By: David Bloomberg Re: Licensing From _Skeptics UFO Newsletter_ (SUN), Jan. 1996, by Phil

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By: David Bloomberg Re: Licensing From _Skeptics UFO Newsletter_ (SUN), Jan. 1996, by Philip J. Klass: Abduction Therapist Boylan Seeks To Regain License The Sacremento (Calif.) Superior Court will soon consider the request of prominent UFO abduction therapist Richard J. Boylan that it overturn the action of the California Board of Psychology which last August revoked Boylan's psychotherapist license [SUN #35/Sept. 1995]. Boylan, who in late 1993 established the Academy of Certified Close Encounter Therapists (ACCET) to train other psychotherapists in how to treat "abductees," claims he himself has experienced a UFO abduction. The Psychology Board's action was prompted by complaints filed by three of Boylan's female patients, identified in the report by their initials: D.W., D.S., and K.G. After 20 days of hearings in late 1994 and early 1995, the Board concluded that Boylan had "abused his role as a therapist and was grossly imposing his personal views on the existence of extraterrestrials into the dreams and memories of D.W. and D.S." The Board concluded that Boylan had "committed gross negligence" in violation of business and professions codes when he: * "Invited D.W. to his home in Nov. 1992 and engaged in nude hot tubbing [and] when he gave D.W. a massage in his hotel room in Las Vegas." * "Invited K.G. to his home in Dec. 1991 and engaged in nude hot tubbing [and] when he bartered therapy for nude massages from K.G." However, the board did _not_ conclude that Boylan's act of inviting D.S. and K.G. to Harbin Hot Springs for nude therapy sessions constituted gross negligence. Nor did the Board conclude that Boylan had engaged in "sexual misconduct" with any of the three women. The Psychology Board report noted that Boylan "has been involved in counseling for about 30 years, first as a Catholic priest and later as a licensed therapist...He is married and the father of two and the stepfather of two. At the time of the Accusation...[Boylan] was president of the Sacremento Valley Psychological Association." Boylan called SUN on Oct. 13 because of an item that appeared in the Sept. issue which might be construed as indicating that he recommended nude hot tub therapy for "abductees." This, he said, was not true. Boylan provided SUN with a lengthy rebuttal to the Psychology Board's charges and actions in which he claimed he was a victim of those seeking to perpetuate a "UFO cover-up." Boylan charged that "the engineers of the UFO Cover-Up fear, resent, and have not been able to refute the data I have exposed about UFO reality, the extraterrestrial presence, secret U.S.-UFO manufacturing, the literal Star Wars object of the SDI [Strategic Defense Initiative] program, and the covert apparatus behind the UFO Cover-Up. Therefore, they have selected their chief alternative strategy: to smear and discredit this researcher, with sensationalized and reputation-destroying allegations, in the hope of terminating my credibility and professional reputation."


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