags. > beef: yeah. > Yeah, web. > ah, psycho dave's page > xeeno: say what you want, I know better > xeeno, what are you talking about? > Look, you check your children for any damage, >not just that! I'm a responsible parent > Greeetings Bench > Brice: any damage doesn't include vaginal openings > Brice: You really ought to be locked up >somewhere. > Does the phrase child abuse have any meaning to >you? > kdm: Says who you? Why do you think there are >so ma y teen mothers! > because F*cking is fun! > Its not abuse > how about "molestation"? I'll remind you that >all doctors these days have a nurse in the room when >these exams occur. > brice -- maybe because they get used to the >idea of men molesting them from fathers like you > brice: because people like you stop using fingers >and use penii instead > let's see, Brice's inspecting his daughters is >going to keep them from getting pregnant. > Because assholes like you abuse them, that's why. > There's some serious psychological damage being >done if any of this is true. Can someone contact the >proper child welfare authorities? > that makes perfect sense. >* kdm ROFLMAO > Forget the daughters stuff, what are you doing >with your lives > What exactly is the nature of this >discussion. I am having a hard time following it > Brice: We're trying to prevent child abuse > Brice -- making fun of you. There's a lifetime of >material there. > brice: currently, we are ragging you about >fingerfucking pre teens > Very interesting folks, thanks for the >entertainment. 60 minutes is starting.. bye/f > and of course Brice would be able to tell if any >of them had been messing around because he's a trained >obstetrician. > cya striebs > I will not discuss your dirty minds in that >sense > wow, I need to hang out here more often. > Brice -- How will you discuss them? > this is great. Who is next? The Reformer? Booby? >Pubicus? > rere > I can't even think of an age when this sort of >behavior would be appropriate for a father. > Obstetrician?? > the reformer makes occasional stops to efnet >#jesus > he's fun to kick > xeeno: I want to discuss YOU > Brice, I'm just catching up with the >discussion. How old was your daughter when you checked >her "virginity" > brice: I'd rather discuss you. > Brice: i want to kick YOU > Brice -- what, specifically, do you want to discuss > Xeeno: Brice wants to check your hymen now >* xeeno bends over > Salvation > ?me rofls! > bah > checking my prostate for salvation's sake > Brice -- From you? I'd rather trust a >$cientologist > If such a thing existed or was necessary >(salvation) Brice would be the first to need it. > OoOooO > PRAI$E JE$U$! > How can a concerned father check if her preteen >has been giving oral favors to the neighborhood boys? >Where would he put his fingers then? >* RevDave laughs at xeeno > Curious minds need to know! :) > Brice, please answer? > Baldur :) > baldur: he demands that she give him head. If she >does a good job, it's experience > and therefore, she's a sinner > xeeno, ah! LOL! > Xeeno -- don't give him ideas! > xeeno: Or natural talent. > You all disgust me tonight.... I'll be back > One can but hope. > Oh, don't leave Brice! > Goodbye Brice > brice: thanks for the warning > haha -- you enjoy being disgusted, do you? > come back anytime > really don't leave, for your daughters' sake. > We were just kidding, weren't we folks? >*** BriceW was kicked by Loki (dont let the door hit ya >on the way out you perv) > No, I hope he'll be back >*** Joins: BriceW ( > Baldur: Brice wasn't > I thought you were leaving. > Baldur: I'll stay for you > Oh thanks! Now it MY fault! :) >*** BriceW was kicked by Loki (no you wont) > :p >* kdm thinks Baldur is *so* lucky > way to go, loki > ive always wanted to do that :) > couls I have temp ops. I wanna test a kick macro. >*** Joins: BriceW ( >* RevDave blesses Loki > you can deop me reaf fast afterwards > Brice, don't you think you've said enough? > Brice, do you flagellate yourself, too? >* kdm whaps BriceW with an unabridged OED. >* BriceW Praying >* Boozer wonders how Brice knows his wife hasn't been >sleeping around. > KDM: Isn't that how he lost his nut to begin >with? > Brice, praying for yourself > Brice, If I had a god, i'd be doing a lot of >praying for you > ah well. > Rev: Could be > For everyone >* xeeno readies the mighty fist of JHVH-1. >* xeeno strikes bricew with the STARK FIST OF REMOVAL. > PRAISE BOB! > I'd be praying for his daughters, Levi > Brice, you need it famore then we do. > xeeno: hell yeah! > Brice, you need it far more then we do. > I'd call human services on him > do it xeeno > I *LOVE* that macro > Have him put in jail > no opz > heh > Levi: people have tried, I think > I don't op beg, so it's cool. > lev: mental institiution >*** Loki changes topic to "brice wellington faq: > >tm" > I won't deny it Loki > brice: deny what? That you need to be >imprisioned? > Deny what? > do you KNOW what they do to child molesters in >jail? > That I was thrown into a hospital > they'll give you prostate checks with mayonaise >jars > Brice -- and are hopefully still there > oh goody. more FAQ material. > Brice -- how'd you escape? > God threw open the doors > lol! >* RevDave rofls >* Baldur has to leave for a bit...hope to see you folks >later! This is fun! :) > Grrrrr > Anybody else think Brice is still in jail, and is >halucinating all this? > Later Balbur > bye baldur > Bye, Baldur > dur > bye baldur > Bye! ;) > ah, I do so LOVE irc. > Brice, what do you do? > helps me sharpen my wit > kdm -- do they get computer access in jail? >Or are we a hallucination of his? > I am retired living on a pension >*** Loki sets mode: +v BriceW > catty: If I was a halucination of Brice's, I'd >kill myself. > kdm -- only if he wanted you to. ;P > + = fundie mark > loki - LOL > wow. brice wellington on undernet irc. > catty: sure, drag logic into this > this is great. > > rev: it looks like a cross |) > kdm -- OOPS > booby would be even better > Booby? > HEY! Why you messing with my name! > radical muslim from MIT > Cool > BriceW: hahahaha > Because they CAN, sweetums. > Why did you mess with your daughters' hymens, >Brice? > on way before most new a.a's > brice: are they really your daughters? >*** Parts: BriceW ( >*** Joins: BriceW ( > hehehehe > damn > > damn. > aw, now you made him mad! >*** Loki sets mode: +v BriceW > must be his equivalent of blinking to see if we >really exist > tee hee > all the better > Lets be serious > Brice, why are you here? Would you like to >get help for your problems? > Widdle Bwicey-wicey is upset . . . awwwwwww > brice: we are. > I am serious, brice. > seriousness again > very serious :| > No frivolity!!!! > No a chuckle here > This shit ain't funny, Brice > kdm,lol > I will return another time, gotta find a >Christain area > Like they'd want you. >* Loki stamps a cross on bricew's forehead + > brice: try #gaysex > RevDave: I pray for your soul > lol xeeno! > Brice -- do you tell them about molesting >your daughters for Jesus? > how about #gaychristian ? >*** Parts: BriceW ( > #childsex > heh >*** Joins: Cannibal ( > #I'm a moron > whew, that was fun > Wherever he goes, follow and inform


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